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Side Events & Exhibits | UN Climate Change Conference December 2019 (COP 25/CMP 15/CMA 2)

Side events for today, 2019-12-09

Adaptation and related issues
Mitigation and related issues
Cross-cutting issues
Enhancing ambition
Promoting implementation
Providing support

Time/room Organizer Title / theme / speakers Attachments
Room 3
Harvard University
Mr. Robert Stowe
+802 989 2004
Fondazione Centro Studi Enel
Mr. Mariano Morazzo
+39 338 2217436
Tsinghua University, Global Climate Change Institute (GCCI)
Ms. Alun Gu
+86 10 1361128387
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Carbon Pricing: Recent Research, Analysis, and Experience
Speakers will present recent research and analysis of carbon-pricing policy to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, including comparisons of carbon-tax and cap-and-trade systems. The panel will give some attention to experience and prospects in South America and to China’s emerging national system.

Speakers: Joseph Aldy, Harvard University; Simone Mori, Enel; Robert Stavins, Harvard University; representatives of the governments of Chile and Colombia; Zhang Xiliang, Tsinghua University, Raffaele Mauro Petriccione, DG Climate Action
Stavins carbon-pricing background paper [683 kb]
Stavins paper summary [291 kb]
Aldy Related Paper Tax Updating [423 kb]
Aldy Presentation Tax Updating [72 kb]
Stavins presentation tax vs CAT [40 kb]
Zhang Xiliang presentation [382 kb]
Room 1
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Mr. Sandeep Sengupta
+41 22 9990000
Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat (Ramsar Convention)
Mr. Francisco Rilla
+41 22 9990170
"Ocean Frontiers: Addressing Global Climate Challenges through Nature-based Solutions"
The effects of climate change on oceans continue to adversely impact economies, societies and biodiversity. Yet, the potential of coastal and marine NbS to support global mitigation and adaptation efforts remains underutilised. New science and successful NbS projects will be presented and discussed.

Speakers: High-level representatives from IUCN State and NGO members and partners
Side-event flyer [686 kb]
Room 6
Association Climate-KIC
Ms. Felicity Spors
+49 160 2438638
Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
Ms. Nur A'in A Razak
+65 6874 9751
Turning commitments into actions: Catalyzing systems transformation to mitigate plastic related GHGs
Global plastics production has reached 400 million tons of plastics/year. If this continues, GHG emissions from plastics could reach 15% of the global carbon budget by 2050. EIT Climate KIC and ASEF will present EU and Asian case studies illustrating different public/private GHG mitigation methods.

Speakers: K. Dunlop – CEO CKIC; P. Bürgi - South Pole; N. Piccolrovazzi – Dow Chemical; Dr N. hinh, Director General, ISPONRE, Min. of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam, Lao Government Representative TBC, Grazyna Pulawska, ASEF
Room 4
HATOF Foundation
Mr. Samuel Confidence Dotse
+233 50 6679055
Ms. MaryJane Enchill
+233 24 6346698
Contributions of Nature-Based Solutions to achieving Ghana's NDC
To showcase the CO2 savings made by government of Ghana in the renewable and energy efficiency sector for partnerships and an enhance collaboration, as well as showcase the collaborative effort of private sector and government of Ghana in the energy sector

Speakers: Minister for Environment, Ghana Roselyn Fosuah Adjei- Forestry Commission Ghana, Dr. Daniel Benefor - EPA,Ghana Samuel Dotse. HATOF Foundation Moses Ama - Nigeria Kenya TBC Wahida Patwa Shah - UNDP Thank yo
Room 5
ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)
Mr. Yunus Arikan
+49 228 97629920
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Ms. Lea Duenow
+49 228 44601543
From NDCs to Climate Emergency – multilevel and collaborative action accelerating global ambition
Hundreds of municipal councils adopted climate emergency declarations as a response to their citizens and science. Collaborative urban climate policies are essential to deliver these commitments and raise the ambitions of NDCs to reach long term climate-neutrality goal of the Paris Agreement.

Speakers: Political and senior representatives of local and regional governments that adopted or committed to adopt climate emergency declarations, together with their national, regional and global partners.
Room 2
China Green Carbon Foundation (CGCF)
Mr. Yeyun He
+86 10 84238154
China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO)
+86 10 64097888
Global Collaborations of Nature Based Solution Demonstration and Knowledge Exchange for the future
The side event will summarize the tools, methods and experiences gained from NBS previous work, try to discuss and build up a global collaboration and fundraising platform to support next step NBS actions, especially in underdeveloped countries.

Speakers: Speakers, panelists and representatives will be invited from think tanks , foundations, research institutes, academies and international CSOs those have NBS research and onsite projects implementation experiences.
San Pedro de Atacama
Global Climate Action (GCA)
Ms. Barbara Black
+49 228 8151104
MPGCA SDG Roundtable: Climate action, life below water and on land-linkages with human activities
This event discusses how ecosystem-based approaches and nature-based solutions to climate action can deliver social, economic, and environmental co-benefits and build resilience, if integrated and mainstreamed into planning of human activities in ocean and coastal zones and in land-use and habitats.

Speakers: Please see link for concept and programme:
Room 3
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Ms. Alina Averchenkova
+44 779 9657954
Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
Ms. Aleksandra Blagojevic
+41 22 9194183
Sierra Leone
Mr. Gabriel Kpaka
+232 79 667742
Global trends in climate legislation and litigation: Enhancing resilience and adaptation
This event will focus on the annual review of the global trends on climate change legislation and present new analysis exploring the role of national laws for local flood resilience and the interplay between adaptation laws and disaster risk reduction and management.

Speakers: Panel discussion featuring speakers from the IPU and the national parliaments, policy makers and civil society experts from developing and developed countries will explore challenges and opportunities with legislating on adaptation and share lessons learnt going forward.
Event programme [95 kb]
Room 2
International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)
Mr. Bert De Wel
+32 473 820097
A Just Transition for Climate Ambition
At the UN Climate Summit and in the Silesia Just Transition Declaration parties committed to take into account the impact of climate change and climate policies on workers and their families in the preparation of new NDCs. Involving workers and their unions is crucial to step up climate ambition.

Speakers: Trade union leaders from the global South and North discuss with parties and other stakeholders the challenges and opportunities of introducing social and employment effects of new climate plans.
Room 4
Côte d'Ivoire
Mr. Ange-Benjamin Brida
+225 0 57135075
Imperial College London
Ms. Lottie Butler
+44 7738 618555
Network for Environment and Sustainable Development in Africa (NESDA)
Mr. Nicolas BROU
+225 0 20265825
Mr. Boulewoue SANKOUTCHA
+22 90 304483
How can considering public health and air pollution issues raise ambition on climate change?
Mitigation: Enhancing Ambition. This event will discuss how countries from around the world can integrate actions to mitigate climate change with solutions to public health challenges, like air pollution, in ways that will simultaneously boost NDC ambition and achieve public health goals.

Speakers: • Helena Molin Valdes, CCAC (female) • SEI, TBC • Ange Benjam Brida, Cote d’Ivoire (male) • Laura Gallardo, Center for Climate and Resilience Research, Chile (female) • Paolo Vineis, Imperial College London (male) • George Thurston, NYU School of Medicine (male) • Katie Ross, WRI
Room 5
CDP Worldwide (CDP)
Ms. Jennifer Gleed
+44 7870 515275
C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40)
Ms. Agathe Cavicchioli
+44 77 27852002
Ambition and action for 1.5 degrees: non-Party stakeholders and Paris Agreement implementation
Ambition, innovation and leadership by non-Party stakeholders is critical for accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy. This event features key initiatives that demonstrate progress towards Paris goals, present action-oriented case studies and how to overcome barriers to action.

Speakers: Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP & high-level representatives from business, investors, national & subnational governments.
Room 1
Ms. Gabriela Soto Nilo
+56 2 223973054
Centre International de droit Comparé de l'Environnement (CIDCE)
Mr. Kablan Jean-michel ATTA
+33 87 782157485
Global ocean governance for enhancing the ambition of national commitments on oceans
There is a challenge between national commitments (NDC) and the characteristics of the ocean, which goes beyond that logic. In that sense, a conversation related to addressing the challenge (i.e. of the Pacific Ocean) in an integrated/coordinated manner including: integrated information, measures of integrated adaptation, integrated governance, etc.

Speakers: • Natalya Gallo, Scripps UC San Diego. • Hugues Hellio, CIDCE. • Pilar Moraga, Center for Climate and Resilience Research, Chile. • Julio Cordano, Ministry Foreign Affairs, Chile. • Agnes Michelot, Sociedad Francesa por el Derecho Ambiental.
Room 6
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Mr. David Oehmen
+0 0 4922881513
Enhancing the engagement of the private sector in adaptation planning and implementation
This event provides an update on the AC’s work and will present a toolkit under preparation, which will enable policy makers to more effectively engage the private sector, especially in the process of formulating and implementing National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).

Speakers: Bertrand Piccard, (Solar Impulse Foundation), Frédéric Schafferer (AC member), Meghan Doherty (Winrock Int.), Chris Brown (Olam), Tran Thi Thanh Nga (Gov. of Vietnam), Gov. rep from Colombia Alec Crawford (NAP Global Network)
Room 5
Regions4 for Sustainable Development (Regions4)
Ms. Sara Kupka
+4 172 6784738
Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3)
Mr. Ainhoa Azkarate
+34 94 4014690
Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)
Mr. Michael Zissener
+49 228 8150249
Climate Change Adaptation in a Multi-Level Governance Context
National institutions can support adaptation risk reduction processes, but many of the policies involved in climate adaptation are decided at subnational scales. The event will present findings and experiences on adaptation, as well as disaster risk financing as a multi-level governance challenge.

Speakers: Representatives from national and subnational governments, as well as representatives from: - Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) - LSE Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment - iisd NAP Global Network - Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)
Flyer [47 kb]
Concept note [131 kb]
Room 6
Center for Management and Strategic Studies (CGEE)
Mr. Marcelo Poppe
+55 61 999740111
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR)
Mr. Borja de la Pena Escardo
+86 0 1381144520
Achieving NDC targets through bioeconomy and South-South and triangular cooperation
This side event showcases how bioeconomy and successful South-South & triangular cooperation contributes to the achievement of NDC targets in developing countries. The new joint flagship publication by UNOSSC and CGEE on this topic will be launched and distributed at the event

Speakers: Thelma Krug (IPCC Vice-Chair); Jorge Chediek (UNOSSC Director and Envoy of the UN Secretary-General on South-South Cooperation); Ali Mchumo (INBAR Director-General); representatives of AECID, CGEE, ECLAC, FAO, IFAD and IICA
Side event agenda [175 kb]
Room 1
Wetlands International
Ms. Leorita Appulo
+32 496 31996
BirdLife International (BLI)
Mr. Ashton Berry
+44 7895 652859
Averting the climate and biodiversity crises: natural solutions pivotal in delivering NDC ambitions
Wetlands, peatlands, mangroves, forests, and other primary ecosystems retain massive carbon stocks and improve resilience. Biodiversity underpins carbon storage and sequestration. Harnessing and mapping linkages between nature-rich and carbon-rich areas will catalyse higher ambition for NDCs

Speakers: Wetlands International; Greifswald University; GIZ; Ramsar Convention; AGWA; IUCN;Global Peat Initiative; UNEP; BirdLife; RSPB; Point Blue Conservation Science;Government of the People’s Republic of China; SDSN
FLYER [1 Mb]
Room 3
Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD)
Ms. Kavita Naidu
+66 53 284527
Transparency International (TI)
Ms. Dana Schran
+49 162 2626965
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
Ms. Line Favre
+41 0 229197080
A feminist attempt connecting the dots: climate crisis, corporate power, and climate finance
Critical analysis on the corporate influence over climate change, climate policy and climate finance; political redirection of climate discourse centered around human rights and people’s sovereignty, historical responsibility of the polluters and advance just and equitable climate solutions.

Speakers: Speakers will include diverse representatives from Women and Gender constituency, climate justice movements, as well as human rights, legal experts including the UN Independent Expert on foreign debt.
Room 2
Governors' Climate and Forests Fund
Mr. Luke Pritchard
+1 347 3228291
Pronatura Sur, A. C.
Sra. Silvia Llamas
+52 961 1557593
This is What Innovation Looks Like: Implementing Subnational Forest and Climate Strategies
The panel focuses on subnational leaders from across the tropics who are implementing innovative strategies for low emissions development in tropical forest regions. It will include new announcements and focus on political leadership, innovative finance instruments and bold, high-impact approaches

Speakers: Colleen Scanlan Lyons - Moderator, GCF TF; Vedis Vik - Government of Norway; Petra Tanos – TFA; Governor Helder Barbalho – Para, Brazil; Governor Luis Hidalgo Okimura - Madre de Dios, Peru; Silvia Llamas – Pronatura Sur, Mexico; Governor Isran Noor – East Kalimantan, Indonesia; Tim Clairs - UNDP
Torres del Paine
Global Climate Action (GCA)
Ms. Barbara Black
+49 228 8151104
From COP24 to COP25: Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action
Signatories will share how they are addressing challenges around industry’s climate impact, including tangible outputs from working groups and strategies to address systemic challenges.
San Pedro de Atacama
Global Climate Action (GCA)
Ms. Barbara Black
+49 228 8151104
MPGCA SDG 6 Roundtable: Climate Action and SDG 6
Effective water governance will support effective climate actions. Climate impacts are overwhelmingly water related. Examples of how water management aligned with the 2030 Agenda goals will also contribute to mitigation and adaptation actions in line with the Paris Agreement will be shared.

Speakers: Please see link for concept and programme:
Room 2
Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Ms. Levania Santoso
+62 251 8622622
International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF)
Mr. Peter Minang
+254 20 722464
Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific (RECOFTC)
Ms. Jenna Jadin
+66 92 2480717
What is the role of finance and technology in catalyzing sustainable and gender-equitable change?
This event will discuss if, how and under what conditions climate finance and technology can help catalyze transformative and sustainable social change in forest landscapes.

Speakers: Houria Djoudi, CIFOR; Nancy Saichs, European Investment Bank; Gabriella Richardson Temm, GEF; Jenna Jadin, RECOFTC; Local community/civil society rep (tbd); Gov. of Indonesia reps (tbc); Markus Ihalainen, CIFOR (moderator)
Room 4
Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA)
+86 10 68003698
Trustees of Tufts College (Tufts University)
Ms. Mieke van der Wansem
+1 617 8728099
Promote Renewable Energy Deployment——Take Action for The Paris Agreement
Time to Action: As a responsible developing country, China is willing to share its experiences in and achievements on renewable energy development with other developing countries. The platform of south-south cooperation can be used to advance renewable energy deployment globally.

Speakers: Xie Zhenhua, China Special Representative on Climate Change;Francesco La Camera, General Director, IRENA;Li Junfeng, First Director of National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation;Wang Weiquan, Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association
Room 6
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Mr. Gerardo Sanchez Martinez
+45 0 45335249
Ms. Gabriela Soto Nilo
+56 2 223973054
Oeko-Institut (Institute for Applied Ecology e.V.), Berlin
Mr. Lambert Schneider
+49 160 5333352
The Enhanced Transparency Framework: implementing beyond mitigation and structured reporting
Several parties are struggling to implement the ETF, particularly in adaptation and support needed/received, and considering which information to include in relevant reports. This side event highlights non-mitigation transparency actions, and how countries can report progress in structured summaries

Speakers: 1)Carolina Urmeneta, Head of Climate Change, Chile Ministry of Environment 2)Senior expert climate transparency country 2 3)John Christensen, UNEP DTU Partnership, Copenhagen, Denmark 4)Lambert Schneider & Lorenz Moosmann, Oeko-Institut, Berlin, Germany 5)Additional party speaker TBD
Room 5
Climate Action Reserve
Mr. Craig Ebert
+1 213 2131239
The Climate Registry (TCR)
Ms. Alexandra Lilienfeld
+1 818 5211049
Sub-National Strategies in North America for Meeting Paris Commitments
Recent US sub-national delegations in Bonn/Katowice show US commitments to Paris, including action across North America. North American officials will discuss various policy approaches, including which sectors to target and extent to which policies should be harmonized with other jurisdictions.

Speakers: Yutsil Sangines, SEMARNAT, MX; Ambassador Patricia Fuller, Canada; Mandela Barnes, Lt Governor, Wisconsin; Jared Blumenfeld, CalEPA Secretary; George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, British Colombia, Canada; Ben Grumbles, Environment Secretary, Maryland, US
Final participants [22 kb]
Room 3
Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV)
Ms. Mariana Nicolletti
+55 11 37994192
Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO)
Sra. Virginia Scardamaglia
+54 911 61576600
Addressing Adaptation knowledge gaps in the Latin American Region
In this side event representatives from the Regional Network for Climate Change and Decision Making will show how academia made a concrete contribution to closing the knowledge gaps on Adaptation identified in 6 countries of the Latin America and Caribbean Region through the LAtinoAdapta project.

Speakers: Members of the Regional Network for Climate Change and Decision Making, Fundación Avina, IDRC.
Room 1
Ms. Caroline Wellemans
+32 22 954628
EC Experts Group on sustainable finance: deconstructing the Taxonomy
the session will present the EU taxonomy which is the cornerstone of the EC Action Plan on Sustainable Finance. The taxonomy aims to define what is environmentally sustainable and under which circumstances. Having a common understanding and language on which activities should be considered environme

Speakers: Nancy Saich, European Investment Bank Nathan Fabian, UN-backed Principles of Responsible Investment Sean Kidney, Climate Bonds INitiative Jose Luis Blasco, Acciona Helena Vines Fiestas, BNP Paribas AM High-level representative European Commission tbc
Room 2
Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF)
Ms. Anne Barre
+4 89 232393818
All India Women's Conference (AIWC)
Ms. Kalyani Raj
+91 11 9810053728
Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)
Ms. Bridget Burns
+1 914 3103270
Let's Boost Ambition with Gender Just Climate Policies and Actions!
Gender just climate initiatives implemented around the world transform the narrative on climate action. With appropriate investments, they can really boost climate ambition at the national and global level.

Speakers: Ms Anne Barre: WECF, Ms Ndivile Mokoena, GenderCC, Ms Maria Bojaca, Enda Colombia, Ms Ernestine Leikeki , CAMGEW, Ms Dorothee Lisenga, CFLEDD, Ms Elizabeth Thipphawong, GDA Mr Clive Chibule,GLM, Ms Kalyani, AIWC Ms Karina Kolburn-Larsen: CTCN
Room 3
Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change Ltd. (IIGCC)
Ms. Rachel Ward
+44 207 520934
Ceres, Inc.
Mr. Christopher Fox
+1 617 2470700
Ms. Sarah Overby Ridha
+45 45 24984029
Investor Group on Climate Change Australia / New Zealand Inc. (IGCC)
Ms. Madeleine Hill
+61 2 80273540
The Investor Agenda: Investors, companies and Governments stepping up climate ambition for 2020
Recognising the growing urgency for action, a record number of investors have mobilised to ask Governments for clear policy signals to catalyse GHG reductions in the real economy and achieve a 1.5°C world.

Speakers: All speakers TBC. The final list will seek to ensure geographical and gender diversity, as well as a mix of asset owners, asset managers and investor networks. Tom DiNapoli – New York State Peter Damgaard Jensen – PKA Stephanie Maier – HSBC AM Betty Yee – California State James Bevan - CCLA
Event flyer [393 kb]
Room 4
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Mr. Chad Tudenggongbu
+0 0 1527
2050: Vision of Transformed Food Systems for People and the Planet

Speakers: TBC
Room 5
United Nations
Mr. Marcus Mayr
+0 0 2547236975
City Climate Action! Activating the potential of cities for low-carbon and resilient development.
The UN and World Bank event will discuss emerging opportunities and showcase solutions of transformative urban climate action - from enabling policies, to new partnerships and business models to scale up innovative solutions within and across levels and sectors, e.g. mobility, buildings and energy.

Speakers: Speakers will include high level representatives from UN Agencies, National and Local Governments, Academia, the Business and Finance Community, NGOs and Civil Society.
Room 1
United Nations
Mr. Nigel Crawhall
+0 0 3377001039
Nature-Based Solutions on the ground (SDG15): UN support to people and landscapes
Faced with the need for greater NDC ambition, UN agencies and partners show how land is a key to nature-based solutions with a mitigation potential of 1/3 of the gap. UN partners, including indigenous peoples, share experiences of protecting and restoring diverse biomes, like mountains and forests.

Speakers: Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim (Chad) – indigenous climate research on pastoralism in African drylands; Jose Cassandro (tbc) (São Tome & Principe) – role of Biosphere Reserves, Norma Kassi (Canada), Canadian Mountain Network, Vuntut Gwich’in First Nation; Ministers from UNREDD partner and donor countries
Room 6
United Nations
Mr. Benjamin Schachter
+41 0 78744548
Realizing the right to participate: empowering people as agents of more effective climate action
The role of people on the frontlines, such as children, youth, women, workers, including those in the informal economy, and indigenous peoples in driving ambitious climate action that ensures ecosystem integrity, and their empowerment through the fulfilment of the human right to participate.

Speakers: Representatives of CSOs, private sector, workers and indigenous peoples, child and youth participants, senior government officials, and UN officials including the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Speakers may address Article 6, Escazu, Aarhus, ACE, AIM, children’s rights, social dialogue, etc.
*Provisionally admitted observer organization

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