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Side Events & Exhibits | UN Climate Change Conference December 2019 (COP 25/CMP 15/CMA 2)

List of exhibits

Adaptation and related issues
Mitigation and related issues
Cross-cutting issues

Organizer Theme Booth number and dates Attachments
Earth Day Network (EDN)
Ms. Susan Bass
+1 202 5180044
The 50th anniversary of Earth Day -Earth Day (April 22) 2020 - will be a pivotal moment for the planet. Learn about and sign up for Earth Day Network's Earth Day 2020 campaigns to engage millions around the globe in citizen science, activism, volunteerism and education to tackle climate change.    
Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean (POGO)
Ms. Sophie Seeyave
+44 1752 633424
Developing capacity, innovative technology and international partnerships towards world-wide cooperation for a sustainable, state-of-the-art global ocean observing system which will serve the needs of science and society by supporting climate research and decision making. Booth 1 - 04/05 December 2019  
Ocean Observing Flyer [1 Mb]
POGO:Why & How to Join [452 kb]
POGO: Members Nov 2019 [1008 kb]
NF-POGO Alumni Network for Oceans (NANO) [1 Mb]
POGO: Training/Capacity Development [735 kb]
POGO: General/Intro [775 kb]
POGO Strategy [3 Mb]
Three Pillars of POGO (Poster) [3 Mb]
Foundation of Taiwan Industry Service (FTIS)
Ms. Jean Yeh
+886 2 77045156
The exhibit will focus on the urban adaptation strategies, such as land use, infrastructure, urban design, environmental education, and risk assessment that will help mitigate urban fragility and improve resilience in response to climate change. Booth 1 - 06/07 December 2019    
Tsinghua University, Global Climate Change Institute (GCCI)
Ms. Alun Gu
+86 10 1361128387
Energy transformation under carbon neutralization goal Booth 1 - 09/10 December 2019    
Asociación Interétnica de Desarrollo de la Selva Peruana (AIDESEP)
Mr. Roberto Espinoza
+51 1 954115888
Asociación Regional de Pueblos Indígenas de la Selva Central (ARPI-SC)
Mr. Roberto Espinoza
+51 1 954115888
Federación Nativa del Río Madre de Dios y Afluentes (FENAMAD)
Mr. Claudia Galvez Durand
+51 1 997314342
Federación Regional Indígena Shawi de San Martín (FERISHAM)
Mr. Marco Lescano
+51 1 995122142
Lectures of indigenous leaders and presentation of Videos and QR of materials, on the proposals of indigenous climate ambition, to achieve territorial security, mitigation and adaptation, contain threats and fulfill and increase NDC commitments Booth 1 - 11/12 December 2019  
Contributions from IPO to mitigation, adaptation and resilience [396 kb]
Contributions from FENAMAD IPO to mitigation, adaptation and resilience [1 Mb]
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU)
Ms. Sonja Ohlsson
+45 30 230738
International Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations (ISMUN)
Mr. Oluwole D. Oshota
+1 404 4521338
Joint exhibition showcases: How shifts in consciousness and systemic thinking open doors to technologies and sustainable lifestyles grounded in integrity and care; and documents supporting UNFCCC Framework’s objectives and purposes, and respect for the principles fulfillment. Booth 2 - 02/03 December 2019   
BK Calendar of events [803 kb]
Booklet creating climate of change [3 Mb]
BK Press Statement [844 kb]
Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC)
Mr. Masatoshi Kamei
+81 3 64356782
National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
+81 29 8502132
Our planet is being exposed to extreme weather these days. This exhibition will show how the Japanese satellites have discovered the effects of Climate Change on our environment, such as atmosphere (Co2 and CH4), rainfall, forests, sea ice. Booth 2 - 04/05 December 2019    
Satellite Observation Contributing to Decision making to Reduce GHG Emissions [1 Mb]
Global Greenhouse Gas Observation by Satellite - Latest GOSAT Data (June, 2019) [2 Mb]
GOSAT-2 Monitors CO2, CH4, CO, and Aerosols from Space [3 Mb]
Monitoring Global GHGs Trends by GOSAT Series [3 Mb]
Vigilancia de las emisiones mundiales de GEI con la serie GOSAT [1 Mb]
Third World Network (TWN)
Ms. Yvonne Miller
+41 78 8929203
Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement, Inc. (APMDD)
Ms. Mary Claire Miranda
+63 917 5115334
Dispaly TWN updates and other document relating to the ongoing negotiations Booth 2 - 06/07 December 2019  
TWN Madrid News Update 1 [279 kb]
TWN Madrid News Update 2 [116 kb]
TWN Madrid News Update 3 [130 kb]
TWN Madrid News Update 4 [212 kb]
TWN Madrid News Update 5 [200 kb]
Care About Climate, Inc
Ms. Sydney Welter
+1 614 3619614
Sharing stories, art, and photographs from individuals around the world depicting their experiences with climate change and climate action work. Booth 2 - 09/10 December 2019     
United Nations
Ms. Cristina Rekakavas
+0 41 762384072
SDG 4 Climate Change Education and Training (ONE UN Booth on Education): Booth 2 - 11/12 December 2019     
Pew Charitable Trusts (PCT)
Ms. Courtney Durham
+1 202 2816521
The Pew Charitable Trusts works globally to establish pragmatic, science-based policies to protect our oceans and lands. Pew provides technical expertise, manages research projects and communicates science widely to inform conservation policy and sustainable management of natural resources. Booth 3 - 02/03 December 2019    
An Organization for Socio-Economic Development (AOSED)
Mr. Shamim Arfeen
+88 41 813574
Community based adaptation and mitigation strategy and successful initiatives of fishers, farmers and marginalized occupational groups in the climate exposed southwest coastal Bangladesh to address adverse climatic context through audio-visual and photo representation in the global platform. Booth 3 - 04/05 December 2019     
Booth_1_date_4_and_5_AOSED_desigen_1 [3 Mb]
Booth 1, Date 4 and 5 AOSED desigen 2 [3 Mb]
University of Reading
Ms. Rosalind Cornforth
+4 7956 115652
The application of science, technology and communication approaches to synthesise climate and livelihoods information to better target resources for enhanced community resilience across all governance levels. Booth 3 - 06/07 December 2019     
Brighter Green, Inc.
Ms. Mia MacDonald
+1 917 6268702
Global Forest Coalition (GFC)
Ms. Coraina De la Plaza
+31 6 26290703
The exhibit will spotlight research documenting how animal agriculture is a significant driver of global GHGs, deforestation, biodiversity loss, and water pollution; and concrete ways that food and ag can be changed to ensure climate sanity and protection/rights of human and non-human communities. Booth 3 - 09/10 December 2019     
Women Environmental Programme (WEP)
Mr. John Baaki
+234 900001 8117295065
Women Environmental Programme (WEP) will showcase her works on gender and climate change through publications, video documentaries, fliers and posters. The works demonstrate best practices of mainstreaming gender in climate change mitigation and adaptation projects. Booth 3 - 11/12 December 2019     
Rock Environment and Energy Institute (REEI)
Ms. Yating Yuan
+86 411 1335222857
To Promote a Healthy and Just Energy Transition in Asia.Through introducing our three research fields: Energy Transition and Carbon Pricing, Sustainable Healthcare, and Air Pollution Monitoring and Management, we aim to promote more multi-party participation and open-minded policy discussions Booth 4 - 02/03 December 2019    
CO2GeoNet - The European Network of Excellence on Geological Storage of CO2 (CO2GeoNet)
Mr. Sergio Persoglia
+39 329 2607303
Taiwan Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization Association
Mr. Joey LU
+886 3 5915963
WE NEED CO2 CAPTURE AND STORAGE (CCS & CCUS) TO MEET THE PARIS AGREEMENT TARGETS Information for non-specialists on the science behind CO2 geological storage, a proven and flexible GHG mitigation technology, and why we need it. Rock samples, videos and brochures to download in many languages Booth 4 - 06/07 December 2019     
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Mr. Wen-Cheng Hu
+886 3 5913770
This exhibit presents research results and a joint roadmap of decarbonization solutions and governance policies for achieving the long-term low carbon strategies through green transition to meet the challenges of Paris Agreement and leverage the opportunities for a climate neutral future. Booth 4 - 09/10 December 2019   
ITRI Exhibition [1 Mb]
East African Community (EAC)
Mr. Ladislaus Kyaruzi
+255 767 450226
East African Community (EAC) showcases its achievements in addressing climate change challenges on Adaptation and Mitigation Booth 4 - 11/12 December 2019     
Plant for the Planet Foundation (Plant for the Planet)
Ms. Yugratna Srivastava
+91 7860 571707
Global Marshall Plan Foundation
Ms. Yugratna Srivastava
+91 78605 71707
Exhibit of Plant-for-the-Planet: displaying its work in capacity building, on-ground actions and educational training of students through Plant-for-the-Planet “academies”, StopTalking.StartPlanting campaign and the Plant-for-the-Planet App. Exhibit to feature posters, flyers and videos. Booth 5 - 02/03 December 2019    
Mme Anne Debrabandere
+1 514 8824126
Adaptation Futures 2022 in Montréal, Canada Since adaptation science is progressing in a complex world with multiple actors at various scales, this booth would be the first opportunity to spread the news and start activating network with key world adaptation players, especially with South America. Booth 5 - 04/05 December 2019       
Center for Management and Strategic Studies (CGEE)
Mr. Marcelo Poppe
+55 61 999740111
This exhibition showcases how bioeconomy and successful South-South & triangular cooperation contributes to the achievement of the Paris Agreement and NDC targets in developing countries. The new joint flagship publication by UNOSSC and CGEE on this topic will be distributed at the site. Booth 5 - 09/10 December 2019     
Greener Impact International (GII)
Mr. Gawusu-Toure Kassim
+233 233 244967340
The exhibition will showcase the action of Greener Impact International in building capacity and enhancing the resilience of coastal communities against climatic threats. These include awareness creation, training and capacity building, habitat restoration and promoting nature based solution. Booth 5 - 11/12 December 2019     
Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML)
Ms. Thecla Keizer
+44 1752 633437
World Ocean Network (WON)
Mr. Manuel CIRA
+33 0 321309993
Climate challenges & science options for sustainable ocean development: connecting science, industry, policy & people sharing knowledge of threats from ocean warming, acidification, deoxygenation & SLR via enhanced international collaboration, observation & capacity building for vulnerable societies Booth 6 - 02/03 December 2019    
Rainforest Alliance (RA)
Mr. Martin Noponen
+44 1653 648057
Over 70% of tropical deforestation is linked to agricultural supply chains. The exhibit will showcase examples of natural climate solutions as drivers for reforestation and landscape restoration. We will exhibit examples from tropical countries that showcase practical and scaled solutions. Booth 6 - 04/05 December 2019       
Citizens Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth (CASA)
Ms. Michiyo Tsuchida
+81 6 69106301
CASA reveals the critical issues on Japan's “Long Term Strategy.” With the results of “CASA Model,” the macroeconomic model developed by us alone on Japan’s emissions reduction potential in 2030, CASA shows the possibility of reduction in 2050 and the results of studies on carbon budgets in Japan. Booth 6 - 06/07 December 2019     
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI)
Mr. Tamotsu Sato
+81 29 8298222
International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)
Mr. Osamu Hashiramoto
+81 45 2231110
This exhibit introduces the activities of REDD Research and Development Center at the FFPRI. The center serves as an research hub for REDD+,and contributing on strengthening collaboration among public, private and academic sectors in implementing REDD+. Booth 6 - 09/10 December 2019     
Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
Ms. Katy Harris
+44 7795 564091
ODI will be sharing top tips for communicating and engaging with the public on climate change, focusing on experiences from Africa, Asia and Latin America via the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN). Our new guides explain the latest IPCC science in easy-to-use terms. Booth 6 - 11/12 December 2019     
European Nuclear Society (ENS)
Ms. Emilia Janisz
+32 1000 489971714
Forum Atomique Européen (FORATOM)
Mr. Witold Strzelecki
+32 489 583909
Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. (JAIF)
Mr. Daniel Liu
+81 3 62569395
Nuclear for Climate Booth 7 - 02/03 December 2019  
Nuclear4Climate messages [393 kb]
Paris target [12 kb]
Tropical Forest Group (TFG)
Mr. John Niles
+1 805 2526777
The Paris Agreement’s all important rulebook is the backbone of many elements of the post-2020 implementation period. The booth will describe a global network of networks to build endogenous capacity to implement the PA rulebook. Booth 7 - 04/05 December 2019     
Building a Global Workforce to Implement the Paris Agreement: Flyer [632 kb]
SustainableEnergy (SE)
Mr. Gunnar Olesen
+45 86 227000
Sustainable Energy, 100% renewable energy plans, local solutions (solar, biogas, wind, sustainable biomass. Denmark, Europe and East Africa Booth 7 - 06/07 December 2019   
SustainableEnergy COP25 Side Event December 13 [558 kb]
100% Renewables in Denmark by Gunnar Boye Olesen [1 Mb]
100% Renewables in EU Poster [472 kb]
South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE)
Mr. Dipayan Dey
+91 33 24266060
Community-water-banking is a right-based management practice of forgoing water usage and banking either right-to-use or allow it to use in exchange for a fee or kind. It exhibits an entrepreneurial model for leasing water services for limited period between water savers and willing-to-pay users. Booth 7 - 09/10 December 2019     
International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists* (INWES)
Ms. Yvette RAMOS
+33 6 64366164
Transforming our ideas into a smarter today. Women and men, engineers and scientists, shall present innovative projects conducted around the world and their key success factors for enhancing an ambitious climate action plan. Booth 7 - 11/12 December 2019     
Energies 2050 (Energies 2050)
Mr. Stéphane POUFFARY
+33 6 80319189
Earth Savers Movement (ESM)
Ms. Resi Marinas
+63 2 5246662
Transforming constraints into opportunities - Showcase of inspiring climate low carbon proof solutions and initiatives by a network of partners and members from more than 100 nationalities implementing adaptation and mitigation projects worldwide to support and boost multi stakeholders' excellence. Booth 8 - 04/05 December 2019       
Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
Ms. Cleo Verkuijl
+44 1865 426316
The Stockholm Environment Institute will use this exhibition to present and disseminate its research findings from the last 12 months, including through videos and interactive clinics to demonstrate new tools. Booth 8 - 09/10 December 2019     
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Mr. Chien-Cheng Yang
+1 626 5860522
This exhibit space showcases Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation's efforts in mitigation and adaptation to climate change, promoting collective individual action, sustainable lifestyles, community resiliency, and recent innovations in environmental protection. Booth 8 - 11/12 December 2019   
COP 25 Declaration on Climate Change [221 kb]
United Kingdom Youth Climate Coalition Limited (UKYCC)
Mr. Amalen Sathananthar
+60 17 9767909
The art installation links Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals with Medusa the Greco-Roman mythological figure, jellyfish and feminism and environmental racism. They share the commonality that their complexity is largely ignored by mainstream society. Booth 9 - 02/03 December 2019    
International Transport Forum, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (ITF)
Ms. Wei-Shiuen Ng
+33 0 677850200
The International Transport Forum is an intergovernmental organisation with 60 member countries. Its Decarbonising Transport initiative promotes carbon-neutral mobility and provides decision makers with tools to select CO2 mitigation measures that deliver on their climate commitment. Booth 9 - 04/05 December 2019       
International Energy Agency (IEA)
Ms. Jinsun Lim
+33 1 40576632
This exhibit showcases recent work relevant to addressing climate change and energy challenges, covering a wide range of sectors and policy areas and a variety of countries. The climate-relevant resources available at the OECD, IEA and ITF are of interest to support policymakers and practitioners. Booth 9 - 09/10 December 2019     
State of Palestine
Mr. Nedal Katbehbader
+9 599 201541
ZOI Environment Network (ZOI)
Mr. Viktor Novikov
+41 22 9178278
The idea is to share with the international climate community the achievements of State of palestine since accession to UNFCCC up to date. Booth 9 - 11/12 December 2019     
Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA)
Ms. Barbel Henneberger
+593 2 3226744
Indigenous People presenting Climate Threats and Solutions from the Amazon Booth 10 - 02/03 December 2019    
Partenariat Français pour l'Eau (PFE)
Mme Jennifer Fernando
+33 1 41201773
The FWP is the French multi-stakeholder platform that advocates worldwide for water to become a real priority in sustainable development policies. The FWP exhibit will focus on climate change adaptation issues and provide resources on the implementation of the Paris Agreement in the field of water. Booth 10 - 04/05 December 2019       
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Mr. Hassan Jangavar
+98 21 61006073
Iran Renewable Energy Association (IrREA)
Mr. Mojtaba Nateqi
+98 21 66063148
Climate technologies are rising the new paradigm against climate change. identified climate technology solutions has been done by Iran. Experiences, climate technology capabilities and cooperation opportunities especially in energy effienceiy, E-mobility and renewable energy will be shared by Iran. Booth 10 - 09/10 December 2019     
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
Mr. Emanuel Boscardin
+41 79 5597086
The Humanitarian Impacts of Climate Change - The exhibit will highlight how Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies and IFRC are addressing the humanitarian impacts of the climate crisis through our work on health, disaster response, shelter, livelihoods, relief, and disaster risk reduction. Booth 10 - 11/12 December 2019   
The Cost of Doing Nothing - The Humanitarian Price of Climate Change and How It Can Be Avoided [2 Mb]
The Framework for Climate Action Towards 2020 for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies_2pager [1 Mb]
The Framework for Climate Action Towards 2020 for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies_Spanish [1 Mb]
The Framework for Climate Action Towards 2020 for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies_French [1 Mb]
OVERLAPPING VULNERABILITIES - The impacts of climate change on humanitarian needs [2 Mb]
International Rice Research Institute* (IRRI)
Ms. Ria Anna Vicente
+63 917 5096739
Showcasing climate-resilient rice varieties and technologies and methods on management of crop, water, soil nutrient and rice by-products to contribute to methane emission reduction from rice production and consumption; and create better food systems Booth 11 - 02/03 December 2019    
Instituto de Ecología y Antropología de Acción (INFOE)
Sra. Elke Falley-Rothkopf
+49 178 1746966
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Mr. Ivan Zambrana Flores
+591 2 73092638
Supporting Indigenous Peoples, their traditional knowledge and territories and their contribution to sustainable development and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Booth 11 - 04/05 December 2019       
Carre Geo & Environnement (CGE)
Mr. Ibrahim Mbamoko
+0 33 758779973
The exhibition aims to raise awareness about the challenges of environmental migration Booth 11 - 06/07 December 2019     
Plan International (Plan)
Ms. Jessica Cooke
+44 44 7545475533
Child rights & climate action: Climate change is an intergenerational equity issue and a threat to gender equality. Plan International recognises the differential impact on girls and boys. This exhibit will showcase best practices in child-centred CCA with young people at the exhibit Booth 11 - 09/10 December 2019     
Emory University
Ms. Eri Saikawa
+1 404 7270487
Climate Action and Research at Higher Education Booth 11 - 11/12 December 2019     
Stichting Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) Foundation (SLoCaT)
Ms. Alice Yiu
+886 0 968908428
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP)
Mr. Ramon Cruz
+1 646 2506671
International Association of Public Transport (UITP)
Mr. Philip Turner
+3 477 580655
International Union of Railways (UIC)
Mr. Vincent VU
+33 1 44492140
The exhibit booth will be used as a focal outreach point for the sustainable transport community to enhance dialogue with other sectors and share insights on how sustainable, low carbon transport can contribute to climate action. Booth 12 - 02/03 December 2019    
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
Ms. Anne Schulthess
+44 20 34637399
IIED is a policy and action research organisation promoting sustainable development to improve livelihoods and protect the environments on which these livelihoods are built. IIED is exploring solutions to remove barriers that stop climate finance reaching the people most vulnerable to climate change Booth 12 - 04/05 December 2019     
IIED briefing: Nature based solutions to climate change adaptation [170 kb]
IIED briefing: Soluciones basadas en la naturaleza para la adaptación al cambio climático [157 kb]
IIED research report: Is ecosystem-based adaptation effective? Perceptions and lessons learned from 13 project sites [1 Mb]
IIED research report: ¿Es eficaz la adaptación basada en ecosistemas? Percepciones y lecciones aprendidas en trece lugares de proyectos [3 Mb]
Thriving in diversity: smallholders organising for climate resilience [177 kb]
Future scenarios and projections for fisheries on the high seas under a changing climate [1 Mb]
Meeting the enhanced transparency framework: what next for the LDCs? [117 kb]
Ensuring COP25 delivers increased ambition in 2020 [170 kb]
Time to redress the globally unjust cost of climate change [166 kb]
The critical role of science in guiding UN climate negotiations [433 kb]
Becoming a UNFCCC delegate: what you need to know [637 kb]
Money where it matters: designing funds for the frontier [1 Mb]
Financing local responses to poverty, climate and nature [246 kb]
Bearing the climate burden: how households in Bangladesh are spending too much [530 kb]
LDC NDCs: adaptation priorities and gaps to address [200 kb]
Vulnerability of informal settlements in the context of rapid urbanization and climate change [405 kb]
Climate change and flood risk: vulnerability assessment in an urban poor community in Mexico [394 kb]
Gendered space and climate resilience in informal settlements in Khulna City, Bangladesh [1 Mb]
Climate crisis planning: a toolkit for building local urban resilience [215 kb]
Mr. Kjell Kühne
+52 967 1053425
Fossil gas is driving climate change faster than before. Connect with the Gastivists to find out about fossil gas impacts, shaky financials and ways to shut it down. Booth 12 - 06/07 December 2019     
The Federation for Associations Connected to the International HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Movement (FAIHPP)
Mr. David Kerkhofs
+34 676 240327
Humana People to People members collaborate with smallholder farmers and rural communities in Africa, Asia, and LAC to structurally enhance local capacities to build climate resilience, with a focus on diversifying livelihoods, enhancing social capital and transforming local production systems. Booth 12 - 09/10 December 2019    
Center for Biological Diversity (CBD)
Ms. Anchun Jean Su
+1 202 8498399
The Center for Biological Diversity will exhibit the organization's reports and campaigns on the climate crisis's impacts on endangered species and oceans, as well as reports on oil and gas extraction, phase out of fossil fuel cars/ electric transportation. Booth 12 - 11/12 December 2019    
Association Actions Vitales Pour Le Développement Durable (AVD)
Mr. Jean Paul Brice Affana
+237 237 696324998
The exhibit introduces innovative approaches that young people use to strengthen the role of citizens in implementing the NDCs at the national level. It shows key solutions to solve the climate crisis when young people, climate activists, scientists and innovators are able to join forces worldwide. Booth 13 - 02/03 December 2019    
Adaptation Fund Board (AFB)
Ms. Cristina Dengel
+1 202 6443848
Viewing Projects on the Ground: Adaptation Fund Fosters Innovation in Action The Adaptation Fund (AF) has accumulated 12 years and running of often pioneering and innovative concrete adaptation projects on the ground. View videos, photos and 3D videos of projects. Booth 13 - 04/05 December 2019    
Water Safety Initiative Foundation (WASIF)
Mr. Unyime Robinson
+234 70 65731470
Implementation of community actions and mobilization toward a low carbon and resilient development in the context of Focal NGO in the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project- The World Bank assisted Project Booth 13 - 06/07 December 2019    
Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI)
Ms. Molly White
+1 406 4063965490
Smart, accelerated MRV capacity building solutions. Showcasing globally available online GHG management curriculum, including the IPCC Guidelines for National GHG Inventories course-series, the preeminent training required to transparently report emissions inventories under the Paris Agreement. Booth 13 - 09/10 December 2019  
Online Course Brochure [2 Mb]
Caribbean Cooperative MRV Hub [333 kb]
GHGMI Impact [205 kb]
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Mr. Tomohiko Hattori
+81 46 8747604
Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC)
+81 3 54720144
This exhibit will provide recent publications and information materials related to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Booth 13 - 11/12 December 2019  
IGES_1_BUR Database_v.5 [1 Mb]
IGES_2_Art 13 CTF_IGES submission [210 kb]
IGES_3_Society and Lifestyles in 2050_Insights from a Global Survey of Experts_IGES Discussion Paper [2 Mb]
IGES_4_Sustainable Lifestyles Policy and Practice [3 Mb]
IGES_5_15_Degree_Lifestyles_MainReport [3 Mb]
OECC_1_Joint Crediting Mechanism(JCM): Contribution to NDCs and SDG [1 Mb]
OECC_2_JCM Brochure (part 1) [3 Mb]
OECC_3_JCM Brochure (part 2) [2 Mb]
Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF/IFDD)
Mr. Issa BADO
+1 581 9897000
Présentation des outils, publications et réalisations de la Francophonie en matière de lutte contre les changements climatiques Booth 14 - 02/03 December 2019    
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Mr. Cameron Hunter
+1 204 9587700
IISD’s booth will focus on the ways the organization works to curb fossil fuel subsidies, scale up smart climate innovation and share solutions related to climate adaptation. It will also be a place to circulate the ‘Earth Negotiations Bulletin’, IISD’s daily report of the negotiations. Booth 14 - 04/05 December 2019  
Raising Ambition Through Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform: Greenhouse gas emissions results modelling from 26 countries - REPORT [230 kb]
Sustainable Markets Foundation - (
Ms. Cansin Leylim Ilgaz
+90 532 5479043
The exhibit aims at showcasing local indigenous knowledge and sustainable experiences that have combined both objectives of energy generation and human development, and at presenting their possible modeling and the conditions for feasibility. Booth 14 - 06/07 December 2019    
International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE)
Mr. Gunnar Boye Olesen
+45 42 300192
All India Women's Conference (AIWC)
Ms. Kalyani Raj
+91 11 9810053728
Integrated Sustainable Energy and Ecological Development Association (INSEDA)
Mr. Raymod Myles
+91 11 8750555212
INFORSE ia a global network of 150 NGOs working for sustainable energy to reduce poverty & defend environment. AIWC works on climate & empower women in 500 branches in India. INSEDA repr. INFORSE- South Asia. Showcase local solutions (solar, improved cookstoves, biogas..) strengthening climate plans Booth 14 - 09/10 December 2019  
Program INFORSE Side event Dec 13 2019 [332 kb]
INFORSE brochure [582 kb]
International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI)
Mr. Miroslav Polzer
+43 664 4203648
Fondation Mohammed VI pour la Protection de l'Environnement (FM6E)
Mme Kenza Khallafi
+221 6 36640950
Building the Information & Communication Technology Infrastructure 4 Enhanced Global Climate Action How can we increase the capacities of all relevant stakeholders to measure, report, verify, evaluate, certify and incentivize climate action? Booth 14 - 11/12 December 2019  
IAAI CCC DICO COP25 Exhibit presentation [1 Mb]
United Nations
Mr. Liva Kaugure
+0 0 3906570530
SDG2 Climate Action for Zero Hunger Zero Hunger cannot be fulfilled without decisive climate action Booth 15 - 02/03 December 2019    
Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Ms. Levania Santoso
+62 251 8622622
International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF)
Mr. Peter Minang
+254 20 722464
CIFOR-ICRAF works on climate change mitigation and adaptation at international, national, sub-national and local levels. Our research-in-development work supports countries and actors to incorporate forests, agroforestry and sustainable landscape management into climate policies and practices. Booth 15 - 04/05 December 2019  
Event coverage [from CIFOR-ICRAF-RECOTC side event] [839 kb]
Yale University
Ms. Melanie Quigley
+11 203 4449125
Yale is a leading institution in the US and the world training environmental policy makers, business leaders, and scientists while promoting sustainability on campus and beyond. Yale aims to create connections across disciplines and sectors. It aims to bridge differences in pursuit of solutions. Booth 15 - 06/07 December 2019    
International Emissions Trading Association (IETA)
Ms. Stephanie Olegario
+1 416 8188783
CARE International (CI)
Mr. Sven Harmeling
+49 177 6136431
CARE International implements a wide range of climate projects globally. The exhibition will showcase key work incl. from LAC region, particularly on gender-just climate action. Booth 15 - 11/12 December 2019    
United Nations
Ms. Giorgia Pergolini
+0 0 3934034859
Synergies: Synergistic implementation of climate and SDGs - RBA actions Booth 16 - 02/03 December 2019    
International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA)
Ms. Kathrin Wessendorf
+45 53 732835
Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact Foundation (AIPP)
Mr. Lakpa Nuri Sherpa
+66 53 343539
Tebtebba Foundation
Mr. Raymond de Chavez
+63 74 4447703
Indigenous peoples around the world are documenting their sustainable use of natural resources through their traditional knowledge and governance systems. This exhibition will showcase some of these examples. Booth 16 - 04/05 December 2019    
Ms. Julia Grimm
+49 228 6049211
Ms. Jacquiline Dominic
+255 0 2557824221
Fundación Hondureña de Ambiente y Desarrollo Vida (Fundación Vida)
Mr. Julio Carcamo
+504 9 8903346
Indigo Development and Change
Ms. Elin Lorimer
+27 83 3998332
The Adaptation Fund NGO Network is a coalition of CSOs engaging in discussions and debates on AF policies and closely following the planning and implementation of AF projects. The Network's aim is to support those most vulnerable to climate change and ensure their benefit from the AF. Booth 16 - 09/10 December 2019    
Greenpeace International (GREENPEACE)
Ms. Naomi Goodman
+31 6 24941044
In order to stay within 1.5oC, Greenpeace calls for no new coal, and a complete coal phaseout in the shortest possible timeline. Coal not only accounts for 44% of energy related CO2 emissions, but production and consumption create serious issues for human health and other environmental impacts Booth 16 - 11/12 December 2019    
United Nations
Ms. Marina Maiero
+0 0 4170213430
SG3 The exhibit will showcase ongoing actions and projects on health and well being including Booth 17 - 02/03 December 2019    
China New Energy Chamber of Commerce (CNECC)
Mr. Hao Li
+86 10 63108007
China South Low Carbon Academy (CSLCA)
Ms. Weihong Li
+86 10 1346675429
The exhibits are mainly about the achievements of China New Energy Chamber of Commerce (CNECC) and its members in addressing climate change. The relevant magazines and reports published by CNECC will also be displayed. Booth 17 - 06/07 December 2019    
Russian Federation
Mr. Tatiana Dmitrieva
+7 910 4728785
The V.I. Vernadsky Nongovernmental Ecological Foundation (The Vernadsky Foundation)
Mr. Andrey Cheshev
+7 919 7296117
TRACKING PROGRESS RUSSIA AND SDG. Implementation by 2030. National SDG Indicator Set. Booth 17 - 09/10 December 2019    
Coordinadora de Desarrollo y Defensa de los Pueblos Indígenas de la Región San Martín (CODEPISAM)
Mr. Marco Lescano
+51 1 995122142
Federación de Pueblos Indígenas Kechwas de la Región de San Martín (FEPIKRESAM)
Mr. Marco Lescano
+51 1 995122142
Exhibition of indigenous strategies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change Booth 17 - 11/12 December 2019    
Asociación AK Tenamit (AAT)
Mr. Steve Dudenhoefer
+502 5205 6991
"Programa de Manejo Integrado de Recursos Naturales con Pueblos Indígenas en Centroamérica" Sharing of best practices to promote south/south and indigenous/indigenous learning, skills transfer and cooperation Booth 18 - 02/03 December 2019    
Organic Consumers Association (OCA)
Ms. Ercilia Sahores
+52 55 62577901
Food and agricultural production are significant contributors to, and heavily impacted by, climate change, but also offer opportunities for positive, transformative action.With this exhibit, we want to spread the word about positive agricultural practices, impact of food in emissions and solutions. Booth 18 - 04/05 December 2019    
National Council for Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Public Leadership (NCCSD)
Mr. Dr kirit Shelat
+91 79 26421580
Carbon Emission (Greenhouse Gas) Reduction and Control Association (KEDKD)
Mr. ali özcem kılıç
+90 533 4930620
Climate Smart Agriculture for Building Climate Smart Farmers: An Indian Perspective Of Doubling Income of Farmers – in Arena of Climate Change Booth 18 - 06/07 December 2019  
Posters_1 [2 Mb]
Posters_2 [3 Mb]
Posters_3 [3 Mb]
Posters_4 [3 Mb]
Posters_5 [3 Mb]
Posters_6 [3 Mb]
Posters_7 [3 Mb]
Posters_8 [3 Mb]
Posters_9 [3 Mb]
Posters_10 [3 Mb]
Posters_11 [3 Mb]
Posters_12 [3 Mb]
Posters_13 [3 Mb]
Posters_14 [3 Mb]
Posters_15 [3 Mb]
Posters_16 [3 Mb]
Posters_17 [3 Mb]
Posters_18 [3 Mb]
Posters_19 [3 Mb]
Posters_20 [3 Mb]
Posters_21 [3 Mb]
Posters_22 [3 Mb]
Posters_23 [2 Mb]
Posters_24 [1 Mb]
Posters_25 [2 Mb]
Posters_26 [2 Mb]
Posters_27 [2 Mb]
World Farmers' Organisation (WFO)
Ms. Luisa Volpe
+3 345 9067085
The exhibit theme is "THE CLIMAKERS – Farmers Driven Climate Change Agenda" that aims to promote the farmers’ contribution to the Paris Agreement through an alliance among the actors of the overall farming sector, with farmers at the centre. Booth 18 - 09/10 December 2019  
The-Climakers-Stories-from-the-Field-Volume-1-min-1-27 [2 Mb]
The-Climakers-Stories-from-the-Field-Volume-1-min-28-41 [975 kb]
The-Climakers-Stories-from-the-Field-Volume-1-min-42-65 [1 Mb]
THE CLIMAKERS Report_first-year activities_COP24 to COP25_2018_2019 [1 Mb]
The-Climakers-Bookmark [925 kb]
The Climakers - Resource Mobilization Campaign December 2019 [210 kb]
Asian Pacific Resource and Resource Centre for Women (ARROW)
Ms. Hwei Mian Lim
+6 3 22739913
ARROW aims to provide publications and advocacy materials on the impact of climate change on women's health, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as recommendations to address this. Booth 18 - 11/12 December 2019    
ParisTech (ParisTech)
Ms. Nadia Maizi
+0 33 674539235
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (Mines ParisTech)
Ms. Sandrine Selosse
+0 33 614147437
This booth will present our activities on long-term modeling of energy-climate issues. It will be a place to exchange ideas on the climate policies and their impacts on worldwide societies, on specific issues on how GHG neutrality can be reached including social acceptance of energy projects. Booth 19 - 02/03 December 2019  
Social-acceptance-of-energy-projects [2 Mb]
CCS_potential [764 kb]
BECCS_potential [406 kb]
SideEvent_12dec_Program [159 kb]
Global Ecovillage Network (GEN - International)
Ms. Kenza Isnasni
+44 1309 2126488624
International National Trusts Organisation (INTO)
Mr. Andrew Potts
+1 202 2150993
Communities and culture: critical for transformative climate action.  Featuring INTO’s work to preserve natural & cultural heritage and GEN’s efforts to create low carbon climate resilient communities with it’s Ecovillage Sanctuaries and Ecovillage Development, EmerGENcies, & EcoSchool Programmes Booth 19 - 04/05 December 2019    
International Foundation for African Children (IFAC)
Mr. Michael Nwafejoku
+234 803 7873061
Promotion of exclusive climate information that would mobilize concrete steps in the realization of UN Agenda 2030 through the acceleration and implementation of the Paris Agreement Booth 19 - 06/07 December 2019    
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Ms. Emily Dahl
+1 978 3943506
Trustees of Tufts College (Tufts University)
Ms. Mieke van der Wansem
+1 617 8728099
Examples of MIT & Tufts research & collaborations that are generating climate solutions, including models for nations to achieve low-carbon pathways and work on nature-based solutions, as well as an interactive roleplay/simulation on coastal flooding that can be conducted in both English & Spanish Booth 19 - 09/10 December 2019  
Assessing the Policy gaps for achieving China’s climate targets in the Paris Agreement [649 kb]
Carbon-Pricing-In-Practice-A-Review-of-the-Evidence [485 kb]
CPL_ClimateFinancePolicyinPractice [345 kb]
Linking Heterogeneous Climate Policies (Consistent with the Paris Agreement) [450 kb]
Lucia Ravens Forest Canopy Orcamento Participativo Portugal 2018 [2 Mb]
Masters In Sustainable Water Managment [378 kb]
Opportunities and Challenges in International Cooperative Approaches of the Paris Agreement [2 Mb]
Policies Governing China’s Overseas Development Finance - Implications for Climate Change [402 kb]
Technology transfer and adoption for smallholder climate change adaptation- opportunities and challenges [1 Mb]
Trying to Eat an Elephant Again - Opportunities and Challenges in International Cooperative Approaches of the Paris Agreement [2 Mb]
CIERP Annual Report 2018-2019 [2 Mb]
Coastal Development Partnership (CDPBD)
Mr. Md. Atiqur Rahman Tipu
+88 1847 91611
Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB)
Mr. MD Foezullah Talukder
+880 1715 170683
100% Renewable Energy for a Just Transition towards a carbon neutral pathway. Booth 19 - 11/12 December 2019    
World Water Council (WWC)
Ms. Danielle Gaillard-Picher
+33 4 91994100
The #ClimateIsWater is an international initiative gathering more than 70 organizations aiming at strengthening the position and the crucial role of water in achieving climate-related goals and at federating members of the water community from around the globe to speak with one voice for water. Booth 20 - 02/03 December 2019    
Climate Alliance (Klima-Bündnis)
Ms. Silke Lunnebach
+49 177 4727539
Climate Alliance Austria (CAA)
Mr. Markus Hafner-Auinger
+43 650 4302479
Climate Alliance members have been acting in partnership with indigenous rainforest peoples for the benefit of the global climate. Recognising the impact our lifestyles can have on the world's most vulnerable people and places, Climate Alliance pairs local action with global responsibility. Booth 20 - 04/05 December 2019  
Bridges_Amazonia [3 Mb]
Transforming_our_World [2 Mb]
Annual_Report [2 Mb]
Human Impacts Institute, Inc. (HII)
Ms. Mikelle Benfield
+1 917 7279761
Inspiring stories of 12 women from the Global South working on climate action within their communities will demonstrate the power of female-led grassroots efforts in sparking change related to the SDGs and climate change impacts and provide guests with the tools to act within their own communities. Booth 20 - 06/07 December 2019    
Research Centre for Sustainable Development (RCSD)
Ms. Xiang Yu
+86 10 59868162
Exhibit the reports and videos of the best practice of cities in China on tackling climate change, reducing climate risk and encouraging sustainable urban development, the climate change actions in energy, transport, industries, adaptation and finance. Booth 20 - 09/10 December 2019    
Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
Mr. Nicolas Kreibich
+49 202 2492194
Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)
Ms. Kathleen Anne Mar
+49 152 37313229
This booth will present the Wuppertal Institute's research activities that are focused on the transition processes towards sustainable development. It will showcase integrated strategies and instruments to advance the transformation at different levels and in the diverse realms of the economy. Booth 20 - 11/12 December 2019    
United Nations
Ms. Clare Nullis
+0 0 4179709139
SDG 1&6 Climate science and services underpin mitigation (monitoring emissions) and adaptation to boost resilience Booth 21 - 02/03 December 2019    
United Nations
Mr. Moustapha Kamal Gueye
+0 0 4179593132
SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth: Just transitions to inclusive green economies. This exhibit will showcase successful experiences of just transition involving governments, the private sector, communities and the role of international cooperation Booth 21 - 04/05 December 2019    
United Nations
Mr. Ricci Symons
+39 32 71826492
SDG 10 Recognising smallholder farmers as agents of change and ensuring they are not left behind. Booth 21 - 06/07 December 2019    
United Nations
Ms. Verona Collantes
+1 1 9172393559
SDG 5 The exhibit will showcase tools, methodologies, data to strengthen the integration of gender considerations in climate action; it will feature policies, programmes, initiatives supporting the SG's Climate Action Summit initiative on gender equality Booth 21 - 09/10 December 2019    
United Nations
Ms. Irene Sanz Zoydo
SDG 14 Optimising climate ambition in the ocean Booth 21 - 11/12 December 2019  
UNCTAD: Climate change impacts on coastal transportation infrastructire in the Caribbean: enhancing the adaptative capacity of SIDS [257 kb]
Ocean, climate and weather: the role of the World Meteorological Organization [203 kb]
SATCOM Forum [217 kb]
UN DOALOS Documentation [321 kb]
UN-Oceans videos [96 kb]
JCOMMOPS Report Cards [258 kb]
UNCTAD Caribbean [2 Mb]
United Nations
Ms. Sophie Loran
+0 0 3314437428
SDG 7 The Cool Hub and beyond: sustainable energy and cooling for ambitious climate action Booth 22 - 02/03 December 2019    
United Nations
Ms. Cassandra Pillay
+0 0 4312602639
SDG 9&12 The exhibit will present UN materials showcasing climate action in industry and success stories on the introduction of sustainable consumption and production Booth 22 - 04/05 December 2019    
United Nations
Mr. Marcus Mayr
+0 0 2547236975
SDG 11 The One UN Exhibit on low-carbon and resilient cities will exhibit latest experiences and solutions on climate change mitigation and adaptation in human settlements. Booth 22 - 06/07 December 2019    
United Nations
Mr. Jose Miguel Torrico
+0 562 22102017
SDG 15 Achieving a Land Degradation Neutral World by 2030 Booth 22 - 09/10 December 2019    
United Nations
Mr. David Barrio Lamarche
SDG 17 Collective contribution by Multilateral Environmental Agreements to climate action - InforMEA Booth 22 - 11/12 December 2019    
World Resources Institute (WRI)
Mr. Timothy Constien
+1 202 7530886
By COP25 countries should be in the midst of national processes for how they will enhance their NDCs to meet the 2020 timeline established in Paris. This exhibit will profile the importance of stepping up NDCs by 2020 and the development and economic benefits of doing so. Booth 23 - 02/03 December 2019    
Sustainable Population Australia Inc. (SPA)
Ms. Jane O'Sullivan
+61 7 33798090
Population, Health and Environment (PHE) integrated development projects empower communities through sustainable resource management and family planning to build climate resilience and better futures for their families, their fisheries and their forests. We showcase projects in Uganda and Ethiopia. Booth 23 - 06/07 December 2019    
Climate Strategies
Mr. Adrian Lauer
+44 7547 790789
The exhibit will provide a platform for Climate Strategies and its members and project partners to present and disseminate their research findings from the last 12 months with stakeholders, including project reports and policy briefs. Booth 23 - 09/10 December 2019    
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
Mr. Karan Mangotra
+91 11 8447612435
Griha Council
Mr. Karan Mangotra
+91 11 8447612435
TERI and GRIHA will showcase research related to mitigation and adaptation work. It will also showcase transparency frameworks, long-term strategies, finance and NDC related work. We will also showcase energy and industry transition work. Booth 23 - 11/12 December 2019    
Climate Action Network International (CAN International)
Mr. Andreas Sieber
+49 176 21783740
Ms. Mandy Jean Woods
+49 1511 8854162
The exhibit will focus on key outcomes at COP25 around three key pillars: Ambition, climate impacts and support. Booth 24 - 02/03 December 2019    
Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy (NFVE)
Mr. Daniele Pagani
+39 345 4499450
Transition to sustainable energy systems and models. Energy savings, energy efficiency and 100% renewables. Energy democracy, community energy and universal access to energy. Training & education, best practices, consultancy, R&D, demonstration and testing, for the Global North and the Global South. Booth 24 - 04/05 December 2019  
Community Power for the World [2 Mb]
Knowledge, Advocacy and Lobbying for Renewable Energies and Climate Change in Uganda [3 Mb]
LED-Brochure [2 Mb]
LED Brochure - French [1 Mb]
University of Technology Malaysia (UTM)
Mr. Loon Wai Chau
+60 12 2986302
The proposed exhibit showcases effective implementation of climate action plans (CAP) of key Malaysian cities and demonstrates the all important successful integration between climate science to good policy and political/institutional buy-in to actual implementation and monitoring and reporting. Booth 24 - 06/07 December 2019    
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
Ms. Rita Roy Choudhury
+91 11 23325110
Positive and Proactive Climate Action by Indian Corporate Sector: This theme will showcase the positive and proactive action by the Indian corporate sector on climate change mitigation and adaptation, including innovations in technology, finance and business models. Booth 24 - 09/10 December 2019    
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
Mr. Hunter Barclay
+1 508 2370439
EDF will present a VR experience that uses immersive storytelling to focus attention on the climate importance and opportunity of reducing oil&gas methane emissions. Players get to be climate heroes stopping multiple gas leaks at a real wellsite once transported behind the no-trespass fence line. Booth 24 - 11/12 December 2019    
Coastal Association for Social Transformation Trust (COAST Trust)
Mr. Syed Aminul Hoque
+88 17 13328815
Center for Participatory Research and Development* (CPRD)
Mr. Md Shamsuddoha
+88 2 1729259491
A Tale from Climate Ground Zero: Vulnerability and Resilient in Water Crisis of Bangladesh. The exhibit will demonstrate photo and audio-video documentary on the issue of vulnerability and resilient activities focusing the climate change and water crisis, in Bangladesh. Booth 25 - 02/03 December 2019    
Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
Mr. Raoul KOUAME
+234 0 8180136919
ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE)
Ms. Adeola Adebiyi
+238 926 5619
ECOWAS Commission with its specialised agencies are collaborating with regional institutions to build capacities of members states in implementing some concrete climate actions. Some key results will be showcased by ECOWAS Commission, Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food, ECREEE Booth 25 - 04/05 December 2019    
Abibimman Foundation (AF)
Mr. Kenneth Amoateng
+233 244 244023651
Giving Life Nature Volunteer
Mr. Eric Komla Amedjakou
+233 249 468306
Production of documentaries and short films to showcase the successful usage of solar Photovoltaic technology and installations in electricity management in schools.The productions will also showcase the effective integration of the solar PV technology into the national climate change adaptation Booth 25 - 06/07 December 2019    
Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE)
Ms. Laura Tierney
+1 202 7850507
Alliance to Save Energy (ASE)
Ms. Laura Van Wie McGrory
+1 443 9342279
U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
Ms. Elizabeth Beardsley
+1 202 5953989
Private sector executives will display how clean energy and energy productivity technologies, public-private partnerships and the right policies are helping businesses, local governments and countries achieve their mitigation and resilience goals. Booth 25 - 09/10 December 2019  
Powering Impact Clean Energy Solutions for COP 25 [885 kb]
BCSE Clean Energy in Action Case Studies [2 Mb]
2019 Infographic_Sustainable Energy in America Factbook [424 kb]
2019 Brochure_Sustainable Energy in America Factbook [373 kb]
Human Rights and Environment Improvement Center * (...)
Mr. Ram Prasad Pangali
+977 1 4358125
we are from Human Rights and Environment Improvement Center Organization. The effect of climate change in Nepal is very obvious. Glacier level from Everest is disappearing day by day. Due to unexpected heat and untimely rain directly effect on all being life so we should aware of climate change. Booth 25 - 11/12 December 2019    
Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA)
Ms. Fathiya Abdulmajid
+254 0 722756855
Climate Action: Translating climate policy options to actions Booth 26 - 02/03 December 2019    
Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF)
Ms. Anne Barre
+4 89 232393818
The exhivbit will provide Educative posters on Gender and climate: i.e gender & biodiversity protection and land tenure rights, gender and technology, access to finance, loss and damage. We will also showcase good practices of gender responsive climate action and innovative, inclusive solutions Booth 26 - 04/05 December 2019    
Friends of the Earth International (FOEI)
Ms. Sara Shaw
+44 7974 8270
Friends of the Earth International showcases photos, publications, materials and briefings on themes of: economic & climate justice; equity; energy transformation; food sovereignty and agroecology; biodiversity & community-based forest management; activism and resistance. Booth 26 - 06/07 December 2019  
Carbon Markets at COP25, Madrid: A Threat to People, Politics, and Planet [531 kb]
Les marchés du carbone à la CdP25 à Madrid: une menace pour les gens, la politique et la planète [964 kb]
Los mercados de emisiones de carbono en la COP25 de Madrid: Una amenaza para los pueblos, la política y el planeta [933 kb]
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
Ms. Line Favre
+41 0 229197080
Demand nuclear disarmament Posters exhibition in English and in Spanish. Incl projection of a 10 mins clip from the film "The beginning of the end of nuclear weapons" Pressenza 2019. Booth 26 - 09/10 December 2019  
WILPF and Sustainable Development Agenda [2 Mb]
Women in artisanal mines in DRC [3 Mb]
Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)
Ms. Bridget Burns
+1 914 3103270
Ms. Patricia Bohland
+49 30 30879831
Showcase of the Gender Climate Tracker mobile app and website platform, as well as the gender just climate solutions awards as ways for countries to engage in national implementation. Booth 26 - 11/12 December 2019    
Clark University
Ms. Elisabeth Gilmore
+1 412 3529006
Educating Youth as Future Climate Leaders: Opportunities and training in academic programs in science, adaptation, and policy in a changing climate. This booth will showcase academic and certificate programs from different universities. Booth 27 - 02/03 December 2019    
Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL)
Ms. Emily Morison
+44 7 845430712
ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)
Mr. Yunus Arikan
+49 228 97629920
Showcasing legal obstacles, opportunities & innovations for climate mitigation & adaptation, surveying legal education & capacity-building advances, low-carbon investment, finance incentives, compliance mechanisms & safeguards. Booth 27 - 04/05 December 2019  
Climate Law & Governance Day 2019 POSTER [1 Mb]
Specialisation Course Poster [2 Mb]
Climate Law and Governance Events at COP25 - summary [2 Mb]
World Future Council (WFC)
Ms. Anna Sophie Skowron
+49 176 69346129
Renewable Energy Policy Network (REN21)
Ms. Laura Williamson
+33 1 44375099
The exhibit will showcase that 100%RE is feasible and cost-competitive to fossil fuels. It will demonstrate that large-scale renewable energy deployment can pave the way for rapid socio-economic development. It will also demonstrate the links with NDC & SDG processes through country-examples. Booth 27 - 06/07 December 2019  
REN21 Products and Activities [1005 kb]
Global Water Partnership Organisation (GWPO)
Ms. Anjali Lohani
+46 76 6778641
Global Water Partnership's track record and support available to countries for enhancing ambition and accelerating implementation of climate action via integrated water resources management - in NAPs, NDCs, project and programme design, access to climate finance, and enhanced implementation Booth 27 - 09/10 December 2019  
GWP Strategy 2020-2025 [3 Mb]
GWP Strategy 2020-2025 Summary [1 Mb]
Addressing Water in National Adaptation Plans [3 Mb]
NAP Water Supplement Briefing Note [857 kb]
The Untold Story of Water in Climate Change Adaptation Processes [3 Mb]
Water Resilience Frontiers [3 Mb]
The Untold Story of Water in Climate Adaptation, Part II: 15 Countries Speak [3 Mb]
Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement (JVE)
Mr. Komigan Credo EZE
+228 90 714281
Through this exhibit, Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement will expose to the public its various actions in the field of the fight against climate change which are done on 3 main axes: - Energy-Climate-Development - Sustainable management of natural resources - Youth and eco-citizenship Booth 27 - 11/12 December 2019    
Association of Sustainable Ecological Engineering Development (ASEED)
Mr. JuiWen Chen
+886 2 26884738
JW Eco-Technology provides local adaptive climate solutions by completely detaining rain for reuse. Li-Ming High School where drains no longer exist showed no waterlogging in the event of 600mm rainfall within 24 hours. Arid Zhangjiakou Project provides stable water sources. Booth 28 - 02/03 December 2019    
Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM)
Mr. Bo Storrank
+358 50 5142283
Nordic Development Fund (NDF)
Ms. Maria Talari
+358 40 7349372
Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)
Ms. Tina Nyberg
+358 41 5304950
The Nordic Working Group for Climate and Air (NKL) promotes implementation of the Paris Agreement. The Nordic Financial Institutions NEFCO and NDF provide green financing. We will present our recent publications and invite to discussions on Nordic Climate Solutions. Booth 28 - 04/05 December 2019  
Climate Initiatives Platform [2 Mb]
Gender and climate [884 kb]
Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform [2 Mb]
Global Climate Action Agenda_Nordics [2 Mb]
Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples platform [3 Mb]
Mobilizing private finance [733 kb]
Green to Scale_Baltic countries_Poland_Ukraine [2 Mb]
Green to scale_Kenya_Ethiopia [1 Mb]
NEFCO-annual review 2018 [2 Mb]
NEFCO fact sheet [615 kb]
NDF annual report 2018 [3 Mb]
NDF_results_2018 [3 Mb]
The Green Initiative (TGI)
Mr. Lucas Pereira
+55 11 996198389
The availability of resources is a challenge for forest restoration in Brazil. This exhibit aims to explore the possibilities of blended finance through innovative models, showing the experience of The Green Initiative with restoration in the past 14 years. Booth 28 - 06/07 December 2019    
Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel (OSS)
Ms. Sonia Abassi
+216 71 206636
The OSS is acting within the African continent as an IGO to bring support and solutions in collaboration with a variety of partners on environmental and resources management issues and capacity building to help African countries achieve climate actions. Booth 28 - 09/10 December 2019    
Ms. Johanna Christensen
+49 167 59033823
Researchers from ClimateNet will present their latest research findings on climate finance, international climate negotiations, NDC implementation, and carbon markets. Booth 28 - 11/12 December 2019    
Cornell University
Mme Allison Chatrchyan
+1 607 2548808
Cornell University, the land grant university to the world, will share cutting-edge climate change research from over 150 scientists on climate modeling, mitigation and adaptation practices, soil science and crop sciences, stakeholder engagement, community action and resiliency, and communication. Booth 29 - 02/03 December 2019    
Environmental Quality Protection Foundation (EQPF)
Mr. Ying-Shih Hsieh
+886 2 23211155
What is the connection between indigenous children’s rights and climate change adaptation? EQPF has developed an environmental education course for indigenous children to empower their rights to know and to help them form their own opinions. The exhibition will show our implementation experience. Booth 29 - 04/05 December 2019  
2019 Taipei City VLR(1) [3 Mb]
2019 Taipei City VLR(2) [3 Mb]
2019 Taipei City VLR(3) [3 Mb]
Indigenous Peoples are the Guardians and Beneficiaries (EQPF) [571 kb]
Poster [216 kb]
The Mountain Institute, Inc. (TMI)
Ms. Erin Gleeson
+1 202 2344050
Asociación Civil Oikos (OIKOS)
Mr. Eric Chavez
+52 33 16369202
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
Mr. Bhaskar Singh Karky
+977 9 851072991
Ecosystem-based approaches that help people adapt to climate change, especially those that provide immediate economic benefits, are particularly promising in mountain regions. This exhibit will showcase the “specificities” of mountain environments, including their limitations and their potential. Booth 29 - 09/10 December 2019    
Asociación La Ruta del Clima
Mr. Adrian Martinez Blanco
+506 0 85610852
Unión de Industriales para Saneamiento Cuencas Matanza Riachuelo y Reconquista (UISCUMARR)
Mr. Adrian Martinez Blanco
+506 0 85610852
Our stand will focus on the importance of multistakeholder participation to further the climate agenda. We focus on the right of public participation in climate decisions and human rights. We will showcase the results of energy modeling project, carbon foot print, awareness and capacity building Booth 29 - 11/12 December 2019    
University of California
Mr. Robert Monroe
+1 858 8224487
Planet Ocean: As the majority of habitable space on our planet, the ocean provides critical mitigation, adaptation, and long-term climate solutions needed for ecological and societal wellbeing. Find out what observations and models are telling us about how the ocean is responding to climate change. Booth 30 - 02/03 December 2019  
Ramanathan on Climate Extremes and Global Health in Foreign Affairs [111 kb]
Courtney et al "Recovery of reef-scale calcification folllowing bleaching event..." [497 kb]
DataMares infographics (English and Spanish) [1 Mb]
DataMares infographics (English and Spanish) [1 Mb]
Panorama de la Pesca en México Parte 1 [1 Mb]
Panorama de la Pesca en México Parte 2 [1 Mb]
Victor and Ramanathan opinion piece The Hill Sept. 2018 [133 kb]
Victor opinion piece NY Times [86 kb]
Xu, Ramanathan and Victor, Faster Warming, Nature, 2018 [212 kb]
Lisa Levin "Sustainability in Deep Water" [3 Mb]
Levin et al Global Observing Needs in the Deep Ocean [824 kb]
Monash University
Ms. Stephanie Hall
+61 435 181952
Guided by its UN award-winning Net Zero Initiative, Monash University is deploying market-leading energy solutions across its campuses, undertaking integrated research and education and delivering cutting-edge climate communication programs, leading the way as Australia’s largest university. Booth 30 - 04/05 December 2019    
University of Zurich (UZH)
Ms. Paula Castro
+41 0 767202166
Researchers from the University of Zurich will present their latest research findings on climate finance, international climate negotiations, NDC implementation, and carbon markets. Booth 30 - 06/07 December 2019    
All China Environment Federation (ACEF)
Mr. Yao Ni
+86 10 1391185351
1.Exhibit diversified cases of sustainable consumption from retail industry and local residential community from China, including energy saving methods, food waste reduction, low-carbon lifestyle and so on. 2.Express the importance of sustainable consumption and the link between SDG12 & SDG13. Booth 30 - 09/10 December 2019    
Christian Aid (CA)
Ms. Jo Mountford
+44 7963 428567
This exhibit will highlight the need for a Big Shift in financing from fossil fuels into sustainable, renewable energy to fund development in a fossil free world that is compatible with the 1.5C target. It will highlight the Big Shift campaign calling on MDBs to lead the way on shifting finance. Booth 30 - 11/12 December 2019    
Solar Cookers International (SCI)
Mr. Alan Bigelow
+1 646 8831966
International Solar Energy Society e.V. (ISES)
Ms. Jennifer McIntosh
+49 761 4590645
Solar Cookers International (SCI) improves human and environmental health by supporting the expansion of carbon-free solar cooking in world regions of greatest need. This exhibit showcases how SCI leads through advocacy, research, and strengthening the capacity of the global solar cooking movement. Booth 31 - 02/03 December 2019  
Solar Cookers International Annual Report [2 Mb]
Solar cooking positively impacts all 17 SDGs [250 kb]
Solar Cookers International overview [3 Mb]
University of Texas at Austin
Ms. Katherine Romanak
+1 512 5653762
Bellona Foundation
Ms. Ana Serdoner
+32 487 798419
Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA)
Ms. Judith Shapiro
+44 20 30318750
Information will be provided from institutions with practical and research experience and technical training expertise in CCS (Carbon Capture and Geologic Storage), including from the Gulf Coast Carbon Center, USA, IEAGHG, CCSA, and Bellona. Booth 31 - 04/05 December 2019  
History of CCS in the UNFCCC [2 Mb]
CCS to save the oceans [3 Mb]
Safety of CCS [1 Mb]
Trinidad and Tobago: Building a CCS national program [2 Mb]
CCS for cement [2 Mb]
Job creation through BECCS [2 Mb]
Developing CCS transport infrastructure [1 Mb]
Opportunities for CCS capacity building [674 kb]
National University of Singapore (NUS)
Ms. Melissa Low
+65 0 65163080
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
Mr. Jonathan Brenes
+66 2 5246233
The National University of Singapore is the top university in Singapore and Asia-Pacific. The exhibit will showcase cutting-edge research on climate mitigation and modelling and capacity building engagements with stakeholders including the National Youth Council and Ministry of Education Singapore. Booth 31 - 06/07 December 2019    
HATOF Foundation
Mr. Samuel Confidence Dotse
+233 50 6679055
Ms. MaryJane Enchill
+233 24 6346698
Showcase the achievement of the government of Ghana in the renewable Energy and Energy efficiency sectors Booth 31 - 09/10 December 2019    
African Centre of Meteorological Application for Development (ACMAD)
+227 20 723627
Green Economics Institute (GEI)
Ms. Miriam Kennet
+4 1189 845194
Global warming below 1.5C is progressively being considered to avoid dangerous consequences around the world. The state of climate report for Africa highlights the current climate and future climate of Africa in a 1.5 to 2C world. Impacts and resilience building options for Africa will be discussed. Booth 31 - 11/12 December 2019    
European Space Agency (ESA)
Mr. Frank Martin Seifert
+390 6 94180560
ESA will inform on its activities to monitor systematically changes in our climate and environment from space to support the Paris Agreement. From regional efforts (REDD+) to global observation (ECVs), Earth Observation will be exposed as a feasible and practical tool to understand climate change. Booth 32 - 04/05 December 2019  
Easter Island - postcard from space [352 kb]
Santiago-Madrid - postcard from space [390 kb]
Glacier retreat in Patagonia - postcard from space [346 kb]
Above grounf Biomass over Europe [2 Mb]
GFOI @ COP25 [2 Mb]
ESA's Climate Change Initiative [266 kb]
Colorado State University
Ms. gillian bowser
+1 202 4250639
Ecological Society of America* (ESA)
Ms. gillian bowser
+1 202 4250639
Michigan Technological University * (Michigan Tech)
Ms. Sarah Green
+1 906 3692131
University of Connecticut (UConn)
Mr. Mark Urban
+1 860 4866113
Educating Youth as Future Climate Leaders: Opportunities and training in academic programs in ecosystem science and adaptation in a changing climate. This booth will showcase academic and certificate programs from different universities Booth 32 - 06/07 December 2019  
SDG5 Gender equity [2 Mb]
SDG7 [2 Mb]
sdg13 adaptation at high elevation [760 kb]
World Bioenergy Association (WBA)
Mr. Bharadwaj Kummamuru Venkata
+4 76 7159785
World Bioenergy Association will showcase the sustainable utilization of biomass (forestry, agriculture, waste) to produce bioenergy (biopower, bioheat and biofuels) on a global level and its role in the implementation of the Paris Agreement with updated data, technology and policy developments. Booth 32 - 09/10 December 2019  
Bioenergy Magazine #8 - 2019 [1 Mb]
Factsheet - Biomass Potential [327 kb]
Supply Chains [585 kb]
Join WBA [102 kb]
Position Paper - Carbon Tax [301 kb]
Global Bioenergy Statistics 2019 [1 Mb]
Global Youth Development Institute, Inc.* (GYDI)
Mr. Timothy Damon
+1 330 2067553
This dynamic booth will engage COP25 participants who are focused on ACE, Article 12, and related aspects of the process. It will serve as hub, including ECOS, for showcasing videos and other content, as well as providing a dedicated space for networking to enhance partnerships for action. Booth 32 - 11/12 December 2019    
Mr. James Herbertson
+44 7712 788476
Throughout the transition to a low-emissions future, oil and gas will continue to be an essential part of the broad energy mix needed to support global sustainable development. IPIECA will inform on low-emissions pathways and how the industry is managing its emissions to meet societal expectations. Booth 33 - 04/05 December 2019    
Taiwan Research Institute (TRI)
Ms. Wan-Ting Yen
+88 6 933445204
Responding to Climate Change (RTCC)
Ms. Nicole Serrij
+44 207 7992222
The importance of carbon pricing to the acceleration of transition to the low-carbon economy has been confirmed by many prestigious international organizations. Sharing the experience in the promotion or practices of carbon pricing will be helpful for the spread of knowledge among regions. Booth 33 - 06/07 December 2019    
GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice e.V. (GenderCC)
Ms. Sarah Louis Montgomery
+49 30 21980088
We will showcase materials from GenderCC's international projects, such as the "Gender Into Urban Climate Change Initiative", and the "Not Without Us! Climate justice and gender justice in international climate politics", as well as the Gender Just Climate Solutions publication from the WGC. Booth 33 - 09/10 December 2019    
Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center (PBV)
Ms. Emilie McGlone
+1 347 9771632
Global Kids, Inc.
Ms. Evie Hantzopoulos
+1 212 2260130
Education and engagement are key to raising awareness of the connection between the ocean, climate and the SDGs. Ecoship,is a sustainable flagship for climate action and the SDGs will be platform for Peace Boat's global educational voyage and capacity training for youth from SIDS for climate action. Booth 33 - 11/12 December 2019  
Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors [1 Mb]
Peace Boat Ecoship introduction [3 Mb]
Sailing for Change - Peace Boat [2 Mb]
Youth for SDGs program [2 Mb]
ACT Alliance - Action by Churches Together (ACT Alliance)
Mr. Isaiah Toroitich
+41 798 257899
Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA
Ms. Lynnaia Main
+1 646 3238664
This exhibit will show case the climate action and advocacy work of churches and faith based organizations and their specific role in the implementation of the Paris Agreement Booth 34 - 06/07 December 2019    
Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
Mr. Sébastien Duyck
+41 78 6966362
Integrating human rights in climate policies is critical to ensure that climate action is more effective, that it truly benefits peoples and communities. This exhibit provides good practices and lessons learned from a range of organizations as well as recommendations for the COP-25. Booth 34 - 09/10 December 2019  
Report: Rights in a Changing Climate: Human Rights Under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change [3 Mb]
Briefing Note: Integrating Human Rights in the COP-25 outcomes [888 kb]
Briefing Note: Mechanisms Established under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement [961 kb]
Compendium: States Obligations related to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Context of Climate Change [934 kb]
European Business Council for Sustainable Energy (e5)
Mr. Kolja Kuse
+49 89 1779330369
International Council for Sustainable Energy (ICSE)
Ms. Laura Tierney
+1 202 7850507
Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)
Mr. Michael Zissener
+49 228 8150249
Technology providers will demonstrate zero carbon & carbon-negative solutions for building material to reach the 1.5°C target, cited in the IPCC SR 1.5, chapter MCII will feature links & inputs on climate risk management, insurance, adaptation, climate risk financing for NAPs, loss&damage. Booth 34 - 11/12 December 2019    
CUTS International
Mr. Rashid Kaukab
+41 79 2024112
Present CUTS International work in the field of climate change, agriculture and trade. Provide a space for developing and least developed countries to meet up to discuss possible areas of collaboration and support. Booth 35 - 06/07 December 2019    
SouthSouthNorth Projects Africa (SSN Africa)
Ms. Emma Baker
+27 21 4470211
SouthSouthNorth enhances developing countries’ access to climate information by brokering climate knowledge. At our exhibition stand, we will share key learnings from a range of projects focused on climate finance, NDC implementation, climate services, renewable energy and minigrid development. Booth 35 - 09/10 December 2019  
IPCC's Special Report on climate change and land: What's in it for Africa? [3 Mb]
IPCC's Special Report on climate change and land: What's in it for Latin America? [3 Mb]
IPCC's Special Report on climate change and land: What's in it for Asia? [3 Mb]
CDKN communications Manual Spanish version [2 Mb]
CDKN communications Manual [2 Mb]
Earth Innovation Institute (EII)
Ms. Constance Visser
+1 415 4499900
The exhibit focuses on development and implementation of comprehensive jurisdiction-wide strategies for low-emission development by subnational governments in the Tropics. Booth 35 - 11/12 December 2019  
EII about us [309 kb]
Tropical Forest Champions_EN [523 kb]
Tropical Forest Champions_SPAN [579 kb]
Tropical Forest Champions_PORT [512 kb]
Taking Amazon back to Fish_EN [487 kb]
Taking Amazon back to Fish_PORT [541 kb]
Taking Amazon back to Fish_SPAN [565 kb]
Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI)
Mr. Gregg Walker
+1 541 7404050
International Environmental Communication Association (IECA)
Mr. Gregg Walker
+1 541 7404050
The climate crisis includes inevitable climate conflict. Mediators Beyond Borders International provides education and capacity building to parties and non-parties about how to mediate, negotiate, and work through climate conflicts. MBBI empowers stakeholders and promotes engaged governance. Booth 36 - 04/05 December 2019    
International Solar Alliance (ISA)
Mr. Shishir Seth
The International Solar Alliance Secretariat presents its compliments to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Booth 36 - 09/10 December 2019    
*Provisionally admitted observer organization