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Side Events & Exhibits | Bonn Climate Change Conference (SB 60)

Side events schedule

Mitigation, including response measures
Adaptation, including loss and damage
Means of implementation and support
Integrated and holistic approaches
Other topics related to the UNFCCC process

Side events organized by Green Climate Fund (GCF), Global Environment Facility (GEF), WMO/UNEP Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Adaptation Fund Board (AFB) are part of UNFCCC and related events.

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Scheduled Time/Location Organizer Title / theme / speakers Attachments
03 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ms. Sonam Lhaden Khandu
Work of the LEG in providing guidance and support for the formulation and implementation of NAPs
The LEG will present the results of the meeting of Party experts to assess progress on NAPs, and the technical guidelines for the formulation and implementation of NAPs will also be discussed. Relevant organizations will share updates on the support provided to LDCs to submit their NAPs by 2025.

Speakers: LEG, LDCs and other Parties, relevant organizations
03 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Mr. Zubair Shahid
Enhancing Readiness for Article 6: Challenges and Opportunities
Join us to explore capacity development activities and plans to enhance countries' readiness for Article 6 activities. The discussion will include examples of support provided, and plans to augment national capacities to leverage the opportunities presented by Article 6 by UNFCCC and partners.

Speakers: UNFCCC Markets, Non-markets, and Stakeholder Engagement Team Representatives from Bhutan, Morocco, and Dominican Republic, and UNFCCC Partners for A6 Capacity Building
03 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Mr. Motsomi Maletjane
Water Resilient Food Systems
This event aims to catalyze policy integration and foster stakeholder collaboration to actively promote water-resilient food systems while effectively addressing challenges related to climate change, desertification, and biodiversity conservation.

Speakers: IWMI, NDC Partnership, WFO, World Bank, FAO, University of Bonn, and UNFCCC.
03 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Foundation for Climate Protection and Carbon Offset KliK (KliK Foundation)
Ms. Andrea Reiter
+41 44 2246059
Ms. Andrea Reiter
+41 44 2246059
Cooperative approach under Article 6.2: Benefits for participating countries
Article 6.2 cooperation is gaining momentum, an increasing number of countries are engaging in joint climate action. The event focusses on activities and their benefits to the participating countries. Concrete examples and appropriate measures will be discussed by an international panel of experts.

Speakers: Representative of ME Tunisia; Mrs Afef Jafaar, ANME Tunisia; Mr Daniel Benefoh, Carbon Market Office Ghana; Mr Daniel De Vries, ACT; Mrs Veronika Elgart, FOEN Switzerland; Mrs Jacqueline Jakob KliK Foundation; Mrs Ursula Flossmann-Kraus, KliK Foundation (Mod)
preliminary agenda [582 kb]
03 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)
Ms. Dani Gaillard-Picher
+46 73 3374220
Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA)
Mr. Alex Mauroner
+1 479 6295272
Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)
Ms. Sonja Koeppel
+41 1202 4176243604
International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
Ms. Chiara Christina Colombo
+33 6 24852501
Building water-wise NDCs and NAPs
Water-wise NDCs/NAPs enable resilient and effective implementation for adaptation and mitigation; Address lack of integration/coordination in climate policy through water as a connector; Convene parties (GIZ co-convenor) and leading institutions on water and climate (SIWI, IWMI, SWA, AGWA, AWP).

Speakers: • Welcome: Linking COP28 Decisions – offer examples/tools for the formulation and coherence of NDC/NAP • Roundtable with parties on support for developing/implementing water-wise climate policy - Bolivia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Countries influential in the GGA • Closing by COP29 Presidency
03 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Ms. Christina Irven
+1 202 9260013
Mr. Rui Yun Gan
+65 0 96488333
The Gold Standard Foundation (GSF)
Mr. Hugh Salway
+44 7972 595777
Operationalizing Article 6: A playbook for governments and crediting programmes
Over 50 countries have Article 6 agreements but the path to implementation is complex. Singapore, Verra and Gold Standard are launching a “playbook” with other countries to help standardize how governments and crediting programs can integrate robust carbon crediting into NDC implementation.

Speakers: Singapore – Mr Benedict Chia Director-General (Climate Change), National Climate Change Secretariat, Singapore; Verra – Andrew Howard; Gold Standard – Hugh Salway; Representatives of Ghana/Kenya/Chile (tbc; Representative of Sweden (tbc)
03 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Third World Network (TWN)
Mr. Yvonne Miller Berlie
+41 78 8929203
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Mr. Diego Pacheco
+591 0 67198345
An assessment of COP 28 outcomes
perspectives from developing countries

Speakers: speakers from developing countries
03 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Mr. Harrison Ajebe Nnoko N.
+237 699 133803
Environmental Research and Development Alternatives (ERDA)
Mr. Md Monir Hossain Chowdhury
+880 1711 862783
Strengthening community based management of key biodiversity areas (KBAs) and Climate change
Protected Area and climate change. The forest reference emission levels for carbon. Tradition and religion-based climate adaptation, biodiversity. Community resilience for loss and damages. Reducing oil and gas expansion into forests. Protect primary forests and mangroves restoration.

Speakers: Mr. Harrison Ajebe Nnoko (Moderator) Dr. Simmy Benzeng Dr. James Ayamba Mr. Tyson Miller Dr. Michael Cullen Dr. Juscar Njounguep
03 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Biovision - Foundation for Ecological Development (BV)
Mr. Moritz Fegert
+22 44 5125858
International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food)
Ms. Chantal Clement
+44 7 553890078
South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE)
Mr. Dipayan Dey
+91 33 24266060
The road to Belém & beyond: financing & leveraging agroecology for impactful NDCs, NBSAPs and NAPs
As countries update their NDCs, NBSAPs & NAPs, this event will explore the pivotal role of national agroecology frameworks to coordinate action on climate change, biodiversity loss & land degradation & will discuss the crucial role of climate finance to strengthen these ecosystem-based approaches.

Speakers: Roberto Azofeifa (MAG, Costa Rica); Saskia Sanders (FOAG, Switzerland); Alexander Lingenthal (BMZ, Germany); Vivian Libório de Almeida (MDA, Brazil); Karen Nekesa, (AFSA); Genna Tesdall (YPARD); Oliver Oliveros (Agroecology Coalition); Moritz Fegert (Biovision); Moder.: Martina Fleckenstein (WWF)
03 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Ms. Swati Manchikanti
+1 732 4235553
Mr. Joao Paulo Mello Amaral
+55 11 977887955
International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation (IPSF)
Ms. Sarah Neggazi
+213 540 540886229
Nadam Foundation
Mr. Sri Hari Govind Kaliapuram Narendrakumar
+353 0 833325573
How the Climate Crisis is Changing Child Health: Providing Evidence for Action
Child health is being drastically altered by the climate crisis. This event will present key insight and policy solutions based on a new 'global stocktake' of evidence showing the impacts of climate hazards on child health outcomes. This event will complement the Expert Dialogue on children.

Speakers: We would organize experts from UNICEF, Wellcome Trust, government representatives, civil societies (e.g. CERI network) and youth advocates from the Global South and Global North to speak at the event. Other UN agencies may potentially be involved.
04 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ms. Angela Wagner
Facilitating technical assistance for NAP implementation through UN4NAPs
This side event invites developing countries, esp. SIDS and LDCs, to learn about UN4NAPs and to discuss their key needs for technical assistance in their efforts to implement NAPs. Partner organizations will respond and propose pathways for technical assistance.

Speakers: Representatives from developing countries and UN4NAPs partner organizations
04 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Asociación La Ruta del Clima
Mr. Adrian Martinez Blanco
+506 8561 852
Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad (AAS)
Ms. Andrea Prieto
+57 1 3124160186
Fundación Sustentabilidad sin Fronteras (SSF)
Mr. Adrian Martinez Blanco
+506 8561 852
Heinrich Böll Foundation (HBF)
Ms. Kristin Funke
+49 30 28534310
OXFAM International (OI)
Ms. Nafkote Dabi
+44 4 744470242
A path to a Just Loss & Damage Fund: Latin American perspectives
The Loss & Damage Fund Board must learn from the experiences of other financial mechanisms of the UNFCCC. A just fund in the context of efforts to reform the international financial entities has to be grounded on the needs of communities, human rights and a transformation of the economic system.

Speakers: ● Representative of OXFAM - tbc ● Adrián Martínez Blanco, La Ruta Del Clima ● Lien Vandamme, CIEL ● Liane Schalatek, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung ● ● Representative of German Watch- tbc
04 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Mr. Keiichi Igarashi
REDD+ and forests in the Global Stocktake and Biennial Transparency Reports
REDD+ reporting and review processes under the Paris Agreement will be explained, including Biennial Transparency Reports. The inclusion of “halting and reversing deforestation and forest degradation by 2030” in the outcome of the first Global Stocktake and implications for NDCs will be discussed.

Speakers: UNFCCC secretariat, REDD+ countries, organizations supporting REDD+ implementation and other REDD+ stakeholders.
04 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)
Ms. Laura Cramer
+254 0 715687380
International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Ms. Heidi Braun
+1 613 4029580
Implementing climate action and measuring progress in the African livestock sector
Africa has 800+ million livestock keepers, making the sector extremely important continentally. This session will promote livestock interventions to address climate action in agriculture tailored to African contexts and demonstrate how livestock should be addressed when defining GGA indicators.

Speakers: Lamine Diatta, Senegal Min. of Environment and Sustainable Development (M) Bernard Kimoro, Kenya Min. of Agriculture and Livestock Development (M) Birthe Paul, GIZ or BMZ rep. (F) IDRC rep/partner (TBD) Vivian Atakos, CGIAR Gender Platform (F) ILRI scientist (TBD) Moderator (TBD)
04 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ms. Miwa Kato
Implementation updates by the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage ExCom (tbc)
The event will provide the latest information on the work by the Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage. It will highlight knowledge products in the pipeline for publishing in 2024, such as those that facilitate integrating L&D into national planning processes.

Speakers: TBC
04 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Green Climate Fund (GCF)
Mr. Hansol Park
+49 10 74586032
Roadmap of GCF support for 2024 – 2027: Strategic Plan for programming and the new vision of 50by30
The side event is designed to showcase GCF’s strategic vision and operational priorities for the Fund’s new programming period, guided by the ED's blueprint for a new GCF that manages USD 50 bn by 2030. The event will present how GCF plans to upscale its role as a key climate finance convener.

Speakers: - GCF head of delegation - UNFCCC senior representative - Accredited Entity representative - Nationally Designated Authority representative - IPAG representative - Private sector observer representative
04 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT)
Ms. Chiara Villani
+39 328 5868725
International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF)
Mr. Peter Minang
+254 727 492459
Integrating soil health into next generation NDCs through technology transfer
Soil health technologies are key for climate mitigation and biodiversity conservation, yet tech-transfer remains limited. This event will discuss how integrating soil health technologies into the next generation of NDCs can strengthen climate action and reinforce tech-transfer in UNFCCC.

Speakers: Lulseged Tamene - Alliance Deborah Bossio – TNC Flora Ajwera - GIZ Barron Josef Orr - UNCCD Kenya/Ethiopia representative LAC country representative Asia representative
04 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Academy for Mountain Environics (AME)
+91 0 9819420775
Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN)
Mr. Sugat Bhattarai
+977 1 4004508
Financing locally led adaptation & addressing loss and damage to build climate-resilient communities
Ensuring equitable delivery of adaptation finance: Addressing uncertainty and improving access for local communities impacted by climate change

Speakers: Nepal government representative and climate justice movement leaders
04 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Mercy Corps
Ms. salomé Lehtman
+33 6 21713856
Concern Worldwide
Ms. Sally Tyldesley
+44 7949 877024
Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
Ms. Laetitia Pettinotti
+44 0 7711404068
Plan International (Plan)
Ms. Brigitte Rudram
+44 7787 753776
Making climate finance work for all: how to agree an ambitious NCQG
The event draws on new Alliance & ODI research providing a framework for burden sharing in the NCQG built on CBDR principle, ensuring developed countries provide their fair share and assessing the state of the contributor base while stressing the importance of a core of public grant-based finance.

Speakers: Cross-cutting high-level panel hearing directly from civil society including leading think-tank, global and local stakeholders as well as key NCQG negotiators to reflect the progress of the NCQG discussions.
04 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Mr. Adria Verges Aleix
+39 334 7058638
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
Mr. Pradyumna Rana
+977 1 9813816868
Mr. Fabio Parisi
+39 349 8859223
Mobilizing the Mountain Partnership Countries for addressing mountains and climate change
This session will foster the engagement of Governments, including UNFCCC national focal points, on key actions to strengthen political alliances and support commitments for mountain related issues under the UNFCCC. It will also consider recommendations committed to boost climate adaptation action.

Speakers: Governments of Andorra, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Bhutan, Italy, Peru and Colombia, Mountain Partnership Secretariat, ICIMOD, Alpine Convention, Pyrenees Working Community, civil society.
05 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Center for Participatory Research and Development (CPRD)
Mr. Nakul Sharma
+91 11 9716647408
Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR)
Mr. Nakul Sharma
+91 11 9716647408
Prakriti Resources Centre (PRC)
Mr. Prabin ManSingh
+91 11 9716647408
Finance for addressing losses & Damage and building need based resilience in Urban Sphere
Assessing Need based finance for addressing the dual challenge of Adaptation as well as minimizing losses and Damages due to climate change especially in Urban and City Settlements is largely been neglected by policy makers. The Session brings Southern voices Advocating holistic approaches.

Speakers: Sanjay Vashist (CANSA) Dr. Shamshudin Doha ( CPRD) Mr. Prabin Man Singh ( PRC ) Mr. Ramesh Babu ( EFICOR )
05 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
COBASE, Cooperativa Tecnico Scientifica di Base (ECOSOC)
Mr. Stefano Mannacio
+39 339 6938361
Gherush92 Committee for Human Rights (Gherush92)
Ms. Valentina Jappelli
+39 338 6787009
The Save Movement
Ms. Engin Nilgun
+90 532 4375133
Universal Versatile Society (UV Society)
Mr. Cataleya (Xinyue) Han
+61 4 12635304
"Dal Khichdi" shifting to a plant-based planet through regenerative agriculture and holistic cities
Promoting the welfare and wellbeing of small farmers. Phasing out intensive farming. Agro-ecogical parks and vegan donut economics to fight climate change. Biocultural assessments. Designing urban areas which mimick natural ecosystems. Social inclusion for vulnerable people

Speakers: Stefano Mannacio - Cobase, Valentina Jappelli and Delfina Piu - Gherush92, Narayan Solanke - UVS, Vikrant Srivastava - Nisarg Foundation, Nilgün Engin - The Save Movement, Plant Based Treaty
Flyer [1 Mb]
05 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Green Africa Youth Organisation (GAYO)
Ms. Candy Ann Dwamena Darkwa
+2 233 547169641
University of Bristol (UoB)
Ms. Alix Dietzel
+44 117 9289176
Building inclusive urban climate resilience - the role of young people in leading the change
This session seeks to amplify meaningful youth inclusion in building urban resilience and adaptive capacity to challenges posed by climate change. This intergenerational session aims to attract a multi stakeholder audience willing to learn how to successfully co-design climate policies with youth.

Speakers: Margaret Impraim, Assistant Global Coordinator, Youth Climate Council Global Alliance Joshua Amponsem, Executive Director, Green Africa Youth Organisation Thalia da Silva de Oliveira, Coordinator, Youth Climate Council Brazil Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, Mayor of Freetown, C40 chair
05 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
World Food Programme (WFP)
Ms. Amelia Stewart
+44 77 48661643
Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB)
Mr. Md Fahad Hossain
+88 0 1845532675
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
Ms. Mary Friel
+41 79 2173355
Practical solutions enhancing national and local capacities to minimize and address loss and damage
Ahead of the final Glasgow Dialogue on Loss and Damage, this event will share insights from real-world responses and practical solutions to strengthen national and local capacities, amplifying the needs and priorities of affected communities in minimizing and addressing loss and damage.

Speakers: The event will harness a range of perspectives from local to global. The event will hear insight from a range of stakeholders, including governments and actors working across climate, humanitarian and development action on practical solutions
05 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ms. Ina Lambert
AC: Supporting UAE Framework for Global Climate Resilience
This event, focusing on para. 44 of decision 2/CMA.5, will share initial steps taken and seek inputs to inform and prioritize next steps in supporting the Framework with technical guidance and training materials thereon

Speakers: Adaptation Committee, related constituted bodies, others TBC.
05 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Mr. IHLE Boris
The IPCC Inventory Software: A Tool to Support the ETF Implementation under the Paris Agreement.
Joint UNFCCC/IPCC side event aimed at presenting the evolution of the IPCCC Inventory software, demonstration of the latest IPCC Inventory Software and presentation on the future enhancements to the software.

Speakers: Mr. Dominique Revet (UNFCCC secretariat), IPCC TFI co-Chair and staff.
05 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
IBON International Foundation Inc. (IBON)
Mr. Ivan Phell Enrile
+63 2 89277061
Asociación Interamericana para la Defensa del Ambiente (AIDA)
Mr. Javier Davalos
+59 3 979240275
FIAN FoodFirst Information and Action Network, Germany e.V. (FIAN Germany)
Ms. Sabine Pabst
+49 6221 6530030
The role of corporate accountability in the context of a just transition
The event will spotlight the critical role of corporate accountability in supporting a just transition to sustainable societies. Panelists will present evidence of human rights violations in renewable energy value chains (from mining, to manufacturing to energy supply) and recommendations.

Speakers: 1 negotiator participating in the discussion on the Work Programme on Just Transition Pathways, 3 representatives of civil society organizations (one who will act as moderator), and 1 human rights defender.
05 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement, Inc. (APMDD)
Ms. Claire Miranda
+63 917 5115334
Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
Ms. Lien Vandamme
+41 22 5967913
Digo Bikas Institute (DBI)
Mr. Abhishek Shrestha
+97 1 9851217237
Tebtebba Foundation
Ms. helen magata
+63 74 4447703
Repairing climate harm: Indigenous Peoples' contributions, community views & State responsibilities
This side-event aims to bring a 360° view on climate-related human rights harm and what it means to provide effective remedy for this harm, zooming in on Indigenous Peoples' contributions, community perspectives and legal obligations of States.

Speakers: Representatives of Indigenous Peoples, affected communities, NGOs, and human rights experts.
05 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
CDP Worldwide (CDP)
Ms. Clare Everett
+44 7871 135724
Climate Chance Association
Ms. Tania Martha Thomas
+33 0 755231289
Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit Ltd (ECIU)
Mr. Gareth Redmond-King
+44 7971 9558
University of Cambridge
Ms. Aoife Blanchard
+44 7766 343584
The role of the private sector in bolstering ambitious and credible NDCs on the road to COP30
This event will discuss the role of the private sector in supporting ambitious new NDCs. It will showcase the importance of frameworks and standards, transparent data and positive examples of credible commitments and action, drawing on examples from renewable energy and experiences in Latin America.

Speakers: This event will have speakers from the Net Zero Tracker, CISL, Climate Chance, CDP and the UNFCCC or a Party actor (e.g. Brazil, Colombia, EU).
05 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA)
Mr. Stefan Thorsell
+45 53 732842
Center for Support of Indigenous Peoples of the North (CSIPN)
Ms. Daria Egereva
+7 915 805682
Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN)
Mr. Tunga Bhadra Rai
+977 1 1985106971
Just Green Economy Transition: Indigenous views and right based approach
Under the Just Transition framework, the world is shifting to a green economy through interventions on Indigenous territories. But without clear understanding of regulations, including free, prior and informed consent, these projects risk violating rights and failing their climate rationale.

Speakers: This event will present a panel of Indigenous representatives and activists from different socio-cultural regions as well as state party representatives and UN mechanisms.
06 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
The Danish Family Planning Association (DFPA)
Ms. lene beuchet
+45 26 200875
Asian Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW)
Ms. Menka Goundan
+6 79 9408611
Women Deliver
Ms. Eleanor Blomstrom
+1 510 5414189
Call to Action for Gender and SRHR
The focus theme will be the Gender Action Plan review and its significance to the implementation of other intersections like health including sexual and reproductive health and rights

Speakers: SRHR and Climate Justice Coalition; Asian Resource and Research Centre for Women, Danish Family Planning Association, WeDo, Women Deliver
06 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
WMO/UNEP Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Mr. Andrej Mahecic
+41 79 7042459
Key AR6 findings in view of IPCC´s program of work for the seventh assessment cycle
The event will spotlight AR6 adaptation findings in lieu of the Panel´s decision to have an update of the 1994 IPCC Technical Guidelines on impacts, adaptation indicators and metrics; attribution of extreme events in the context of loss and damage; and IPCC´s program of work in the seventh cycle.

Speakers: IPCC Chair Jim Skea, IPCC Vice-Chairs, Co-Chairs of Working Groups I, II, III and TFI
06 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)
Ms. Elena Cedillo
+41 78 9457646
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU)
Mr. Marion Mews
+49 221 1517081425
Church of Sweden
Ms. Margareta Koltai
+46 70 2073149
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
Ms. Christine Moffett
+1 832 4549179
World Council of Churches (WCC)
Mr. Henrik Grape
+46 73 9905505
Climate Justice and Gender Equality: Addressing the Intersectional Impacts of Climate Change
The event will foster collaboration among stakeholders - government, CSO, and faith-based groups - to boost gender-responsive resilience amidst climate-induced losses and damages.

Speakers: Frances Namumu - Woman Indigenous Peoples’ voice - Fiji activist, Laura Saravia-Youth & faith Voice from El Salvador, Representative from UN Women, Government representative from Small Island Developing States, Ramon Pichs – Vice chair of the IPCC - tbc
06 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Soka Gakkai International Office for UN Affairs
Ms. Alexandra Goossens-Ishii
+41 79 8512426
Friends World Committee for Consultation
Ms. Lindsey Cook
+49 179 5918510
Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW)
Mr. Keith Runyan
+1 530 5758190
Quakers in Britain
Mx. Rebecca WalkerWoo
+44 207 6631104
Soka Gakkai International - UK (SGI-UK)
Mr. Robert Harrap
+44 1628 591210
How ethical values guide policies that promote human well being, peace, justice and ecosystem health
Ethical values guide transformative policies critical to human well being and planetary health. We inform State Parties revising NDCs of policies for rapid reduction of GHG emissions that support ecosystems and biodiversity, avoiding reliance on large scale ‘techno-fixes’ that intensify risks.

Speakers: SwedeBio (HRBA), Climate Analytics (N Grant), IPCC AR6 Author, IPBES author, SGI, Uni Leeds, QUNO (Moderator)
06 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Mr. Sohel Pasha
Launching of BTR review - Experiences and lessons learned from the in-country TER of Andorra's BTR1
The secretariat will provide an implementation update on operationalizing BTR reviews. Andorra and experts from the TERT will share on their experiences and lessons learned from his historic process.

Speakers: Secretariat, members of TERT for Andorra and representatives from Andorra
06 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ms. Sousan Torabiparizi
Making NDCs 3.0 ambitious and investment-ready through Technology Action Plans
NDCs 3.0 can serve as climate investment plans for a 1.5C-aligned future. This event will showcase how Technology Action Plans can inform national climate targets and translate them into investment opportunities through the TNA process.

Speakers: UNFCCC, COP 29 incoming presidency, UNEP-CCC, Brazil, GCF, GEF, UNIDO, TEC, CTCN
06 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Institute of Studies on Religion (ISER)
Ms. Isabel Pereira
+55 21 988997585
Conectas Human Rights
Ms. Camila Nakaharada
+55 11 947491954
Afro-descendant Communities: possible paths to face the Climate Crisis
Public policies on climate adaptation are urgent to address the impact of extreme weather events in urban, forest, and rural areas. Populations contributing to environmental protection, such as traditional Afro-descendant and Afro-diasporic faith communities are part of the solutions.

Speakers: Letícia Leobet, Geledés – Black Women’s Institute Bruna Veríssimo – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil Isabel Pereira - ISER – Institute of Religious Studies Other Speakers to be confirmed
06 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Mr. Kenichi Kitamura
Enabling energy transitions for NDCs aligned with LTLEDS
LT-LEDS have been formulated by Parties to provide a vision and direction for short-term actions and NDCs. This event aims to facilitate preparation of NDCs aligned with LT-LEDS by sharing insights on energy transition plan, policies and investment needs, taking into account national circumstances.

Speakers: UNFCCC, IEA (TBD), MDB (TBD), developing country Parties.
06 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Mr. Julian Hodgkin
Lessons learned through building capacity of LDCs and SIDS through the CAPACITY fellowship
Learn about the experience of building climate-related capacity for LDCs and SIDS through training, development and network building for mid-career professionals and discuss the potential for extending and expanding the programme. Presentations followed by a small reception to meet the fellows.

Speakers: TBC
06 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
Ms. Ilaria Crotti
+39 351 8572002
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
Ms. Ashmita Biswas
+91 110003 9874751033
Mr. Edgar Fernandez Fernandez
+33 33 652699540
NCQG: Bringing accountability, trust and developing country needs to climate finance
Considerations on how the NCQG must meet the needs of developing countries equitably, ensuring accountability within the UN process, including in relation to the outcomes of the GST, and potential implications for the global financial architecture, economic cooperation and policy coordination.

Speakers: One speaker from UNCTAD; One speaker from TERI; Alejandra López Carbajal, Transforma; One representative from academia; Developing country respondent; Developed country respondent.
07 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
British Society of Soil Science (BSSS)
Mr. Andrew Morris
+44 7890 660171
Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement (CIRAD)
+33 6 98805578
FOUR PAWS International
Ms. Clara Schubert
+3 6 28343847
Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)
Ms. Solène Manouvrier
+33 0 783574785
Soil Health for People & Planet: Leveraging policy, integrating governance, exploring collaboration
This discussion session brings together policy advocates, researchers and practitioners, to delve into the multifaceted dimensions of soil policy, governance and the need for collaboration. We will discover innovative strategies, best practices, and emerging trends used to safeguard soil health.

Speakers: Dr Elizabeth Stockdale Niab Dr Olga Andreeva UNCCD Dr Jean-Luc Chotte IRD Miriam Medel Garcia onepoint5 Miguel Zhan Dai Four Paws Lusleged, Tamene Desta CIAT
Abstract for Soil Health for People and Planet: Leveraging policy, integrating governance, exploring collaboration [837 kb]
Speaker Biographies for Soil Health for People and Planet: Leveraging policy, integrating governance, exploring collaboration [1 Mb]
07 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL)
Ms. Maria Antonieta Nestor
+44 7758 122063
Mr. Kazi Hoque
+88 88 1713030124
Green Mobilisation Initiative
Mr. Gabriel Aborele
+234 80 28192355
Courage, Contributions and Compliance - Implementing PA Climate Adaptation & Resilience Commitments
Fast effective legal pathways for adaptation, resilience & sustainable development require tailored climate law and governance capacity building and reform. Share new legal advances for water resources management, nature based solutions, clean energy transition to implement PA and climate justice

Speakers: Speakers: Prof Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger (UK, Canada, Swiss), Adv Ayman Cherkaoui (Morocco), Prof Rashad Ibadov (Azerbaijan), Adv Hafij Khan (Bangladesh), Prof Ian Fry (Tuvalu),* Prof Christina Voigt (Norway),* other leading legal experts, senior counsel, judges and young advocates.
07 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Compassion in World Farming International (CIWF)
Ms. Eirini Pitsilidi
+44 7393 925783
Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future (SF)
Mr. Charles Nouhan
+1 201 6747088
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Mr. Ning Liu
+254 20 769601817
Making Nitrogen Visible through the Rio Conventions
There is an urgent need to optimize Nitrogen use in agriculture to combat climate change, ensure food security, tackle waste and pollution, and protect ecosystems and biodiversity. The event highlights the need to go further in “making nitrogen visible” in the UNFCCC and future multilateral agendas.

Speakers: High-level, Pakistan High-level, Japan High Level, Sri Lanka High level, Maldives High-level, Romania UNEP Working Group on Nitrogen Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment, FAO Researcher, South Asian Nitrogen Hub Global Head of International Affairs, CIWF
07 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
University of Leeds
Ms. Debbie Rosen
+44 7887 515528
Climate Analytics GmbH
Mr. Paul May
+49 1525 6124061
Iniciativa Climática de Mexico (ICM)
Ms. Mariana Castillo
+52 55 3351282
Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC) (ICSC)
Mr. Angelo Kairos Dela Cruz
+63 917 8015820
University of Exeter
Ms. Alissa Haward
+44 7917 447656
NDC implementation: latest climate science and regional perspectives on turning the GST into action
Measures to limit warming such as tripling renewables and setting new NDCs require transparent, up-to-date climate and warming metrics and actionable 1.5 aligned pathways. We present updates to key climate system indicators and discuss how to turn collective GST ambition into regional action.

Speakers: Diverse voices from climate policy, action and science including regional perspectives from South East Asia (ICSC and IGES), West Africa (WASCAL) and Latin America and the Caribbean (ICM) alongside Climate Analytics and the Universities of Exeter and Leeds
07 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Mr. Agung Adhiasto
Tracking the journey of Just Transition Strategies and Policies
This KCI event seeks to enhance the implementation and effectiveness of just transition strategies and policies through an exchange of knowledge and best practices for tracking progress to accelerate just transition and achieve social equity, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity

Speakers: TBC
07 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Children and Youth International (CYI)
Ms. Amelia Turk
+49 173 9178388
Ms. Sama Baghirova
+994 50 2401740
Analyses & recommendations of youth inclusion in UNFCCC processes: Reflecting on the Youth Stocktake
The COP28 Youth Stocktake unveiled the importance of youth inclusion in NDCs. Gathering recommendations from the report, through this session, we invite Parties and non-Party stakeholders to commit to engaging with young people in this process as they prepare for the third cycle of NDCs.

Speakers: COP29 Presidency Youth Climate Champion Leyla Hasanova,UNFCCC Executive Secretary Simon Stiell (tbc),YST Researcher,Parties,L/R/COYs Hosts,Former YOUNGO Focal Points,YOUNGO Policy Team,UN Representatives,UN Youth Office Youth/YOUNGO members,Other Stakeholders (pvt sector, universities, donors,etc)
07 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Christian Aid (CA)
Mr. Kim Nelson
+44 44 7794970014
ACT Alliance - Action by Churches Together (ACT Alliance)
Ms. Fiona Connelly
+1 647 2101238
DanChurchAid (DCA and FKN)
Mr. Mattias Söderberg
+45 29 700609
The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)
Ms. Elizabeth Cronin
+44 7598 831106
Making the NCQG and the Loss and Damage Fund work for vulnerable communities
A strong NCQG is essential to ensure the Loss and Damage Fund delivers for vulnerable communities. Yet the question of access remains crucial. This event will bring perspectives from Bangladesh and Colombia to examine the strength of the L&D Fund to ensure access and deliver long term recovery.

Speakers: • Nushrat Chowdhury, Climate Justice Policy Advisory, Christian Aid • Faith-based Global North organisation (TBC, likely CAFOD or similar) • South-based organisation working on loss and damage issues (TBC, possibly ICCCAD)
07 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Global Youth Development Institute, Inc. (GYDI)
Mr. Timothy Damon
+1 330 2067553
AbibiNsroma Foundation (ANF)
Mr. Robert Tettey Kwami Amiteye
+233 244 422846
Center for Climate and Sustainability Empowerment (CCSE)
Mr. Hussein Kassim
+233 244 244182515
Innovative Solutions for Enhancing ACE Finance, Tools, and Support
This session will explore innovative solutions for solving the chronic gap in financial resources and institutional support for ACE implementation. Actionable insights, including from youth, will be shared and discussed in the context of the Tools and Support priority area of the ACE Action Plan.

Speakers: International Youth Delegates from GYDI; CCSE representative; relevant YOUNGO members; relevant ECOS members
07 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
ProVeg e.V.
Ms. Juliette Tronchon
+49 0 1728180761
Humane Society International (HSI)
Ms. Stefanie McNerney
+1 202 5702326
Jeremy Coller Foundation (FAIRR)
Ms. Lucrezia Tincani
+44 7531 19496
The Changing Markets Foundation
Ms. Caitlin Smith
+44 0 7362589758
The Good Food Institute, Inc.
Ms. Mariana Bernal
+55 21 999661796
University of Vermont (UVM)
Ms. Sadie Shelton
+840 5505 6033066220
Policy, Supply Chain and Financing Pathways to Inclusive Protein Diversification in the Global South
We will address challenges and opportunities to transform global food systems and just transition in protein diversification. We will highlight solutions and ideas from new protein sources, financing, the role of big meat and dairy to support change in supply chains, and the importance of NDCs.

Speakers: Juliette Tronchon (ProVeg International); Nusa Urbancic (Changing Markets Foundation); Mariana Bernal (Good Food Institute); Jo Raven (FAIRR Initiative); Stefanie McNerney (Humane Society International); CGIAR rep.; Government rep. of India (TBC); Government rep. of Brazil (TBC)
07 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Global Forest Coalition (GFC)
Mr. Gadir Lavadenz
+591 2 68060050
Colectivo VientoSur
Mr. Eduardo Giesen
+56 9 91630995
Corporate Accountability International
Ms. Rachel Rose Jackson
+44 0 7445351503
Indigenous Educational Network of Turtle Island (IENTI/IEN) (IEN)
Mr. Alberto Saldamando
+1 415 6569198
Institute for Socioeconomics Studies (INESC)
Ms. Tatiana Oliveira
+55 21 980822370
Krasnoyarsk Regional Public Ecological Movement "Friends of the Siberian Forests" (FSF)
Mr. Andrey Laletin
+7 950 4351945
True International Cooperation: Moving beyond Carbon Markets
Carbon and other market-based schemes are not only deeply flawed but also do not contribute effectively to the fight against climate change. The side event will elaborate on the problems with carbon markets and present non-carbon market alternatives from perspectives of IPLCs,women and youth

Speakers: Andrea Echeverri Souparna Lahiri Gadir Lavadenz
08 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Stichting Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA)
Mr. Nakul Sharma
+91 11 9716647408
Clean Energy Nepal (CEN)
Mr. Nakul Sharma
+91 11 9716647408
Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI)
Mr. Nakul Sharma
+91 11 9716647408
Sustainable Consumption and Production to Enhance Climate Ambition in South Asia
The Last 20 years have seen noticeable acceleration in the extraction and utilization of natural resources; Therefore establishing the link between climate change and material consumption and Incorporating SCP in to New NDC's.

Speakers: Sanjay Vashist (CANSA) Dr. Abid Suleri (SDPI) Mr. Manjeet Dhakal (CEN) Mr. Ranga Pallawal (Switch Asia)
08 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)
Mr. Animesh Kumar
+49 160 97520806
CGIAR System Organization (CGIAR)
Ms. Aditi Mukherji
+33 34000 3304266900
Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)
Mr. Shivenes Shammugam
+82 10 95309948
Loss and damage data to accelerate climate action
The GST outcomes highlight the need for greater acceleration and synergy in climate action. The event will explore the role of loss and damage analytics in informing NDCs, advancing comprehensive risk management, agri-food system resilience, Early Warnings for All, and enabling coherent financing.

Speakers: UNDRR (Moderator) 1.Opening remarks: LDC chair 2.Reporting: NDCs, SDGs, Sendai Framework, etc. (Govt) 3.Early warnings for All and Anticipatory Action (Govt) 4.Comprehensive risk management (govt) 5.Agri-food systems (FAO) 6.Finance (UNDP or a govt) 7.Community-based org Summing up (CGIAR)
08 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE)
Ms. Judit Szoleczky
+45 42 300192
Association négaWatt
Mr. Yves Marignac
+33 6 7710241
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (FhG ISI)
Ms. Vicki Duscha
+49 721 6809226
SustainableEnergy (SE)
Mr. Gunnar Boye Olesen
+45 24 269933
Decarbonisation through sufficiency lifestyle: How much? How to support? 100% renewables
Sufficiency lifestyle policies to decarbonise & to include in NDCs, GSTs. Results of new European research surveying 9500 people, 50 citizen initiatives, 16 national policies; modelling effects in an input-output model; focus: housing, food, transport, consumption/reuse; 100% renewables; EU & India.

Speakers: Researchers, NGOs of EU Horizon FULFILL project: Dr. Elisabeth Dütschke, Fraunhofer ISI, Germany; Mathilde Djelali/Y. Marignac, Association négaWatt, France; Prof. Lorenzo Pagliano, POLIMI, and Wolfram Sparber, Eurac Research, Italy; Gunnar B. Olesen, SE Denmark; Judit Szoleczky, INFORSE.
08 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
ESCR-Net- International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net)
Ms. Patricia Wattimena
+66 902 689020
Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD)
Ms. Wardarina -
+66 53 6691069913
Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)
Ms. Alina Saba
+49 151 59110743
Loss and damage in the face of false solutions: Paving the way towards accountability and justice
The rapidly worsening climate crisis falls in the hands of the wealthy countries and corporations. This side event aims to dissect the reality of loss and damage in the face of false solutions and corporate capture to hold polluters accountable towards a pathway of just and equitable transition.

Speakers: NGO representatives along with social and feminist movements from different regions.
08 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Shariatpur Development Society (SDS)
Ms. Rabeya Beegum
+88 1754 446907
Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)
Ms. Banasree Mitra Neogi
+88 18 1819385638
Addressing loss and damages: A likely financing machoism of post-disaster loss recovery
The side event will share the findings of a community-based longitudinal study that captured non-economic loss and damages for 3 climate hotspots of Bangladesh. Also will share findings of a piloting of financial mechanism for post-disaster loss recovery.

Speakers: 1. Rabeya Begum Executive Director SDS, Bangladesh 2. Nushrat Chowdhury Christian Aid, UK 3. Colin McQuistan Head Climate Change Practical Action, UK 4. Md Shamsuddoha Chief Executive CPRD, Bangladesh 5. Ms Mariana Paoli Christan Aid, UK
08 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)
Mr. Yunus Arikan
+49 1515 750004
United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
Ms. Lea Ranalder
+254 799 859606
University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
Mr. Nicola Tollin
+45 23 439459
Responding to climate emergency through multilevel NDCs - from commitment to action
GST decision para.161 urging Parties to accelerate multilevel action and CHAMP Initiative endorsed by 70+ nations are among key COP28 outcomes where the LGMA Constituency played an instrumental role. The event will present an overview of initial efforts to deliver concrete results by COP30.

Speakers: Leaders and representatives of ICLEI and other partners of the LGMA Constituency, including participants of 2024 Daring Cities Forum
08 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
Ms. Julie Gassien
+41 76 6969368
An Organization for Socio-Economic Development (AOSED)
Mr. Shamim Arfeen
+88 1711 840913
Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED)
+2 1 1437405
Reducing vulnerability and addressing displacement through climate finance and national planning
The event will explore innovative and practical ways to support local communities hardest hit by climate change, including people displaced or at risk of being displaced, through promoting their meaningful participation in decision-making related to national adaptation planning and climate finance.

Speakers: Shamim Arfeen (Executive Director, AOSED), Bénédicte Giaever (Executive Director, NORCAP), Dr. Emad Adly (General Coordinator, RAED), Hafijul Islam Khan (Lawyer and member of the WIM EXCOM), Dr. Alice Baillat (Policy Adviser, IDMC) and a country representative TBC
Concept Note [3 Mb]
08 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Climate Strategies
Ms. Ana Gonzalez Alonso
+31 6 27923981
Papua New Guinea
Ms. Gwendoline Sissiou
+67 5 71591005
Plataforma CIPÓ (CIPÓ)
Ms. Maiara Folly
+44 20 4407578648
Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
Mr. Mikael Mikaelsson
+46 70 7547589
Leveraging Just Transitions Across Adaptation, Mitigation and Trade Policies
As climate-trade policies multiply, we must strive for an international trade system that enables ambitious climate action, boosts sustainable development, increases equity and builds resilience. In short, we need to ensure that the transition to a climate-centric trade system is a just transition.

Speakers: Emphasising perspectives from the Global South and underrepresented groups, this event will engage a variety of speakers, including from YOUNGO, IIPFCC, the South Centre, UNCTAD, WTO, ILO, BSR or BTeam, researchers (Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa, SEI and Plataforma CIPO) and policymakers (PNG+UK)
08 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Australian Rainforest Conservation Society Inc. (ARCS)
Ms. Peg Putt
+61 0 418127580
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
Mr. Gábor Figeczky
+49 1575 6925021
Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC)
Ms. Georgia McDonnell
+82 0 1095358694
Limit big biomass in the global RE Target: outlining its adverse impacts and alternative pathways
Multiple adverse impacts of big biomass globally make projected large increases untenable. Experts break down misapprehensions of carbon neutrality and sustainability, outline human rights and environmental justice issues, how to fix accounting loopholes, and present research on costed alternatives

Speakers: Ms Peg Putt, EPN I BAN Ms Camila Romero, Colectivo Viento Sur, Chile Mr Kwami Kpondzo, Global Forest Coaltion, Togo Mr Toby Aykroyd, Wild Europe Ms Katherine Egland, EECHO & NAACP Ms Georgia McDonnell, SFoC, South Korea Mr Gabor Figeczky, IFOAM
08 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
War on Want
Mr. Asad Rehman
+44 7956 210332
LDC Watch
Mr. Sugat Bhattarai
+977 1 4004976
Pathway to a Just and Equitable Justice Transition
As the world faces compounding crises from climate, inequality, a breach of planetary limits, within a failed economic model that has been unable to deliver a pathway for a just and equitable transition. Global civil society groups share the pathway from the Global Convergence of Just Transitions.

Speakers: Fadhel Khatoub (Powershift Africa) Emilia Reyes (Global South Feminists for Fiscal Justice) Kate Lappin (Public Services International) Maureen Santos (FASE Brazil) Lidy Nacpil (APMDD) Tejal Khanitkar (India Asad Rehman (War on Want)
10 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Cooperation Internationale pour le Développement et la Solidarité (CIDSE)
Ms. Lydia Machaka
+32 478 20884
Caritas Internationalis (CI)
Ms. Musamba Mubanga
+39 338 1347788447
Maryknoll Sisters of Saint Dominic Inc.
Ms. Elisabeth Sullivan
+1 571 5876851
Why innovative sources of finance and financial system reform matter: a moral case
Climate change hits vulnerable and poor communities hard, but current support is insufficient. Innovative climate finances are vital to bridge the finance gap, fostering trust among Parties. This event contributes to ongoing dialogue on ethical aspects of climate finance and financial system reform.

Speakers: Representatives from faith-based NGOs Climate finance experts and practitioners Representatives from vulnerable communities Policymakers and Party representatives (e.g., the Holy See)
10 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Adaptation Fund Board (AFB)
Ms. Imen Meliane
+1 202 4387822
Delivering on the Global Goal on Adaptation: Perspectives and Opportunities from the Adaptation Fund
The event will outline how the Adaptation Fund’s portfolio and funding windows support the implementation of the GGA framework adopted at COP28. It will present perspectives from its projects on how the goals can spur real action and financial measures that deliver for the most vulnerable.

Speakers: - Lucas Di Pietro, Chair of the Adaptation Fund Board - Mikko Ollikainen, Head of the Adaptation Fund - Representatives of countries and implementing entities with projects funded by the AF
10 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
SEKEM Development Foundation (SDF)
Mr. Merijn Dols
+31 6 21694135
EIT Food ivzw
Ms. Lucy Wallace
+44 7879 646520
Natural Capitalism Solutions, Inc. (NCS)
Ms. Hunter Lovins
+1 970 9480078
Financing a just transition to regenerative (food) systems through multistakeholder collaboration
A dialogue exploring concrete multistakeholder solutions & mechanisms that are just and available to those who need them. For example the innovative financial model scaling and speeding up the transition with the EOL measurement and accreditation system developed by Sekem, Egypt with the World Bank.

Speakers: Speakers include climate smart farmers and finance, carbon credits and food systems experts like Abouleish (Sekem), Prof Lovins (Bard), Link (NOW Partners), Dr Wallace (EIT Food), Dols (FEF) and experts from institutes like and EIB, GABV and Rabobank.
10 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ms. Saudamini Bagai
Enabling Environments for NDCs 3.0
This side-event will highlight the need for building sustainable in-country institutional arrangements to prepare and implement NDCs while emphasizing the importance of ambitious NDCs 3.0 to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. Organized in collaboration with the MOCCAE, UAE.

Speakers: MOCCAE, UAE; UNFCCC secretariat; Parties and development and implementation organizations.
10 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ms. Sousan Torabiparizi
Innovation and technology in support of risk- informed climate adaptation and Early Warnings for All
Utilizing technology to improve disaster risk knowledge helps decisions & investments to cope with climate risks. This Technology Mechanism event aims to provide a space for exchange of info & views among implementation actors i.e. those supporting tech solutions for improved climate info & EWS

Speakers: TEC, CTCN, ENEA, UNDRR, Planet Labs, GEO, Adaptation Fund, LDCF/GEF
10 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ms. Yali Wang
BTR Dialogue with the CGE and PAICC
This Consultative Group of Experts (CGE) side event will introduce national transparency experts with CGE support to developing countries for preparing and submitting the BTRS, and provisions on next steps. The event also aims to promote timely submissions of first BTRs. #Together4Transparency #ETF

Speakers: SBI chair (TBC), CGE members, PAICC co-chairs (TBC), UN Climate Change, national transparency experts
10 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)
Mr. Bert De Wel
+32 473 820097
Fédération des travailleurs et des travailleuses du Québec (FTQ)
Mr. Patrick Rondeau
+1 514 7972513
International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF)
Mr. Jeremy Anderson
+44 7787 406498
How to engage with Trade Unions on Just Transition for better NDCs
COP28 saw broad support for Just Transition policies to step-up climate action. This commitment needs to be translated into the NDCs that are being prepared. The focus on labour rights and social dialogue decided at COP28 implies active engagement with trade unions. Good practices will be shared.

Speakers: - Bert De Wel, TUNGO focal point, ITUC Global climate policy coordinator - Giulia Lagana, Director Just Transition Center - Moustapha Kamal, Global coordinator Green Jobs programme ILO - Estefania Ardila Robles, dep. director NDC Partnership - Trade union representatives Africa, Asia, Americas
10 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
ActionAid International Foundation
Ms. Teresa Anderson
+44 7984 932655
Climate Action Network International (CAN International)
Ms. Rebecca Thissen
+32 4 84308188
No climate action without climate finance: The need for a fit-for-purpose NCQG
To deliver just and accessible finance at scale, the new climate finance goal (NCQG) must be sufficient, grant based and address the needs of the most vulnerable. This event will lay out the necessary principles for a goal to be adopted at COP29.

Speakers: Mariana Paoli – Christian Aid Teresa Anderson – ActionAid Climate Action Network representative Lead negotiator AGN (tbc)
10 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Global Climate and Health Alliance, a project of the Social Good Fund (GCHA)
Ms. Jessica Beagley
+44 7530 854613
Human Rights Watch, Inc. (HRW)
Ms. Myrto Tilianaki
+1 1 6466273545
International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE)
Ms. Vishnu Laalitha Surapaneni
+1 443 5258774
United Kingdom Youth Climate Coalition Limited (UKYCC)
Mr. George Carew-Jones
+44 0 7852919288
Fossil Free Policymaking: A Health and Human Rights Case
Fossil fuel industry influence delays just transitions essential to protect health and human rights. This session will examine the regulation of other “unhealthy commodity industries” (e.g. tobacco, junk food) in decisionmaking and the extent to which these can be applied in climate policy fora.

Speakers: Lancet Countdown, International Society of Doctors for the Environment, UK Youth Climate Coalition, Power Shift Africa, Amnesty International, Global Climate and Health Alliance, Union of Concerned Scientists, Kick Big Polluters Out, Human Rights Watch
10 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM)
Mr. Aaron Tuckey
+46 7 32031956
International Climate Dialogue e.V. (ICD)
Ms. Maria Eitel
+49 761 59033823
Mr. Peer Stiansen
+47 414 62840
Perspectives Climate Research gGmbH (PCR)
Ms. Laila Darouich
+34 6357 97335
University of Zurich (UZH)
Ms. Eitel Maria
+49 761 59033823
The role of blended and innovative instruments in mobilising climate finance in the context of NCQG
This event explores Nordic and international perspectives on innovative and blended climate finance instruments, incl. among others innovative solutions to L&D finance and the role of public finance institutions such as export credit agencies in achieving climate finance objectives including NCQG

Speakers: Mattias Frumerie, HoD Sweden Laila Darouich, Head of Climate Negotiations, Perspectives Igor Shishlov, Head of Climate Finance, Perspectives Cathrine Wenger, Partner, Wenger Law Rawleston Moore, Independent Climate Change Consultant
11 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML)
Ms. Thecla Keizer
+44 7818 402632
Ms. Emilie Rojas
+56 9 59954834
Connecticut State University System (SCSU)
+1 860 6851543
International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (WorldFish)
Ms. Michelle Tigchelaar
+1 808 7241392
University of Strathclyde
Ms. Senia Febrica
+44 7511 177188
Ocean-Climate-Society & Conventions: adaptation, mitigation & governance opportunities & challenges
It is widely recognised that achieving climate goals under UNFCCC requires efforts across conventions. Experts will identify & discuss opportunities, barriers & requirements concerning ocean issues & highlight examples where coordination of actions will benefit the achievement of common goals.

Speakers: Moderator: Plymouth Marine Laboratory; High level address: Chile (UNFCCC Ocean & Climate Change Dialogue Co-lead), Indonesia and IOC UNESCO; Panelists: African Union, Ocean Risk & Resilience Action Alliance, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Southern Connecticut State University & One Ocean Hub
11 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Women Environmental Programme (WEP)
Ms. Mbarumun Priscilla Achakpa
+234 807 7741166
African Women's Organization Limited (by guarantee) (AMwA)
+256 751 314826
Women for a Change, Cameroon (Wfac)
Ms. zoneziwoh mbondgulo-wondieh
+237 237 696009179
Enhancing Gender Equality in Climate Action: Addressing Loss and Adaptive Capacity
As the global community gears towards COP29, it's imperative to assess the outcomes of COP28 and set the stage for ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach that prioritizes the rights of African women and girls

Speakers: Priscilla M Achakpa, Yolanda Mulhuini, Zoneziwoh M.W, Manal Bidar,Zukwiswa White, Faith Lumonya, Mwanahasmisi Singano
11 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
World Federation for Animals (WFA)
Ms. Clara Gobbe
+32 0 484462332
Eurogroup for Animals
Ms. Camilla Björkbom
+46 70 4835798
International Fund for Animal Welfare Inc. (IFAW)
Mr. Simon Addison
+1 343 9966167
Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)
Mr. Ed Goodall
+44 7907 882514
Wildlife & Climate Change: Animals for Nationally Determined Contributions
Protecting and restoring wild animal populations are crucial climate tools. We’ll explore the science and policy of how leveraging species restoration, expanding protected areas and transforming food systems can bolster NDCs and boost climate resilience.

Speakers: Experts on biodiversity, climate policy, rewilding, and food systems, alongside government leaders. Feat. Dr Oswald Schmitz (Yale University), Dr Zitouni Ould-Dada (FAO), Prof. Patience Gandiwa, Zimbabwe; Melissa De Kock, UNEP, and Govt. representative from Africa/LATAM
11 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Abibimman Foundation (AF)
Mr. Kenneth Amoateng
+233 244 23651
Faith Association of the Rehabilitation of Street Children and Orphans (FARSO)
Mr. Eward Kwame Bruce
+233 244 4291587
Global Green Environmental Network (GLOGEN)
Mr. Samuel Boachie
+233 248 31395
Youth Engagement for Sustainable Chemicals and Waste Management (YES-CWM)
Policies, and practices in chemicals and waste management that contribute to climate sustainability. Our goal is to spotlight tangible success stories that demonstrate effective strategies for combating pollution, advancing sustainable practices, and offering scientifically sound policy advice

Speakers: Speakers: Kwame Ofori- AKO Foundation -Executive director Kenneth Nana Amoateng- Joe Bongay- YVE Gambia- Executive director Candy Anne- GAYO
11 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Institute for Agricultural and Forest Management and Certification (Imaflora)
Ms. Marina Piatto
+55 19 981770957
Instituto Regenera
Mr. Fabrício Muriana Area Lima
+55 11 976056457
What food system keeps 1,5 degrees? Brazil’s potential to lead agri-food just transition.
The objective is to discuss concrete actions to implement the pathways to just transition of food systems, based on the goals agreed in the Food System Declaration. We will explore how to unlock the “joint work on implementing climate action in agriculture and food security” activities.

Speakers: Moderator Renata Potenza (Imaflora) Key Speaker TBD – Civil Society TBD – Academy or Embrapa TBD – Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change TBD – Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
11 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ms. Ann Joe
+49 228 8151816
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA)
Ms. Bahareh Seyedi
+1 646 2519708
Seeking Synergies Across Rio Conventions and the SDGs: Unlocking Strategies for a multi-crisis world
The event will present findings from the 2024 Thematic Report on Climate and SDG Synergy, unveil a new capacity-building program on Rio Conventions synergies, and showcase case studies on integrated actions to support climate action, biodiversity conservation, sustainable land management, and SDGs

Speakers: Mr. Luis Gomez-Echeverri, (IIASA), Ms. Heide Hackmann (University of Pretoria), co-chairs of Expert Group on Climate and SDG Synergy, Rio Conventions, representatives from countries, youth and the private sector
11 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)
Mr. vinay Nangia
+212 668 853777
International Development Law Organization (IDLO)
Ms. Ilaria Bottigliero
+39 6 40403200
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Ms. Jana Birner
+49 176 56709098
Integrating Climate, Water, and Food Security in Conflict-Affected Settings
This session explores the nexus of climate, water, and food security in conflict settings from different angles: a) the role of the HDP nexus, b) food security in situations of forced displacement, c) the politicization of food access in conflict contexts, with a focus on the MENA region.

Speakers: ICARDA USAID Representative (TBC) WFP (TBC) UNHCR Representative (TBC) DRC Representative (TBC) Samar Muhareb, ARDD (TBC) Displaced Person from MENA region (TBC) Youth Representative from MENA region (TBC)
11 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Fondation Mohammed VI pour la Protection de l'Environnement (FM6E)
Ms. Yousra Hazmiri
+21 26 66110482
Ecole polytechnique (X)
Ms. Patricia Crifo
+33 6 63656783
Northwestern University (NU)
Ms. Samantha Nissen
+1 847 4914594
Universite Cote d'Azur (UCA)
Ms. Sara-Anne Comel
+33 6 78988620
University of Edinburgh
Mr. Derek MacLeod
+44 131 6501000
Concrete actions empowering Innovative youth for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation.
Focusing on innovative african approches in capacity building for Climate Action, this event showcases training and advanced tools, underscoring youth's vital role as learners and practitioners in promoting sustainability and resilience in the face of climate change.

Speakers: HassanII International Center for Environmental Training CGEM African WildLife Foundation Ministry of Energy Transition Climate Finance and Capacity Building UNFCCC UNESCO Youth Climate action network AYICC UNDecadeYouth Taskforce on ecosystems restoration
11 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
International Alert
Ms. Harriet Mackaill-Hill
+32 484 742254
Bread for the World (BfdW)
Ms. Sabine Minninger
+49 30 652111817
Maleya Foundation (MF)
Mr. Mrinal Kanti Tripura
+880 172 13214
World Vision International (WVI)
Mr. Ekkehard Forberg
+49 1511 6205883
Achieving peace through climate action – opportunities for a strong declaration
COP28 in 2023 delivered the Declaration on climate, recovery, resilience, and peace. With the undeniable impact of climate change on conflict, our event aims to delve into actionable steps and identify key opportunities outlined in the declaration.

Speakers: ALL TBC Caroline Kruckow FriEnt, Nisreen Elsaim Youth negotiator, Harriet Mackaill International Alert, Mrinal Tripura Maleya Foundation McLarence Mandaza Worldvision Christina Wegelein BMZ
11 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI)
Mr. Miroslav Polzer
+43 664 4203648
Ako Foundation
Mr. Kwame Ofori
+233 244 263827
Climate Chain Coalition (CCC)
Mr. Miroslav Polzer
+43 664 4203648
Ecological Projects Development and Support Fund (Eurasian Carbon Fund)
Mr. Alexey Shadrin
+49 1523 1301496
Digital tools, Finance, Edutainment & Culture for All of Society Action for Climate Empowerment
Innovation for climate action empowerment on individual level. Use cases: Inclusive COP29 with Edutainment show & streaming TV, Digital Innovation Pavilion, link to UN Summit of the Future, ACE, Group of friends on Culture based climate action and UGIH Task force on Culture & creative industry

Speakers: IAAI GloCha - Climate Chain Coalition - Youth - Ako Foundation - Eurasian Carbon Fund - Climate KIC - Creative community - digital solutions providers - member states representatives
12 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Friends of the Earth International (FOEI)
Ms. Sara Shaw
+44 7974 8270
Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA)
Mr. Bareesh Hasan Chowdhury
+88 0 1833376272
Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ)
Mr. Hemantha Withanage
+94 777 600503
European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights e.V. (ECCHR)
Ms. Laura Andrea Duarte Reyes
+49 30 1573797090
Corporate Climate Litigation: a new frontier against carbon majors
Climate litigation can hold big polluters accountable for causing climate change. We present legal efforts in several cases against corporations that seek emissions cuts, and compensation for loss and damage, including the Indonesian Pari Islanders’ case against Swiss cement company Holcim.

Speakers: Speakers involved with key corporate climate litigation including the Pari Island Holcim case.
12 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
Ms. Alina Averchenkova
+44 7799 657954
Real Instituto Elcano (RIE)
Mr. Lara Lazaro Touza
+34 91 7816770
University of Cape Town (UCT)
Ms. Britta Rennkamp
+27 76 6503474
Innovation in climate governance and financial solutions to deliver a just transition
This event explores how climate laws and policies enable just transition and mobilise finance to ensure its implementation at scale. It will discuss lessons learnt on how to design and implement just low carbon transition that spurs social innovation and helps address existing inequalities.

Speakers: Nick Robins and Jodi-Ann Wang, GRI, LSE; Britta Rennkamp, University of Cape Town; Lara Lazaro, Royal Elcano Institute; Alina Averchenkova, GRI, LSE and policy makers from South Africa, Spain, and other countries (tbc).
12 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
International Bar Association
Ms. Emily Morison
+44 7 955429503
American Bar Association (ABA)
Mr. Tracy Hester
+1 713 7758874
Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB)
+55 61 21939684
Lawyers & law associations in NDC realisation: implementation of climate competent legal advice
This discussion covers the unique role of law and law associations in regulating, training, and sharing best legal practice examples to implement the Paris Agreement and right to a healthy environment & implementation strategies for the net zero transition and realisation of country NDCs via climate

Speakers: Speakers from the IBA and local bar associations and legal organisations
12 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Mr. Sandeep Sengupta
+41 22 9990105
BirdLife International (BLI)
Ms. Rhiannon Niven
+44 0 7340870828
Conservation International (CI)
Ms. Kiryssa Kasprzyk
+1 727 7768069
National Wildlife Federation (NWF)
Ms. Edith Juno
+1 810 8753486
The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
Ms. Alice Soewito
+1 607 7936188
Nature in the 2025 NDCs: What do we need to see?
The 2023 Global Stocktake clearly emphasised the importance of nature and ecosystems in achieving the Paris Agreement goals. This session will critically assess the uptake of nature in climate policy and action to date, and examine how their ambition can be further raised in the NDCs due next year.

Speakers: The session will bring together senior experts and policymakers from IUCN’s State and NGO members and/or partners working on this issue.
12 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Laboratory of the Climate Observatory (OC)
Ms. Stela Herschmann
+55 21 987937616
Institute for Climate and Society (ICS)
Ms. Cintya Chaves
+55 11 973970635
Swiss Lenten Fund (FO)
Mr. David Knecht
+41 76 4365986
Ms. Mandy Woods
+49 1511 8854162
Three presidencies, one mission: how the troika can help secure ambition for 1.5
Parties must respond to the COP28 decision with raised ambition ahead of COP30. This event will explore the challenges and opportunities that countries face and the vision of the COP Presidencies Troika to address these through the Roadmap to Mission 1.5, including supporting new and revised NDCs

Speakers: Liliam Chagas - Director of the Climate Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil; Mr. Yalchin Rafiyev - Deputy Foreign Minister and COP29 Lead Negotiator; and UAE Troika representative Moderation: Fernanda Carvalho, WWF
12 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)
Ms. Claudia Rubio
+1 914 3103270
Arizona State University (ASU)
Ms. Marianne Gilchrist
+64 21 315977
Development Initiatives (DI)
Mr. Tim Molyneux
+44 44 7400995648
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Ms. Angie Dazé
+1 613 7164796
Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)
Ms. Ashley Guardado
+1 631 2751804
Gender responsive data for climate action
In a critical year to review and enhance action on gender-responsive climate policy, the collection and effective use of data at the intersection of gender and climate must be central to outcomes. Hosted by partners of the GEDA Alliance we will explore the latest data sets at this intersection.

Speakers: Members of GEDA and the WGC
12 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
Mr. Bjorn Fonden
+65 81 760196
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
Ms. Sandra Hanni
+33 7 86355519
Ms. Asmau Jibril
+234 80 33451616
Article 6: Moving Ahead with Implementation – Advancing the Energy Transition in Nigeria & Beyond
Whilst negotiations on Article 6 stalled at COP28, implementation is moving ahead. Governments around the world are already working with private sector and civil society stakeholders to advance climate action on the ground, delivering benefits for local communities & contributing to NDC achievement.

Speakers: David Newell (Sweden), Salisu Dahiru (Nigeria), Björn Fondén (IETA), Hanna Choa Yu (Rabobank), Pedro Andrade Costa de Carvalho (Ecosecurities), Diana Khan (Article 6 Implementation Partnership), Wendy J. Miles KC (Twenty Essex), Johan Nylander (Neyen)
12 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Ms. Nika Greger
+49 6196 797142
African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET)
Mr. Anne Tek
+254 200 723651951
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V. (FES)
Ms. Yvonne Blos
+49 162 2757056
Women Engage for a Common Future - International Foundation (WECF International) (WECF)
Ms. Anne Barre
+49 89 232393818
Just Transition: green skills, social protection, inclusive and gender-transformative approaches
To achieve a Just Transition, this event looks at how policies to support green skills, jobs, social protection and care work could be better integrated and financed as part of climate action and partnerships – and apply gender-transformative approaches to ensure adequate representation and access.

Speakers: Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven, Managing Director GIZ; Ani Dasgupta, President WRI (tbc); Sascha Gabizon, Executive Director WECF Int; Memory Kachambwa, Executive Director FEMNET; Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V.; Representatives from Partner Countries, GGGI and ILO
12 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Ecologic Institute
Mr. Matthias Duwe
+49 30 868800
CE Delft
Ms. Bettina Kampman
+31 15 2150117
Foundation Environment - Law Society (FURG)
Mr. Michael Mehling
+49 30 868800
WiseEuropa -The Warsaw Institute for Economic and European Studies Foundation (WiseEuropa)
Mr. Izabela Fortuniak
+48 22 5131418
Moving towards transformative climate policy
Effective climate action means facilitating changes in the way we produce, consume, move, eat, heat and power our world. What does this mean for the policies and systems we need? This event wants to discuss research on EU policy options with an international audience.

Speakers: Researchers and policy practitioners from different parts of the world
12 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Columbia University
Ms. Isatis Cintron Rodriguez
+1 787 5992104
Fundación Barranquilla+20
Ms. Xiomara Acevedo
+57 3 225167938
Developing a framework for repairing harm: views from islanders and afro-descendant women and youth
Climate crisis demands effective remedies, long evaded by wealthy countries under UNFCCC. This event explores the right to remedy in a 360 view of impact of and addressing climate harm, legal obligations of States, and implications for UNFCCC policies and beyond.

Speakers: Climate Trace PR, Fundación Barranquilla, PICAN, CARICOM
13 Jun 2024
Room Berlin
Mr. Ulises Fernandez Gomez
+53 53 59032748
United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
Ms. Aikaterini Sereti
+45 4533 7373
Using Data to Assess and Improve Climate Policies
The event will explore how countries are using data to assess and improve climate policies, drawing on global lessons learned and methodological support available. Case studies in energy, agriculture, and transport will showcase assessments made for evidence-based climate policies.

Speakers: Speakers will include government officials and national experts from Cuba, and two guest countries. To complement these country perspectives, counterparts from international expert institutions and ICAT will also speak.
13 Jun 2024
Room Bonn
Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Ms. Levania Santoso
+62 251 8622622
Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ German Centre for Geosciences (GFZ)
Mr. Martin Herold
+49 331 62641190
Sustainable Bites: Innovating Low Emission Food Systems One Country at a Time
Food production generates one third of all emissions. Hear from global experts and discover cutting-edge ways to low-emission food systems, from sustainable agriculture, deforestation-free trade, reduced food waste to efficient production & distribution.

Speakers: Lou Verchot (CIAT), Kenyan policy partner, Colombian policy partner, Pham Thu Thuy (Adelaide Uni), and China policy partner