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Side Events & Exhibits | UN Climate Change Conference November/December 2023 (COP 28)

List of exhibits

Adaptation, Resilience and Loss & Damage
Agriculture, Food and Land
Education, Science and Technology
Energy, Industry and Just Transition
Gender, Women, Children and Youth
Human Settlements, Health & Sustainable Lifestyle
Nature, Biodiversity and Indigenous Peoples
Other topics related to the UNFCCC process

Organizer Theme Booth number and dates Attachments
International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE)
Ms. Judit Szoleczky
+45 42 300192
All India Women's Conference (AIWC)
Ms. Kalyani Raj
+91 11 9810053728
Integrated Sustainable Energy and Ecological Development Association (INSEDA)
Mr. Sanjiv Nathan
+91 88003 92108
Sustainable Environmental Development Watch (SusWatch)
Mr. Nobert Nyandire
+254 40100 721878329
SustainableEnergy (SE)
Mr. Gunnar Boye Olesen
+45 24 269933
Sustainable lifestyles, sufficiency, policies to reduce emissions from affluent lifestyles, transition to 100% renewables, inclusion in new NDCs. Results of new sufficiency research in Europe and India. Focus on gender. Online catalogues of local solutions in Africa, S.Asia. Eco-village development. Booth 1; 01-06 December  
INFORSE Brochure [1 Mb]
INFORSE-Europe Brochure [2 Mb]
Picture: Exhibition group INFORSE-AIWC [112 kb]
Brochure: Sufficiency EU horizon2020 project [1 Mb]
AIWC Poster 1: Safe Veggies India [3 Mb]
AIWC Poster 2: Energy Saving [3 Mb]
AIWC Poster 3 micro initiatives India [3 Mb]
GST Poster on Sufficiency by INFORSE UNFCCC SB58 [397 kb]
GST Poster on Local Solutions by INFORSE to UNFCCC COP27 [410 kb]
INFORSE newsletter: Sustainable Energy News issue 87 November 2023 [3 Mb]
Poster: Database East Africa Local Climate Solutions [308 kb]
Poster: Database South Asia Local Climate Solutions [366 kb]
Poster: 100 percent Renewables in Kenya and Uganda Report and policy briefs [556 kb]
Poster: Publication: Global Synergies Local Climate Solutions and Policies - INFORSE [151 kb]
Poster: Sufficiency Policy Recommendations of Citizens Science Workshop, Paris by FULFILL EU Horizon2020 Project [201 kb]
FULFILL Policy brief: How can municipalities support local sufficiency initiatives [127 kb]
Stichting Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA)
Mr. Nakul Sharma
+91 11 9716647408
A roadmap to Green, Inclusive and Resilient Cities in South Asia; promoting mitigation and ambition aiding to achieve the NDC. Booth 1; 08-09 December    
World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
Mr. Dirk Glaesser
+34 655 347713
Climate Action in Tourism: Transforming the way we travel. Reshaping the tourism sector towards climate neutral and nature positive operations is crucial. The exhibit will showcase solutions from tourism stakeholders to address the triple planetary crisis in connection with the Glasgow Declaration. Booth 1; 10-11 December    
Confederación de Nacionalidades Amazónicas del Perú (CONAP)
Mr. Oseas Barbarán Sánchez
+51 0 943941702
Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon - CONAP implement an indigenous economy model with Deforestation-Free Governance: Climate initiative for community management of Amazonian forests and agroforestry to address deforestation and forest degradation. Booth 2; 01-03 December    
C Team
Ms. Peidan Yang
+86 10 62561869
Plant Technology Alliance (PTA)
Ms. Yuhui Chai
Climate Innovation Exhibit: Experience a pioneering ecosystem with climate solutions like a mini coastal community, micro-grid energy video, CO2-capturing bricks, bamboo products, and organic waste recycling illustrations, serving as a pilot and incubator beyond the built environment. Booth 2; 04-06 December    
University of Technology Malaysia (UTM)
Mr. Loon Wai Chau
+60 12 2986302
This exhibit showcases science-to-action (S2A) based, city-level transformative pathways aiming at enabling ambitious climate commitments and actions by 18 Malaysian cities towards contributing to a net-zero emission and climate resilient future by 2050. Booth 2; 08-09 December    
The American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Mr. Derek Washam
+1 202 9240137
AIA's Framework for Design Excellence represents the defining principles of good design in the 21st century. Comprised of 10 principles and searching questions, the Framework seeks to inform progress toward a zero-carbon, equitable, resilient, & healthy built environment. Booth 2; 10-11 December    
Energies 2050 (Energies 2050)
Mr. Stephane POUFFARY
+33 6 80319189
Centre for 21st Century Issues (C21st)
Ms. Titilope Akosa
+234 1 8023047678
Climate proof initiatives in Africa for a just and resilient inspiring transition: A showcase for ENERGIES 2050 members from more than 70 nationalities to tackle challenges and to win the "Race to Zero” and the "Race to resilience” in addition to Climate justice in African cities and territories. Booth 3; 01-03 December    
Global Ecovillage Network (GEN - International)
Mr. Rob Wheeler
+33 752 81234
Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy (NFVE)
Mr. Daniele Pagani
+39 345 4499450
Ecovillages around the world have long developed best practices & success stories showing how communities can plan for climate resiliency, adopt regenerative practices & implement nature based solutions based on Community Planning; an Impact Assessment Survey; & Regenerative Development Aims - SDGs+ Booth 3; 04-06 December  
The Flags at Night COP28 [201 kb]
An African Friend with the Nordic Folke Center Display [141 kb]
GEN and Nordic Folke Center Exhibit [174 kb]
Colegio Kepler Johannes, ReGENeratove Education, & Rob - Climate Resiliency [181 kb]
Folkecenter's activities - brochure [2 Mb]
KAL project - brochure [3 Mb]
CAISL project - brochure [3 Mb]
Community power for the world - brochure [2 Mb]
EASE-CA project - brochure [3 Mb]
More Light! project - brochure [2 Mb]
More Light! project - brochure (FR) [1 Mb]
LED: Train-the-trainer course [325 kb]
Overall activities of Folkecenter [686 kb]
Sun Generator - Brochure [2 Mb]
Sun Generator - Brochure (FR) [1 Mb]
Subtitles of the video [304 kb]
Sun Generator instructor: train-the-trainer course [391 kb]
India Youth For Society (IYFS)
Mr. Appala Reddy Yendreddi
+91 97034 89797
Eco-friendly and Alternatives to Single-Use-Plastics and recycling methods Booth 3; 08-09 December    
Knowledge Foundation
Mr. Johannes Moser
+49 711 72232243
The Paris Climate Tube 2050 is a multi-sensual exhibition making tangible the connection between the built environment and the microclimatic impact of climate change. The installation will argue for the embracing of thoughtful, provocative but sensible and sustainable solutions. Booth 3; 10-11 December    
Nurses Across the Borders (NAB)
+44 75 80081195
Green Mobilisation Initiative
Mr. Gabriel Aborele
+234 80 28192355
CLIMATE CHANGE AND PUBLIC HEALTH GLOBAL STOCKTAKE-WHAT IS AT STAKE? The exhibition will showcase all the activities that have been carried out by major stakeholders in promoting climate change and the public health campaign since COP 15 in Denmark. Forum for interaction Booth 4; 01-03 December  
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU)
Ms. Sonja Ohlsson
+45 30 230738
Faith Association of the Rehabilitation of Street Children and Orphans (FARSO)
Mr. Samuel Baechie
+233 24 8031395
International Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations (ISMUN)
Mr. Oluwole D Oshota
+1 404 4521338
The Brahma Kumaris, Faith Assoc. of the Rehab. of Street Children /Orphans and Int. Youth/Student Movement for UN exhibit their key projects in education, renewable energies and lifestyle change. A new consciousness and mindset open doors to a sustainable future grounded in integrity and care. Booth 4; 08-11 December  
Brahma Kumaris COP28 Statement [123 kb]
Brahma Kumaris Climate Leaflet [3 Mb]
Brahma Kumaris COP28 Delegation [298 kb]
Press Statement Brahma Kumaris COP28 [226 kb]
Vanke Foundation
Mr. Feng Qiao
+86 139 25058536
Guangzhou County Yuexiu District Climate and Environmental Protection Center (CYCAN)
Ms. Silu zhang
+86 510000 1501755603
Zero Waste in the Forbidden City Exhibition of our culture-rich artworks and souvenirs made with recycled materials demonstrate the latest progress of Zero Waste practice in the Forbidden City in China to promote green and circular economy to the public. Emphasis given to youth participation. Booth 5; 01-03 December    
Cornell University
Ms. Allison Chatrchyan
+1 845 2354765
Cornell University is a leading, top-tier global research university addressing climate change, with the new 2030 Project. Booth 5; 04-06 December    
Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI)
Mr. Gregg Walker
+1 541 7404050
International Environmental Communication Association (IECA)
Mr. Gregg Walker
+1 541 7404050
National University of Singapore (NUS)
Ms. Melissa Low
+65 0 90908073
MBBI is a capacity building, problem-solving, and peace education organization. It's priorities include conflict management, stakeholder engagement, participatory governance, and justice. IECA and NUS support these priorities. NUS invests in programs across a range of climate issues. Booth 5; 08-11 December    
International Code Council
Ms. Judith Zakreski
+1 703 8509016
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE)
Ms. Joslyn Ratcliff
+1 678 5391172
Architecture 2030 Inc.
Ms. Lisa Richmond
+1 206 2450738
Addressing the climate crisis requires reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and infrastructure and ensuring their resilience to protect communities. Solutions exist through building and energy codes/standards, green technologies, and design solutions. Exhibit offers case studies and resources. Booth 6; 01-03 December    
Yale University
Ms. Melanie Quigley
+1 203 4449125
Yale Student Environmental Coalition (YSEC)
Ms. Saskia Braden
+1 202 3408634
Yale University is a global leader developing research and science-based solutions for tackling climate change by collaborating with global partners and training future leaders. Through interactive displays and art, Yale will engage youth and thought leaders by exhibiting and disseminating research. Booth 6; 04-06 December    
China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO)
Ms. Yajing Xin
+86 10 1355259582
The exhibit will share best practice on climate change education and international communication cases from China and countries around the world on vulnerable areas and sensitive populations. Booth 6; 08-09 December    
Colorado State University
Ms. Aleta Weller
+1 970 4924160
The CSU exhibit will highlight a suite of climate research and education activities, including efforts to increase student engagement with climate change issues and projects examining the impact of the fashion industry on Earth’s climate and the effects of climate change on human and animal health. Booth 6; 10-11 December    
International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
Mr. Andrew Potts
+1 202 2150993
American Anthropological Association (AAA)
Ms. Emily Hite
+1 720 8277894
Julie's Bicycle
Ms. Alison Tickell
+44 0 7464122965
Using examples from Asia-Pacific & around the world, this exhibition will showcase vernacular heritage architecture, creative arts, and traditional local knowledge as disruptive climate technology with the power to drive nature-based solutions, energy transitions and climate resilient development. Booth 7; 01-03 December    
University of Texas at Austin
Ms. Katherine Romanak
+1 512 5653762
Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA)
Ms. Judith Shapiro
+44 20 30318750
The International CCS Knowledge Centre
Ms. Catherine Beth Valiaho
+1 306 5198332
Information will be provided from institutions with practical and research experience and technical training expertise in CCS (Carbon Capture and Geologic Storage), including from The University of Texas Gulf Coast Carbon Center, USA, IEAGHG, CCSA, and the International CCS Knowledge Centre. Booth 7; 04-06 December    
Stanford University
Ms. Celia Price
+650 724 7609
The Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability’s exhibit presenting interdisciplinary environmental research at Stanford University is an invitation to explore progress to date and opportunities for future collaborations on major aspects of climate solutions linked to the listed themes. Booth 7; 08-09 December    
International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW)
Ms. Lena Dominelli
+44 1784 66422
Holistic approaches to transforming the social work curriculum on climate change: Transdiciplinary learning and action Booth 7; 10-11 December    
University of Exeter
Ms. Alissa Haward
+44 7917 447656
University of California
Mr. Robert Monroe
+1 858 9991738
University of Reading
Ms. Rosalind Cornforth
+44 118 3787392
Leading researchers in the UK and the U.S. are creating innovative learning environments for students of all ages who want to build a green and just future. The exhibit will showcase educational initiatives that empower climate action and accelerate resilience in vulnerable communities Booth 8; 01-03 December    
TakingITGlobal (TIG)
Mr. Liam O'Doherty
+1 416 9779363
Fondation Mohammed VI pour la Protection de l'Environnement (FM6E)
Ms. kenza khallafi
+212 212 636640950
In collaboration with artists and educators from across the MENA region & around the world, the #Decarbonize multimedia exhibit centres impacts, action projects & art by young people as they build a decarbonized future and reimagine the role of education. Booth 8; 04-06 December    
WMO/UNEP Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Mr. Abdalah Mokssit
+41 22 7308254
IPCC Task Force on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories. Methodological guidance and Inventory Software for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories of Parties to the UNFCCC. Booth 8; 08-11 December    
Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML)
Ms. Thecla Keizer
+44 7818 402632
International Coastal and Ocean Organization (ICO)
Ms. Miriam Balgos
+1 302 7539800
Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean Society (POGO)
Ms. Fiona Beckman
+44 1752 633424
University of Plymouth
Ms. Deborah Grant
+44 7714 902241
Why the Ocean Matters in Climate Negotiations. Sharing the latest developments in climate challenges, impacts & options towards sustainable ocean development connecting science, industry, policy & society on ocean action in the UNFCCC processes and strengthening NDCs. Booth 9; 01-06 December  
Why the Ocean Matters in Climate Negotiations [2 Mb]
About the stand partners [333 kb]
Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)
Mr. Martijn Pakker
+32 483 31130
The role of Research in shaping evidence-based environmental policy in Europe Booth 9; 08-09 December    
Met Office Hadley Center
Ms. Katrina Macneill
+44 330 1351410
The UK Met Office Knowledge Integration team works at the interface of climate science & UK policy making. In this exhibit we’ll share how we steer the development of science to ensure climate policy relevance, and the methods we employ to communicate actionable advice for policy & decision makers. Booth 9; 10-11 December    
Boston College
Ms. Julia DeVoy
+1 617 9132213
Boston University
Mr. Rishikesh Bhandary
+1 617 7687552
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Ms. Bethany Patten
+1 917 6589460
Northeastern University
Ms. Laura Kuhl
+1 617 3737868
Trustees of Tufts College (Tufts University)
Ms. Mieke van der Wansem
+1 617 8728099
As universities, we have an obligation to help advance the dialogue at COP. We are collaborating in seeking an exhibit space to present some of our innovative climate change research in a manner that allows our faculty and students to engage with global leaders and other stakeholders at COP28. Booth 10; 01-06 December    
Ms. Yvette Ramos
+33 6 64366164
Climate Change solutions of XXIst Century A full set of solutions will include Capacity Building Program in Water and sanitation sector Agenda 2030, governance and regulation modern tools and strategies to achieve the Paris Agreement Booth 10; 08-09 December    
Tsinghua University, Global Climate Change Institute (GCCI)
Ms. Alun Gu
+86 10 62794098
The thematic category of our exhibit is mechanism and technology. Booth 10; 10-11 December    
Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC)
Mr. Masatoshi Kamei
+81 3 64356782
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Ms. Chisa Umemiya
+81 50 54736111
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Ms. Mariko Harada
+81 70 31174782
National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)
Mr. Arata Kobayashi
+81 29 8502132
This exhibit presents (1) how Japanese satellites have discovered the effects of climate change on our environment including GHG, rainfall, and AFOLU, (2) international cooperation efforts which will support GST, and (3) Japan's contributions to mitigation and adaptation science and policy. Booth 11; 01-06 December  
JAXA's satellite data products and services [168 kb]
Policy Recommendations for Engaging Regional Non-State Actors in the Follow-up Period of the First Global Stocktake [268 kb]
Climate Crisis Research Initiative" for climate change research at NIES [1 Mb]
Monitoring Global GHGs Trends by GOSAT Series [917 kb]
Social Systems Division pamphlet [2 Mb]
China South Low Carbon Academy (CSLCA)
+86 10 84186535
The exhibition will display the achievements of relevant China institutions and enterprises in dealing with climate change and the work to be carried out in the next step, and will publish relevant reports on local climate change work as well. Booth 11; 08-09 December    
Climate Central, Inc.
Ms. Karen Florini
+1 609 6131127
We will exhibit our free, interactive global maps that (i) quantify the influence of climate change on temperature everywhere, every day in near real time and (ii) show coastal flood risk worldwide, based on the world’s most-accurate free global elevation data; plus photorealistic flood visuals. Booth 11; 10-11 December    
University of Colorado at Boulder (CU-Boulder)
Mr. Michael Glantz
+1 303 5794034
African Centre for Climate Actions and Rural Development Initiative (ACCARD Initiative)
Mr. Freeman Elohor Oluowo
+234 330102 8055303634
International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI)
Ms. Pam Pearson
+46 70 5752257
Sikh Human Rights Group (SHRG)
Mr. jasdev rai
+44 7956 212343
Using locally-led climate solutions & DRR-related lessons to prepare river basin highlanders (drought/flood) & lowlanders (river deltas & SLR) for hydromet hazards by enhancing: trust in hydromet forecasts; youth & intergenerational equity; EW value by reducing hesitancy to ENSO-related forecasts Booth 12; 01-06 December    
Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB)
Mr. Palash Sarker
+88 2 48036370
CCDB Climate Centre: A Regional Living Labs for strengthening climate-resilient low-carbon sustainable development in Bangladesh. CCDB will display how this centre is accelerating technological innovation, capacity development and knowledge dissemination on climate change adaptation and mitigation Booth 12; 08-09 December    
Emory University
Ms. Eri Saikawa
+1 404 7270487
University of Melbourne
Mx. Kathryn Coleman
+61 403 812807
Our exhibition booth will highlight the work of university students on climate action and their research focused on climate change. It will also showcase our work at the Science Gallery Atlanta and at the Science Gallery Network to educate and empower the youth on climate action. Booth 12; 10-11 December    
University of Zurich (UZH)
Ms. Sofie Hansen
+49 176 68748362
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)
Ms. Maria Isabel Rojas Rojas
+49 176 82299162
Applied Research, Competent Solutions and Best Practice in Climate Policy, Carbon Markets and Climate Finance. Booth 13; 01-03 December    
Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI)
Ms. Molly White
+1 406 3965490
Smart, accelerated MRV capacity-building solutions. Showcasing globally available online carbon management curriculum, including the IPCC Guidelines for National GHG Inventories course series, the preeminent training required to transparently report NDCs under the Paris Agreement. Booth 13; 04-06 December    
Solar Impulse Foundation
Mr. Remy Kalter
+41 79 5208202
The Solar Impulse Foundation has identified over 1,500 existing technological solutions that can protect the environment and spur economic growth. A photo exhibition in the halls of COP 28 will inspire those attending, showing that these technologies exist and we must drive up their adoption. Booth 13; 08-09 December    
Indo Global Social Service Society (IGSSS)
+91 99875 80014
Building Resilience of Marginalized Communities in India: Enhancing the resilience of marginalized communities in India is essential, addressing challenges through community mobilization, education, economic empowerment, and climate-resilient practices. Booth 13; 10-11 December    
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
Mr. Manish Shrivastava
+91 98918 84894
Griha Council
Mr. Manish Shrivastava
+91 98918 84894
TERI is engaged in the domain of sustainable development through scientific, technological, and policy research, capacity building, implementation, awareness campaigns, etc. TERI will share research and experience digitally and engage with delegates toward greater knowledge and experience sharing. Booth 14; 01-03 December    
Russian Federation
Ms. Tatiana Dmitrieva
+7 910 4728785
The V.I. Vernadsky Nongovernmental Ecological Foundation (The Vernadsky Foundation)
Mr. Andrey Cheshev
+7 919 7296117
Science as a Basis for Tackling Cryosphere and Hydrosphere Climate Change Challenges by State, Business and Public Sectors Booth 14; 04-06 December    
Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Ms. Levania Santoso
+62 251 8622622
International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF)
Mr. Peter Minang
+254 727 492459
Women Environmental Programme (WEP)
Ms. Priscilla Achakpa
+234 900001 8023235798
CIFOR conducts research on the most pressing challenges of forest and landscape management around the world. Using a global, multidisciplinary approach, we aim to improve human well-being, protect the environment, and increase equity. Booth 14; 08-11 December    
Kuwait Environment Protection Society (KEPS)
Ms. Wijdan Al Oqab
+965 9954 1223
Engineering Association for Development and Environment (EADE)
Mr. Mohammed Abdulmawjood
+2 1 1437405
efforts of NGO TO protect the environment locally and in the GCC. efforts towards children and TOUTH bY training and public awareness. efforts regarding DRR, REGULATIONS AND LAWS. And protect biodiversity. Booth 15; 01-03 December    
CO2GeoNet - The European Network of Excellence on Geological Storage of CO2 (CO2GeoNet)
+44 7748 80912
Taiwan Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization Association
+886 3 5915963
WE NEED CO2 CAPTURE USE AND STORAGE (CCUS) TO MEET THE PARIS AGREEMENT TARGETS! Information for non-specialists on the science behind CO2 geological storage, a proven and flexible GHG mitigation technology, and why we need it NOW. Graphics, hands-on exhibits and brochures to download in 30 languages Booth 15; 04-06 December    
World Farmers' Organisation (WFO)
Ms. Valeria Di Marzo
+39 349 5395586
Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society (LEDARS)
Mr. Mohon Kumar Mondal
+880 1713 462821
National Council for Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Public Leadership (NCCSD)
Mr. Kirit Shelat
+91 990 4404393
Farmers strive daily to support climate action & advance sustainable agri-food systems. The exhibit showcases their innovative solutions & initiatives, from the farm gate to the global level, & highlights the value for policymakers & key stakeholders to partner with farmers against climate change. Booth 15; 08-11 December  
LEDARS Poster-01 [2 Mb]
LEDARS E1 [1 Mb]
LEDARS E2 [1 Mb]
LEDARS E3 [1 Mb]
LEDARS E4 [829 kb]
LEDARS E5 [891 kb]
LEDARS E6 [1 Mb]
LEDARS E7 [1 Mb]
LEDARS E8 [1 Mb]
LEDARS E9 [1 Mb]
LEDARS E10 [1 Mb]
LEDARS E11 [677 kb]
Achieving climate resilient development [3 Mb]
Achieving climate resilient development [3 Mb]
Achieving climate resilient development [3 Mb]
Achieving climate resilient development [3 Mb]
Achieving climate resilient development [3 Mb]
Achieving climate resilient development [3 Mb]
Achieving climate resilient development [3 Mb]
Achieving climate resilient development [3 Mb]
Our Sea Weed [1 Mb]
COP28 NCCSD [2 Mb]
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Mr. Hassan Jangavar
+98 21 61006073
Iran Renewable Energy Association (IrREA)
Mr. Arash Shojaei
+98 912 9628595
Climate technologies are raising the new paradigm against climate change. identified climate technology solutions have been done by Iran. Experiences, climate technology capabilities and cooperation opportunities especially in energy efficiency and renewable energy will be shared. Booth 16; 01-03 December    
Giving Life Nature Volunteer (GILINAVO)
Mr. Eric Komla Amedjakou
+233 24 9468306
An Organization for Socio-Economic Development (AOSED)
Mr. Shamim Arfeen
+88 17 11840913
Irrigation projects and sustainable energy. Booth 16; 04-06 December    
East African Community (EAC)
Mr. Ladislaus Kyaruzi
+255 767 450226
Enhance food security Booth 16; 08-09 December    
ONG Page Verte (OPV)
+592 228 90134677
"Synecoculture" as a forever carbon-negative agro-ecological paradigm Booth 16; 10-11 December  
Présentation de la Synécoculture [1 Mb]
World Biogas Association (WBA)
Ms. Giulia Ceccarelli
+44 0 7551005377
Greener Impact International (GII)
Mr. Kassim GAWUSU-toure
+233 24 4967340
Recycling organic wastes such as municipal solid waste, manures and slurries, and wastewater could deliver 50% of the Global Methane Pledge. The exhibit will focus on the urgency of tackling methane emissions from the waste and agricultural sectors to achieve the GMP this decade. Booth 17; 01-03 December    
Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)
Ms. Sithembile Mwamakamba
+27 82 7991382
Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel (OSS)
Ms. Sonia Abassi
+216 71 71205633
Building Resilient Agriculture and Food Systems: Accelerating Climate Action in Sub-Saharan Africa Booth 17; 04-06 December    
+91 79 26822000
Lets’ Continue to Celebrate International Year of Millet-2023 as Millet - a Miracle Grain, Climate Smart & Climate Compliance Corps. Story & Model of Tribal’s Traditional Regenerative Sustainable Agriculture Practice followed by Indigenous Community in India which leads to Sustainable Food Security. Booth 17; 08-11 December  
VIKALP-1 [2 Mb]
VIKALP-2 [2 Mb]
VIKALP-3 [2 Mb]
VIKALP-4 [1 Mb]
VIKALP-5 [2 Mb]
VIKALP-6 [1 Mb]
VIKALP-7 [1 Mb]
VIKALP-8 [1 Mb]
VIKALP-RF-1 [156 kb]
VIKALP RF-2 [175 kb]
VIKALP RF-3 [159 kb]
VIKALP RF-4 [126 kb]
BHOOMI-1 [83 kb]
BHOOMI-2 [182 kb]
BHOOMI-3 [132 kb]
BHOOMI-4 [171 kb]
Millet-A Miracle Grain [1 Mb]
Millet - 1 [3 Mb]
Millet - 2 [3 Mb]
Millet - 3 [2 Mb]
Millet - 4 [2 Mb]
Stand4Land [2 Mb]
Stand4Land-2 [3 Mb]
Stand4Land-3 [2 Mb]
Stand4Land-4 [2 Mb]
Rainforest Alliance (RA)
Ms. Laila Yassine
+31 6 27516856
EcoAgriculture Partners
Mr. Michael Keller
+1 202 6435605
Rainforest Alliance plays a unique role in delivering climate action across the agriculture, forestry and land use sector. It brings together producers, communities, market actors, governments, civil society, donors and others into strategic alliances that collectively drive rapid change at scale Booth 18; 01-03 December    
Eurogroup for Animals
Ms. Camilla Björkbom
+46 70 4835798
International Fund for Animal Welfare Inc. (IFAW)
Mr. Simon Addison
+1 343 9966167
How can animal protection and enhancing animals’ ability to fulfil their ecological roles help us tackle climate change? The exhibit showcases the role of animals in climate change mitigation with concrete examples of wildlife conservation to create resilient landscapes across Africa. Booth 18; 04-06 December    
Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA)
Mr. Simon Peter Bukenya
+256 759 832922
AFSA will exhibit success stories of Agroecology building resilience within African communities. This is aimed at showcasing evidence and the viability of Agroecology in climate change adaptation within African communities Booth 18; 08-09 December    
China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)
Ms. Xin Zhou
+86 0 1562697711
1.Extreme climate event and disaster risk indicators; 2.Climate tipping points: time to reach, impacts and resilience; 3.Regional responses and adaptation to climate change ; 4.Climate finance and sustainable development goals; 5.Energy transition and nature-based solutions. Booth 18; 10-11 December    
Centre for Community Economics and Development Consultants Society (CECOEDECON)
Ms. Vibhuti Joshi
+91 80030 93207
PAIRVI Associates (PAIRVI)
Mr. Ajay Kumar Jha
+91 97177 71255
The exhibit will showcase publications, posters, IEC material and other audio-visual material related to climate change impacts/ agriculture/ mitigation and adaptation/ best practices/ global/ regional/ national and subnational policies and efforts of the organization in the field of climate change. Booth 19; 01-03 December    
IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (IGAD-ICPAC)
Ms. Paula Machio
+254 746 511941
African Centre of Meteorological Application for Development (ACMAD)
Mr. Andre kamga
+227 227 20723627
ICPAC is a Regional Climate Centre accredited by WMO. We aim to showcase our wide range of climate services and products that provide timely, reliable, and actionable climate information in the Horn of Africa, with a focus on the latest trends in climate forecasting, food security, and DRM. Booth 19; 04-06 December    
ACT Alliance - Action by Churches Together (ACT Alliance)
Ms. Fiona Connelly
+1 647 2101238
Lessons from the ground: what future loss and damage financing must consider to meet the needs of those most affected by a changing climate. Booth 19; 08-09 December    
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Mr. Jeffrey Qi
+1 1 7789285797
IISD’s booth at COP 28 takes a deep dive into the Global Stocktake, from mitigation to adaptation and beyond. We’ll be sharing new resources from the National Adaptation Plan Global Network, secretariat hosted by IISD, along with daily reporting and analysis from IISD’s Earth Negotiations Bulletin. Booth 19; 10-11 December    
South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE)
Mr. Dipayan Dey
+91 33 24266060
The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)
Mr. Pinaki Dasgupta
+91 11 9873935480
Reimagining climate risk in commons vision, building resilience with nature-based solutions. Booth 20; 01-03 December    
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
Mr. Udayan Mishra
+977 1 9841447788
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
Ms. Hnin Lai Win
+66 94 6627192
The Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) region - Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh - is the Pulse of the Planet. The HKH provides water and ecosystem resources and services to close to 2 billion people. This exhibit #HKH2UAE will promote mountain agenda from the HKH. Booth 20; 04-06 December    
IBON International Foundation Inc. (IBON)
Mr. Ivan Phell Enrile
+63 2 89276981
The exhibit will commemorate the impacts of Typhoon Haiyan, one of the deadliest and most devastating tropical cyclones in recorded history. By presenting stories from the grassroots, the exhibit seeks to press the need for finance to address climate-related loss and damage. Booth 20; 08-09 December    
Practical Action
Mr. Oliver Arnold-Richards
+44 7792 300291
Practical Action will share scalable adaptation solutions, developed with communities on the frontlines of poverty and climate change. We’ll bring lived experience to the negotiations, across early warning systems, regenerative agriculture and energy access, to inform policy & funding decisions. Booth 20; 10-11 December    
Coastal Association for Social Transformation Trust (COAST Trust)
Mr. Aminul Hoque
+88 2 1713328815
Coastal Development Partnership (CDPBD)
Mr. Md Atiqur Rahman Tipu
+880 184 7091611
Title: A Tale from Climate Ground Zero: Vulnerability, Adaptation & Resilient in Water Crisis of Bangladesh. The exhibit will show photo & audio-video documentary on the issue of vulnerability, adaptation & resilient activities focusing the climate change and water crisis, in Bangladesh. Booth 21; 01-03 December    
Commission des Forêts d'Afrique Centrale (COMIFAC)
+237 6 99523407
Association of Sustainable Ecological Engineering Development (ASEED)
Mr. Jui-Wen Chen
+886 9650 23230
Congo Basin forests are key to achieving global ambitions of keeping below 1.5c. COMIFAC and its partners aim to inform the global negotiations with insights and recommendations from across the Congo Basin on how to unlock benefits for communities from global carbon markets Booth 21; 04-06 December    
Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED)
+2 1 1437405
Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
Ms. Nina M Birkeland
+41 79 7979439
Arab communities are increasingly being exposed & vulnerable to a variety of hazards and pressures leading to stresses & shocks that impact their everyday lives & set back any sustainable development gains. Exhibition will showcase experiences from the Arab region Booth 21; 08-09 December    
Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)
Mr. Michael Zissener
+49 228 8150249
MCII supports policy makers, practitioners & researchers on the topic of climate and disaster risk finance and insurance (CDRFI) in the context of adaptation, NAPs, Loss & Damage. MCII features case study results and guidance for implementation of CDRFI Booth 21; 10-11 December  
Climate Risk Insurance: Considerations f micro&meso lvl premium support [1 Mb]
Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
Mr. Raoul KOUAME
+234 818 136919
ECOWAS adopted a Regional Climate Strategy in July 2022. For the implementation of the said Strategy several initiatives are being carried out in different sectors in accordance with its specialised agencies and Member States. This platform will be used to showcase all these initiatives. Booth 22; 01-03 December    
Mr. Myron Mendes
+91 0 9892396302
South Central India Network for Development Alternatives (SCINDeA)
Mr. Myron Mendes
+91 0 9892396302
To create a platform to showcase a menu of local, community-owned, and socially relevant solutions and models of climate proof resilience building in India that need to be replicated and scaled up for larger impact. Booth 22; 04-06 December  
LDC for NDC Concept Note [2 Mb]
LAYA- Story of Change [3 Mb]
Story of Change: Herbal Based Healthcare [2 Mb]
Center for Participatory Research and Development (CPRD)
Ms. Rushati Das
+91 98744 58868
The exhibit will showcase the community based adaptation interventions in Bangladesh Booth 22; 08-09 December    
Sustainable Population Australia Inc. (SPA)
Ms. Jane O'Sullivan
+61 7 33798090
Adaptation in the face of refugee influx. We highlight an EU-funded project to restore and conserve degraded fragile ecosystems for improved community livelihoods among the refugee and host communities of West Nile Region and the mid-Albertine Rift in Uganda. Booth 22; 10-11 December    
Comité permanent Inter-Etats de Lutte contre la Sécheresse dans le Sahel (CILSS)
Mr. Maguette KAIRE
+0 227 92255978
Waterkeeper Alliance
Mr. Christopher Wilke
+1 206 8519483
The acceleration of climatic extremes in West Africa and Sahel region, a critical analysis of warning and prevention systems Booth 23; 01-03 December    
International National Trusts Organisation (INTO)
Ms. Catherine Leonard
+44 7920 270415
National Trust
Ms. Nicola McVeigh
+0 44 7929277585
Tackling climate change together: Collaborative solutions for adapting nature and heritage to climate impacts through nature-based solutions, community engagement and policy action Booth 23; 04-06 December    
Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG)
Mr. Shiraz Wajih
+91 551 9415211006
Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR)
Mr. Sanjay Vashist
+9 1 9910096125
Vasudha Foundation
Mr. Srinivas Krishnaswamy
+91 0 9845112130
Locally Led Adaptation (LLA) strategies for climate resilience help in supporting and leveraging enormous potential of communities to develop and implement local climate actions. Practical experiences of LLA in rural, urban and peri-urban areas will be demonstrated for networking and replication. Booth 23; 08-11 December    
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Mr. Niels Peters Williams
+43 676 852014945
Environmental crime degrades ecosystems and contributes to climate change. This exhibit will showcase the biodiversity-climate-crime nexus and set actions for the Global Stocktake to integrate into approaches to reduce deforestation and marine degradation for ecosystem-based climate mitigation. Booth 24; 08-09 December    
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
Ms. Anne Schulthess
+44 20 34637399
IIED is an international policy & action research organisation delivering solutions to sustainable development; linking local priorities to global challenges. We’re working to ensure that local communities are empowered to lead sustainable & effective adaptation to climate change at the local level. Booth 24; 10-11 December    
Asociación La Ruta del Clima
Mr. Adrian Martinez
+506 0 85610862
ESCR-Net- International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net)
Ms. Basma Eid
+1 585 2245770
Fundación Sustentabilidad sin Fronteras (SSF)
Mr. Mariano Villares
+54 11 30595592
Unión de Industriales para Saneamiento Cuencas Matanza Riachuelo y Reconquista (UISCUMARR)
Mr. Mariano Villares
+11 11 24234234
Exhibit will highlight research on community-led efforts and perspectives to demand justice from the loss and damage fund. Centering the conversation in approaches based in human rights and science while considering common but differentiated responsibilities. Booth 25; 01-06 December    
Crimean Tatar Resource Center (CTRC)
Ms. Liudmyla Korotkykh
+380 66 4239331
the ecological impacts on climate change, due to the occupation of Crimea, the full-scale aggression of Russia on the mainland of Ukraine, the Azov Sea and Black Seas, as well as determining the impact on the traditional way of life of IP living in this region Booth 25; 08-09 December    
Foundation of Taiwan Industry Service (FTIS)
Ms. Chen-Yu Yeh
+886 2 27045251
The adaptation strategies are mainly for land use, infrastructure, urban design, environmental education, including loss and damage, circular economy. The actions include constructing the renewable energy to make electricity supply flawless, low-energy new construction, the sponge city, etc. Booth 25; 10-11 December    
The Federation for Associations Connected to the International Humana People to People Movement (FAIHPP)
Mr. David Kerkhofs
+34 0 676240327
Mr. Oyeoussi Charles Balogoun
+229 229 97496100
HACEY's Health Initiative (HACEY)
Mr. Isaiah Owolabi
+234 803 696277
International Foundation for African Children (IFAC)
Mr. Michael Ikechukwu Nwafejoku
+234 803 7873061
Locally-led climate adaptation and resilience for vulnerable frontline communities. Displayed cases will include climate-related interventions in the fields of education and capacity building; agriculture and food security, health, circular and green economy among others. Booth 26; 01-06 December    
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR)
+86 0 1381144520
Center for Management and Strategic Studies (CGEE)
Mr. Marcelo Poppe
+55 61 999740111
We will showcase bioeconomy and energy solutions: bamboo & rattan products, technology & innovations on clean energy, plastic substitution, lifestyle products & construction materials for sustainable cities contributing to sustainable development, climate change & to achieve carbon neutrality Booth 26; 08-11 December    
Green Economics Institute (GEI)
Ms. Miriam Kennet
+44 0 7990590463
Global Greens (Verts Mondiaux) (Global Greens)
Mr. Frank Sheridan
+44 7914 975875
Technology Education Research and Rehabilitation for Environment Policy Centre (TERRE Policy Centre)
Ms. Vinita Apte
+91 91 9822091537
Tianda Institute
Mr. Haipeng LIU
+0 852 56287556
Climate Clock: Holding on tightly to 1.5 degrees: Emerging diverse leadership styles sustaining the Paris Agreement We are in hot waters: Global voices for gendered, diverse, inclusive, and indigenous and minority solutions for keeping the climate and nature within safe,just & sustainable limits Booth 27; 01-06 December    
International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA)
Mr. Stefan Thorsell
+45 53 732842
Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact Foundation (AIPP)
Mr. Lakpa Nuri Sherpa
+66 82 3852369
Center for Support of Indigenous Peoples of the North (CSIPN)
Ms. Daria Egereva
+7 915 805682
Loss and damage experienced by Indigenous Peoples constitutes an existential threat. This exhibit will showcase audio visual material highlighting the impacts of climate change on Indigenous Peoples and provide insights into Indigenous perspectives on how to address the climate crisis. Booth 27; 08-11 December    
Indigenous Educational Network of Turtle Island (IENTI/IEN) (IEN)
Mr. Alberto Saldamando
+1 415 6569198
Climate Justice Alliance (CJA)
Mr. Esteban Arenas-Pino
+1 646 6237121
Just Transition Alliance (JTA)
Mr. José Bravo
+1 619 8386694
False Solutions, False Offsets Booth 28; 01-03 December    
Climate Alliance (Klima-Bündnis)
Ms. Silke Lunnebach
+49 69 71713932
Climate Alliance Austria (CAA)
Ms. Silke Lunnebach
+49 69 71713932
Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
Mr. Nicolas Kreibich
+49 202 2492194
To combat or adapt to climate change, we need to take the big picture into account. The hurdles we face are not only environmental, but increasingly also of a social and economic nature. Climate Alliance & Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy present their approaches. Booth 28; 04-06 December  
Review_Outlook_2021_22_CA [2 Mb]
Climate_Justice_Flyer_CA [1 Mb]
Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA)
Mr. Gregorio Mirabal
+593 2 3226744
Indigenous People from the Amazon presenting their approaches to stop climate crisis. Booth 28; 08-11 December    
Center for Environmental Concerns - Philippines Inc. (CEC)
Ms. Lia Mai Torres
+63 2 83562166
Home of Sibuyan Island Peoples (BSI)
Mr. Rodne Galicha
+63 927 1515908
The exhibit will showcase the struggles, triumphs, and solutions of frontline land and environmental defenders acting as climate warriors via multimedia material from videos, posters, and publications. Booth 29; 01-03 December    
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Mr. Steve Chiu
+1 614 7079151
National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States (Baha'i International Community)
Mr. Daniel Perell
+1 860 6704093
The exhibit will showcase artistic visuals from communities and youth from the 128 countries that Tzu Chi serves, reflecting on the question: what is the future you wish to live in? showcasing to policy makers gathered at COP28 the beautiful possibilities that exist with ambitious climate action. Booth 29; 04-06 December    
Asociación Interétnica de Desarrollo de la Selva Peruana (AIDESEP)
Mr. Esteban Morales
+51 1 969134774
Amazon indigenous peoples, Climate change and Forests Booth 29; 08-11 December    
Plant for the Planet Foundation (Plant for the Planet)
Ms. Jule Schnakenberg
+31 647 706167
Global Marshall Plan Foundation
Ms. Helge Bork
+49 162 7401143
Plant-for-the-Planet would like to present cutting-edge tech-solutions to restoration challenges: treemapper, firealert app, seedbankn-app (tb developed), and our platform. We are partners of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. Booth 30; 01-03 December    
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ)
Mr. Adrien Salazar
+1 408 3483941
Confédération Paysanne
Mr. Nicolas Le Boëdec
Black and Indigenous leaders, peasants, frontline workers, women, and climate-impacted peoples are leading the fight for climate justice and a Just Transition now. This exhibit provides a climate justice convergence space to explore visions of Just Transition led by grassroots movements and leaders. Booth 30; 04-06 December    
International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)
Ms. Miwa Tsukui
+81 45 2231110
Showcase the value of tropical forests as carbon reservoirs at the core of climate-change adaptation & mitigation. SFM in the tropics is one of the most effective nature-based solutions - adds value to the ecosystem, ensures its conservation and enriches livelihoods with socio-economic benefits. Booth 30; 08-09 December    
Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN)
Mr. Feras Rahahleh
+962 7 97990450
Showcasing civil society climate actions from the MENA region (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia & Morocco) to protect, sustainably manage and restore eco-systems; thereby addressing the dual crisis of climate change and biodiversity loss and increasing local communities’ resilience Booth 30; 10-11 December    
Abibimman Foundation (AF)
Mr. Kenneth Nana Amoateng
+233 24 4023651
Global Green Environmental Network (GLOGEN)
Mr. Kweku Amankwah
+233 50 455891
Ending international public support for unabated fossil fuels across the entire value chain. ensure ECAs and that public finance factually supports just transition in a “just” manner, i.e., mitigating community level impacts, mitigating rising human rights Booth 31; 01-03 December    
National Renewable Energy Laboratory/Alliance for Sustainable Energy (NREL)
Ms. Britton Marchese
+1 303 6481986
Asociación Civil Sustentar para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Sustentar)
Ms. Carolina Chantrill
+54 11 36692186
The Net Zero World Initiative will provide case studies, updates and outcomes for partner countries' (Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand, and Ukraine) progress toward achieving net zero energy transitions & outcomes from the CS-WEL program. Booth 31; 04-06 December    
International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)
Mr. Nelson Grima
+43 680 2108028
Scientific knowledge to better understand the ecological, economic and social aspects of forests and trees, and to inform governments and forest-related intergovernmental processes Booth 32; 08-09 December    
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives Philippines, Inc. (GAIA)
Ms. Mariel Vilella
+44 7847 79154
Ecology Center
Ms. Mariel Vilella
+44 7847 79154
Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN)
Mr. Ashish Pahwa
+91 11 9599547095
Mr. Mahesh Pandya
+91 79 48950365
The ' Zero Waste Hub' will provide a space with resources available to the public around the topic of just transition strategies toward circular and zero waste local economies, showcasing its contribution to mitigation, adaptation and other co-benefits. Booth 32; 01-06 December    
Regional Association of Indigenous Peoples of the Central Jungle
Mr. Esteban Morales
+51 1 969134774
Losses and damages in the Indigenous Amazon Booth 31; 08-11 December    
Pew Charitable Trusts (PCT)
Ms. Courtney Durham
+1 202 2816521
The Pew Charitable Trusts’ conservation efforts help to preserve natural habitats, restore biodiversity, and support critical carbon sinks. Booth 32; 10-11 December    
Mr. Kjell Kühne
+52 967 1053425
Academy for Mountain Environics (AME)
Mr. Sreedhar Ramamurthi
+91 98107 6244
Arayara International Institute
Ms. Nicole Oliveira
+55 41 984450000
Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF)
Mr. Nnimmo Bassey
+234 803 7274395
"Fossil Free Zones": The world is moving beyond fossil fuels. Learn about the pioneering places that have left oil, fossil gas and coal behind, from the individual building to the continental scale. Booth 33; 01-06 December    
Health In Harmony (HIH)
Ms. Ashley Emerson
+1 802 5788868
Listening to and investing in IP&LC solutions can open the way to a common, effective solution to combat both the climate and justice crises. Rainforest Exchange by Health In Harmony is a trust- and reciprocity-based alternative which fast tracks climate funds directly into rainforest communities. Booth 33; 08-09 December    
Mr. Harrison Nnoko
+237 69 9133803
Key Biodiversity Areas are under threat from logging, agro-industries and oil and gaz company's unsustainable climate activities. We enhance IPLC's efforts on climate friendly practices that protects the primary forest and curb loss and damages. Booth 33; 10-11 December    
Oil Change International (OCI)
Mr. Romain Ioualalen
+33 6 659104231
Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)
Mx. Saoi O'Connor
+353 8 38916453
College of the Atlantic (COA)
Mr. Nathan Thanki
+44 7 495686242
Human Rights Foundation of Aotearoa New Zealand (HRF)
Mr. David Tong
+64 21 2506375
Emissions from existing fossil fuel projects will exceed the CO2 budget for 1.5°C yet countries are still expanding production. We need a full, fair and funded phase out of fossil fuel production and use through a just energy transition. Booth 34; 01-06 December    
Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC)
Mr. Jun Watanabe
+81 80 33448582
The Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) facilitates diffusion of leading decarbonizing technologies and implementation of mitigation actions, and contributes to sustainable development of partner countries. Latest updates of the Joint Crediting Mechanism are provided in this exhibit. Booth 34; 08-09 December    
Wetlands International
Ms. Tabitha Muriuki
+31 6 86200636
Healthy wetlands store vast amounts of carbon in their soils and biomass, but they can become a huge source of emissions upon degradation. We want to showcase wetlands as key nature-based solutions, for both mitigation and adaptation, and as an important source of water. Booth 34; 10-11 December    
Friends of the Earth International (FOEI)
Ms. Sara Shaw
+44 7974 8270
Global Forest Coalition (GFC)
Ms. Coraina de la Plaza
+34 0 630986010
Friends of the Earth International and Global Forests Coalition present images and stories of resistance and transformation showing real gender-just, rights-based, socially equitable solutions to deforestation and climate change that our member groups and allies are implementing on the ground. Booth 35; 01-03 December    
World Bioenergy Association (WBA)
Mr. Bharadwaj Kummamuru
+4 76 7159785
The WBA will share the progress of bioenergy sector in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement as part of the Global Stocktake as well as the opportunity from a rapid and massive deployment of sustainable bioenergy technologies in a just energy transformation for improved health and environment Booth 35; 04-06 December    
Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC)
Ms. Risa Kikuchi
+81 3 68018860
The Joing Crediting Mechanism (JCM) facilitates diffusion of leading decarbonizing technologies and implementation of mitigation actions, and contributes to sustainable development of partner countries. Latest updates of the JCM are provided in this exhibit. Booth 35; 08-09 December  
JCM_Outline [2 Mb]
JCM Model Projects [2 Mb]
Global Environment Centre (GEC)
+60 16 3864655
Building stakeholder partnerships to safeguard environment and promote sustainable management of resources (include forest, river, peatland and coastal ecosystems) to meet all needs through nature-based solutions, enhance environmental stewardship and capacity, encourage circular economy innovation Booth 35; 10-11 December    
All China Environment Federation (ACEF)
Mr. Yao Ni
+86 10 1391185351
Beijing Greenovation Hub for Public Welfare Development (G:HUB)
Ms. Yingjie Chen
+86 10 1870719931
This exhibition will demonstrate concrete climate actions and regional cooperation experience on low carbon development along the countries of Belt and Road Initiative, including low-carbon infrastructure, green supply chain, sustainable consumption, natural based solutions and so on. Booth 36; 01-03 December    
Research Centre for Sustainable Development (RCSD)
Ms. Xiang Yu
+86 10 65265958
Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development (IESD)
Ms. Hongxia Duan
+86 951 1381022991
Report of Carbon Dioxide Emission Trends to Global developing countries, providing scientific and technological evidence for global climate change responses, as well as adaptation solutions with case study of key units transition to emission net zero. Booth 36; 04-06 December    
Citizens Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth (CASA)
Ms. Michiyo Tsuchida
+81 6 669106301
New laws passed in May 2023 don't phase out coal-fired power generation and are nuke dependent. CASA's 2050 Model, assuming coal phase-out by 2030 and no nuke (no restart), reveals critical issues with these laws and Japan's NDC and shows its mitigation potential consistent with 1.5 degree target. Booth 36; 08-09 December  
CASA COP28 Exhibits [1 Mb]
Les Voix du Nucléaire
Mr. César Dulac
+33 6 70428049
A booth to explain to the public how can nuclear power contribute to the energetic transition. We organize those events in France 4 times a year, and we are able to reproduce it for the COP. Even children are welcome, it's very pedagogic and interactive. We tackle all the main topics of nuclear ene Booth 36; 10-11 December    
European Nuclear Society (ENS)
Ms. Jadwiga Najder
+33 761 794074
Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA)
Ms. Jessica Clifford
+1 613 2374262
Forum Atomique Européen (FORATOM)
Ms. Ann Jessica Johnson
+32 496 127466
Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. (JAIF)
Mr. Daniel Liu
+81 3 62569310
Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)
Ms. Carol Berrigan
+1 202 4976935
Nuclear Industry Association (NIA)
Mr. Lincoln Hill
+44 0 7554701533
World Nuclear Association (WNA)
Mr. Jonathan Cobb
+44 20 74511536
The exhibit will present educational materials of an initiative called Nuclear for Climate. Nuclear for Climate is a movement of people who believe that only by combining all low-carbon energy sources, we can still deliver on Paris Agreement commitments. Booth 37; 01-06 December    
China New Energy Chamber of Commerce (CNECC)
+86 10 63100807
The exhibits are mainly about the achievements of China New Energy Chamber of Commerce (CNECC) and its members in addressing climate change. The relevant magazines and reports published by CNECC will also be displayed. Booth 37; 08-09 December    
American Nuclear Society (ANS)
Ms. Aubrey Whittington
+1 708 5798202
Sustainable Growth: Decouple with Nuclear Energy Booth 37; 10-11 December    
International Energy Agency (IEA)
Ms. Jinsun Lim
+33 6 40415667
International Transport Forum, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (ITF)
Ms. Olivia Wessendorff
+44 7702 66084
This exhibit will share International Energy Agency and International Transport Forum insights, data and analysis on how to achieve greater ambition and implementation on climate actions and financing, addressing climate change and accelerating decarbonisation in the energy and transport sectors. Booth 38; 01-03 December    
European Business Council for Sustainable Energy (e5)
Mr. Kolja Kuse
+49 89 9295422
International Council for Sustainable Energy (ICSE)
Ms. Laura Tierney
+1 202 7850507
The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA)
Mr. George Li
+44 7497 642080
An international coalition will showcase a diverse set of technology solutions in global electrification, energy efficiency, NET-materials and large scale CDR methods being necessary to make the energy and material transition in all countries around the globe in order to achieve net-zero 2040 goals Booth 38; 04-06 December    
CUTS International
Ms. Yasmin Ismail
+41 22 7346080
CUTS International has been an advocate for breaking silos between climate change and trade policies. This exhibit aims to showcase opportunities for bringing the trade community in Geneva and the Climate Change community together for the common goal of inclusive prosperity. Booth 38; 08-09 December    
Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF)
Ms. Masoumeh Moradzadeh
+974 974 66045636
Given that natural gas plays a significant role in meeting global energy demands, exploring ways to expedite the decarbonisation of its value chain is imperative. we aim to establish a platform within our pavilion to explore, discuss, and promote various decarbonisation pathways for natural gas Booth 38; 10-11 December    
Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center (PBV)
Ms. Karen Hallows
+44 7804 761389
Global Kids, Inc.
Ms. Wida Amir
+1 202 6500899
Global Youth Development Institute, Inc. (GYDI)
Mr. Timothy Damon
+1 330 2067553
Peace Boat organizes educational global voyages for peace and sustainability on a large passenger ship sailing with the SDG logo holding capacity training programs on climate and ocean onboard. We are spearheading Ecoship using solar and wind energy and efficiency for reduced emissions. Booth 39; 01-03 December    
Renewable Energy Policy Network (REN21)
Ms. Laura Williamson
+33 6 3060258
International Union of Railways (UIC)
Ms. Joo Hyun Ha
+33 6 80184400
Bridging Energy Supply and Demand: Systems approach to decarbonisation of energy-consuming sectors (transport, agriculture, buildings, industrial activities). Stand featuring #REbootTheWorld campaign (sustainable future with renewables) using Artificial Intelligence. Booth 39; 04-06 December    
South-South Global Assets and Technology Exchange (SS-GATE)
Ms. Weixia Rui
+86 21 1862169005
Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange is the first professional environment and energy trading platform in China. As the largest carbon trading platform in China, SEEE would like to showcase efforts and achievement in tackling climate change which is aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Booth 39; 08-09 December    
American Bar Association (ABA)
Ms. Renee Dopplick
+1 202 6621000
Climate Action and the Legal Community - Connect and network with our diverse community. Learn about our collaborative activities and global programs to build capacity, expand access to justice, promote human rights, strengthen governance and legal frameworks, and advance sustainable development. Booth 39; 10-11 December  
ABA Exhibit Image [93 kb]
Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM)
Mr. Aaron Tuckey
+46 7 32031956
Nordic Development Fund (NDF)
Ms. Paula Fincke
+358 50 5991244
Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)
Ms. Lia Oker-Blom
+358 50 3256610
Nordic Investment Bank (NIB)
Mr. Arild Moen
+358 50 5680420
The Nordic Council of Ministers supports implementation of the Paris Agreement. The Nordic Financial Institutions Nefco, NDF and NIB provide green financing. We will present our recent activities and publications and invite to discussions on Nordic Climate Solutions. Booth 40; 01-06 December (
Mr. Nicolas Haeringer
+33 6 50861259
A documentary about a case study of home-grown community efforts to foster and inspire community-centered and sustainable renewable energy to address energy poverty and the climate crisis in Africa. Booth 40; 08-09 December    
Ms. Christina Irven
+49 152 33723344
Verra develops and manages standards for climate action and sustainable development that help the private sector, countries, and civil society achieve ambitious sustainable development and climate action goals. Verra’s global standards frameworks direct finances today to the most pressing issues. Booth 40; 10-11 December    
World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (WUSME)
Ms. Maria Valeria Pasquini
+39 335 7347947
The Aspen Institute
Ms. Laura Simmons-Stern
+1 781 9563097
MSMEs and Crafts facing the energy transition: technology and financial best practices Booth 41; 01-03 December    
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd. (IVL)
Mr. Nasser Ayoub
+20 2 1271640175
Development Alternatives (DA)
Ms. Shaila Sam
+91 11 26544100
Lifecycle assessment is becoming an integral part in green decision-making. Not only for investments in e.g., eco-design but also sustainable procurement& finance, and broader policy frameworks (market access). We focus on why & how LCA data-driven sustainability should facilitate innovation policy. Booth 41; 04-06 December    
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Ms. Anna Liza Cinco
+63 2 86831581
ADB is strengthening its role as Asia and the Pacific's Climate Bank, working with governments and civil society to mobilize financing and implement cutting-edge knowledge. The booth will feature key initiatives driving ADB's climate agenda, enabling developing member countries' climate transition. Booth 41; 08-09 December    
Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF/IFDD)
Mr. Issa Bado
+1 581 9897000
Visibilité de l'action climatique des 88 Etats et gouvernements de la Francophonie Booth 41; 10-11 December    
Third World Network (TWN)
Ms. Yvonne Miller Berlie
+41 78 8929203
Digo Bikas Institute (DBI)
Mr. Abhishek Shrestha
+977 1 4610656
present documents on the ongoing negotiations Booth 42; 01-03 December  
TWN Dubai News Update 1 [339 kb]
TWN Side event Flyer [3 Mb]
TWN Dubai News Update 2 [274 kb]
TWN Dubai News Update 19 [304 kb]
TWN Dubai News Update 20 [153 kb]
TWN Dubai News Update 21 [183 kb]
TWN Dubai News Update 22 [146 kb]
TWN Dubai News Update 18 [166 kb]
Perspectives Climate Research gGmbH (PCR)
Ms. Maria Isabel Rojas Rojas
+49 176 82299162
Mr. Bjoern Dransfeld
+49 176 72856437
International Climate Dialogue e.V. (ICD)
Ms. Maria Isabel Rojas Rojas
+49 1766 8748362
Applied Research, Competent Solutins and Best Practice in Climate Policy, Carbon Markets and CLimate Finance. Booth 42; 04-06 December    
Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI)
Mr. hyunsoo Kim
+82 2 1037518953
The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims to strengthen climate action by establishing a carbon standard program named KCS with its registry system named Centero at We believe KCS will play a significant role to attract private sectors to transform their businesses. Booth 42; 08-09 December  
KCCI's KCS Program Guide [3 Mb]
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
Ms. Hupe Jane
+1 514 9548219
The ICAO exhibit will present the “Aviation Energy Transition towards Net-Zero 2050” by showcasing the different clean energy innovations and technologies in the aviation sector and the recent achievements made by ICAO and its Member States in addressing carbon emissions from international aviation. Booth 42; 10-11 December    
Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE)
Ms. Laura Tierney
+1 202 7850507
Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI)
Ms. Anna McGinn
+1 202 6621885
U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
Ms. Elizabeth Beardsley
+1 571 9707916
The progress of the energy transition, with a look at real-life deployment and policy. It will showcase examples of clean energy & energy efficiency technologies, green buildings, central role of education and partnership with government & community and opportunities for youth engagement. Booth 43; 01-03 December  
EESI Poster [2 Mb]
BCSE Poster [3 Mb]
USGBC Poster [1 Mb]
Taiwan Research Institute (TRI)
Ms. Wan-ting Yen
+886 933 445204
Responding to Climate Change (RTCC)
Ms. Nicole Serrij
+44 44 752679723
This exhibit aims to show how governments or entities at different levels (from international organizations to local communities) collaborate to address the interdisciplinary policy challenges in the context of the net-zero transition. Booth 43; 04-06 December    
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
Mr. Vikram Kotru
+91 0 9717840606
Industry Initiatives - Net Zero Business & Strategies for Carbon Mitigation/Reduction Booth 43; 08-09 December    
ITER International Fusion Energy Organization (ITER Organization)
Ms. Sabina Griffith
+33 6 27961482
Given recent progress, enthusiasm about fusion energy is greater than ever. We are currently witnessing the most unprecedented global pursuit in history with ITER leading the way. With this exhibit we would like to explain how fusion energy can fuel our future. Booth 43; 10-11 December    
Climate Action Network International (CAN International)
Ms. Janet Milongo
+254 20 710521397
Ms. Frances Witt
+44 7970 799121
The exhibit will showcase publications, videos and other IEC materials, to guide policy makers, CSOs and other actors on their activities on just and equitable phase out of fossil fuels and the requirements for a successful transition to renewable energy, including the required finance Booth 44; 01-03 December    
Earth Child Institute (ECI)
Ms. Donna Goodman
+11 203 3769177
Association Actions Vitales Pour Le Développement Durable (AVD)
Mr. Jean Paul Brice Affana Affana
+49 49 1745741098
Earth Child Institute (ECI) aims to empower children and youth towards a sustainable future. We are collaborating with Scubaverse on ocean ecosystems. Actions Vitales pour le Développement durable (AVD) is promoting #YouthRising: the power of social media and mass mobilisation for climate action. Booth 44; 04-06 December    
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Mr. Chen-An Lien
+886 937 182786
ITRI’s Innovative Low-Carbon Strategies to Achieve Net-Zero Transition: introducing ITRI’s advanced technology towards Net-Zero Transition by exploring high-value circular materials, smart manufacturing systems, and supply chain management to achieve a sustainable future through global partnerships. Booth 44; 08-09 December    
ParisTech (ParisTech)
Ms. Nadia Maizi
+33 0 674539235
Centre International de Recherche sur l'Environnement et le Développement (CIRED)
Mr. Christophe Cassen
+33 6 86539152
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (Mines ParisTech)
Ms. Sandrine Selosse
+33 0 614147437
This booth will present our activities on long-term modeling of energy-climate issues. It will be a place to exchange ideas on the climate policies and their impacts on North/South societies, on low carbon transition of energy systems including specific issues on how GHG neutrality can be reached. Booth 44; 10-11 December  
Manifeste_TTI.5_FR [1 Mb]
Manifesto_TTI.5_EN [1 Mb]
TransitionInstitute1.5_presentation_EN [1 Mb]
TransitionInstitute1.5_presentation_FR [1 Mb]
Mecenes_TTI.5_FR [726 kb]
Patronage_TTI.5_EN [659 kb]
ChairModelingForSustainableDevelopment_Program_FR [171 kb]
ChairModelingForSustainableDevelopment_RapportActivites2023_FR [595 kb]
ChairModelingForSustainableDevelopment_RapportActivites2022_FR [469 kb]
SIDE-EVENT_8december_JustEnergyTransition [144 kb]
United Nations of Youth Network (UNOY)
Mr. Prince Goodluck Obi
+234 0 8032496411
Global Alert for Defence of Youth and the Less Privileged (GADYLP)
Mr. Kennedy Ezedinbu
+234 0 8056212653
United Nations of Youth Network will show case an array of , books and various documents of international best practices in respect of Children and Young People with interest in YOUNGO with examples from both the Global North and Global South. Booth 45; 01-03 December    
Carbon Emission (Greenhouse Gas) Reduction and Control Association (KEDKD)
Mr. ali özcem kılıç
+90 533 4930621
Brighter Green, Inc.
Ms. Mia MacDonald
+1 917 6268702
We would like to present the project "Be the one who saves the world", which is an important activity of the women's initiative cooperative established with the main theme of climate degradation. Our project is to create a women and climate economic development model by supporting fruit-based forest Booth 45; 04-06 December    
Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the USA
Ms. Lynnaia Main
+1 646 3238664
Faith Leadership on Environmental Justice and a Just Transition Booth 45; 08-09 December    
Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit Ltd (ECIU)
Mr. Gareth Redmond-King
+44 7971 9558
Ratcheting integrity of net zero commitments to unlock ambition loops and regain climate momentum. Booth 45; 10-11 December    
Solar Cookers International (SCI)
Mr. Alan Bigelow
+1 916 4554499
International Solar Energy Society e.V. (ISES)
Ms. Arabella Liehr
+276 79102 4976145906
100% Renewable Energy for All - Used Efficiently and Wisely. For example, for approximately 2.3 billion vulnerable women and children seeking freedom from cooking-energy poverty, solar cooking is a cross-cutting solution for mitigating and adapting to a changing climate. Booth 46; 01-03 December  
How solar cooking supports all 17 SDGs [182 kb]
SCI's 2023 NDC Report [1 Mb]
SCI COP28 Events Flyer [241 kb]
SCI COP28 Press Release [191 kb]
SCI NDC Report Press Release [29 kb]
SCI Annual Report 2023 [3 Mb]
ISES information pages [753 kb]
Christian Aid (CA)
Ms. Mariana Paoli
+44 0 7864288457
The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)
Ms. Elena Cedillo
+41 78 9457646
Youth and faith creation for climate justice: The booth will exhibit artwork created by young people of faith all around the world, expressing their hopes and fears for climate change and the COP28 negotiations. Booth 46; 04-06 December    
Press Club Brussels Europe
Mr. Laurence Moffett
+32 2 2013705
The Press Club Brussels Europe will present its website, featuring video interviews with COP28 participants. Visit us to find out more or to be interviewed. We are partners of the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Booth 46; 08-09 December    
Generation Atomic (Gen A)
Mr. Matthew Meyer
+1 612 4833440
A display of land and materials use of different energy sources that is brought into human-scale displays. We will also have hands-on educational materials to learn about energy density and why it is important. Booth 46; 10-11 December    
Vanderbilt University
Ms. Leah Dundon
+1 615 4280643
University of Connecticut (UConn)
Mr. Mark Urban
+1 860 4866113
Understanding Climate Change through Art: this exhibit will showcase youth artists from around the globe. Multiple organizations demonstrate the power of art to communicate the urgency of action and the hope for solutions. Booth 47; 01-03 December    
League of Arab States (LAS)
Mr. Mahmoud Fathallah
+2 1 1437405
Green Generation Foundation (GGF)
Mr. Dheaya Alrousan
+2 1 1437405
It will act as a platform for stakeholders to discuss and Arab States will be requested to showcase good practices, on inclusion and gender mainstreaming in climate change adaptation Booth 47; 04-06 December    
International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC)
Ms. Muna Al Suwaidi
+971 0 56424261
This exhibition will focus on the importance of low carbon energy production in the mitigation of climate change through the use of clean energy sources for electric and non-electric applications. Booth 47; 08-09 December    
Delta Electronics Foundation
Ms. Yvonne Yi Chieh Chan
+886 2 87972088
This exhibit will show the coral restoration project featuring resilience-based management and the collaboration between scientific circle and industry. It further displays the contributions to enrich the biodiversity in marine protected areas and engagement from stakeholders with case studies Booth 47; 10-11 December    
SouthSouthNorth Projects Africa (SSN Africa)
Ms. Olivia Venter
+27 21 4470211
Fundación Avina (AVINA)
Ms. María Paz González
+54 911 56003787
SouthSouthNorth will share insights and resources from multiple programmes including AFF, ARA, CDKN, GLOW and VCA on the themes of financing local climate action, the just energy transition, gender equality and building resilience in the global South, with a cross-cutting focus on inclusion. Booth 48; 04-06 December  
SSN Posters [1 Mb]
SSN-Avina TV-screen video [1 Mb]
Colorado College
+1 719 2372496
Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech)
Ms. Sarah Green
+1 906 3692131
Monash University
Mx. Susie Ho
+61 402 353470
Moravian University
Ms. Diane Husic
+1 570 8077271
"Youth Climate Leaders: This exhibit highlights youth climate work: art, curricula, research and networks around the globe. Multiple organizations demonstrate how education, intergenerational partnerships and strategizing inspire hope and effective, youth-centered climate leadership." Booth 49; 01-06 December    
Plan International (Plan)
Ms. Brigitte Rudram
+44 7787 753776
A booth highlighting gender transformative approaches to education which can advance climate justice and child and youth leadership, through showcasing research directly led by girls. Given girls' education is severely impacted by the climate crisis, this is a space to amplify solutions Booth 49; 08-09 December    
Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement (JVE)
+228 90 216740
This exhibition will showcase the power of young people and communities as they embarked on an African Drumbeat caravan across 30 countries. Booth 49; 10-11 December    
Mr. JP Amaral
+55 11 977887955
Care About Climate, Inc
Ms. Julieta Marino Tartaglino
+202 993 2320
Child Rights International Network (CRIN) (CRIN)
+33 6 70931634
Conectas Human Rights
Mr. Gabriel Mantelli
+55 11 945755036
Engajamundo Youth Association (Engajamundo)
Ms. Larissa Moraes
+55 22 999219091
Laboratory of the Climate Observatory (OC)
Ms. Isvilaine Silva
+55 24 998312023
The Children's Rights Climate Movement will present an exhibit on the relevance of bringing children to the center of climate negotiations as they are the most vulnerable to the climate impacts. Booth 50; 01-06 December    
HATOF Foundation
Mr. Samuel Confidence Dotse
+233 50 6679055
Safeguarding Women and Children in REDD+ Processes: Financing what works. Showcase the role of women and children and their contribution to the Ghana Shea Landscape emission reduction project financed by the Green Climate Fund. Booth 50; 08-09 December    
Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA)
Mr. Phillip Dinga
+254 20 720487208
Highlighting the power of art in influencing gender justice and youth inclusion through paintings, storytelling and feminist influencing to advance climate justice for ethic and minority groups as well as showcasing a digital platform for activists to connect and amplify their work Booth 50; 10-11 December    
*Provisionally admitted observer organization