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Side Events & Exhibits

Welcome to the Side Events and Exhibits Online Registration System (SEORS)

Please select a session below or click here to browse the archive:

Please note that all applicants must register for a new personal account in SEORS for each session. Your user name and password from the previous sessions do not work.

Application period for side events and exhibits at COP 21/CMP 11:

The official application process was running from 30 June to 3 July 2015 5 p.m. CET and is now closed. Please click on the link above for further information.

Application periods for upcoming sessions are usually published around 6 months prior to the respective session.


  1. Observer organizations duly admitted by the Conference of the Parties are eligible to apply for a side event slot and/or an exhibit. For information on the admission process for observer organizations, please click here .
  2. Parties to the UNFCCC must partner with an observer organization in order to be eligible to apply for a side event slot and/or an exhibit slot. Please review the information note on further details for Party applicants.
  3. All UN organizations coordinate their applications for side events and exhibits at UNFCCC COPs/CMPs through the High Level Committee on Programmes (HLCP) in New York. UN organizations are invited to contact the focal points representing their organizations at HLCP.


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