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Side Events & Exhibits | UN Climate Change Conference Baku - November 2024

Check the video tutorial on how to upload a side event/exhibit application via SEORS

Please be informed that participation in side events and exhibits, including the application process in SEORS, must be in compliance with the Code of Conduct.

Side events and exhibits should be professional, respectful, inclusive and create harassment-free environments for all participants.

Welcome to the Side Events and Exhibits Online Registration System (SEORS)!

On this page, you can apply for holding a side event and/or an exhibit at the upcoming conference and find information on side events and exhibits held at previous conferences. 

For more information on side events and exhibits, including the information for attendees of side events and exhibits, please visit the Side Events and Exhibits webpage on the official UNFCCC website.


New information! 

COP 29: timeline for the selection process for side events and exhibits

Information for UN side event organizers and exhibitors

UN system side events and exhibits at COPs:  

Applications by UN organizations for holding a side event at COP are outside of the SEORS scope. The inter-agency coordination for UN and side events at COP is undertaken by the UNFCCC secretariat. For more details on the application process for UN organizations and specialized agencies at COPs, please get in touch with

Who is eligible for holding side events and exhibits?  

  1. Observer organizations duly admitted by the Conference of the Parties are eligible to apply for one side event slot and/or one exhibit. For information on the admission process for observer organizations, please click here.
  2. Parties to the UNFCCC must partner with an observer organization in order to be eligible to apply for a side event slot and/or an exhibit slot. Please review the information note on further details for Party applicants.
  3. UN system organizations and specialized agencies.

We kindly ask you to review the Eligibility criteria and the Selection criteria before applying.

How to apply for a side event and/or exhibit? 

SEORS is the only channel used by the UNFCCC secretariat to receive applications for official side events and exhibits by IGOs and NGOs duly admitted by the COP and Parties partnering with such admitted observer organizations.

For detailed instructions on how to submit an application, please refer to the Side Events and Exhibits Application Manual

Before applying for a side event and/or an exhibit, please carefully review the frequently asked questions

Please be informed that in case your application is successful, your contact details will become publicly available in the official side events schedule/list of exhibits in SEORS. 

Please note that all applicants must register for a new personal account in SEORS for each conference. User names and passwords from previous conferences will not work. 

In case you encounter a problem with registering in SEORS and accessing your SEORS account, please contact us via email: 

How to access past side events and exhibits?

Archives of side events and exhibits held at previous UNFCCC conferences can be found here.

To view video recordings of past side events, please visit this webpage on the UNFCCC website. 

Recordings of side events can be viewed on this secretariat-managed YouTube channel


SEORS is now open for COP 29.

The deadline to apply for a side event and/or an exhibit is Monday, 15 July 2024, 5 pm CEST.

The deadline to get your application authorized by the Designated Contact Point (DCP)/National Focal Point (NFP) is on Monday, 22 July 2024, 5 pm CEST.

Kindly note that we are dealing with a high volume of messages while facing resource constraints. For instructions on how to submit your application, please consult the information on the SEORS home page, as well as this page on the official UNFCCC website: