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Side Events & Exhibits

Side events for today, 2016-05-25

Adaptation and related issues
Mitigation and related issues
Cross-cutting issues
Enhancing ambition
Promoting implementation
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Time/room Organizer Title / theme / speakers Attachments
Berlin (112)
Association Actions Vitales Pour Le Developpement Durable (AVD)
Mr. Jean Paul Brice Affana Affana
+237 237 696324998
After Paris: strengthening the role of young people in implementing the INDCs at national level
The event will discuss approaches needed to strengthen the role of young people in implementing the INDCs at national level and which capacity support they require. Main challenges and lessons learned from the preparation process of INDCs by Parties will be explored for better implementation steps.

Speakers: Ms Tatiana Gómez Orgulloso (Ambiental, Colombia) Mr Michael Xu (Haideneng, China) Ms Sabrina Marquant (CliMates, France) Mr Jean Paul Brice Affana (AVD, Cameroon) Ms Pascale Marie Medjo (AVD, Cameroon) Mr Paul Alain Nana (AVD, Cameroon) Ms Angelique Pouponneau (CYC/SYAH, Seychelles)
AH Lower Conference room (125)
Green Climate Fund (GCF)
Mr. Michel Smitall
+82 32 4586062
From Ambition to Action — The Green Climate Fund and the Paris Agreement
Expectations on the Green Climate Fund are high. GCF has been mandated to serve as an operating entity under the Paris Agreement’s financial mechanism. Mr. Zaheer Fakir (South Africa), Co-chair of the GCF Board, will convene country representatives to discuss the future direction of the Fund.
Bonn I/II (89)
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Mr. Siddhartha Nauduri
+49 228 8151558
International Consultation and Analysis
The side-event will provide update on implementation of ICA of BURs covering lessons learned from technical analysis of BURs, delivery of training for experts to qualify to conduct technical analysis, and the facilitative sharing of views. Few Parties will share their experiences, followed by Q&A.
Agenda [295 kb]
ICA update from UNFCCC [1 Mb]
Vietnam ICA Side Event presentation [274 kb]
Bonn III (72)
Corporate Europe Observatory Foundation (CEO)
Ms. Katherine Sawyer
+1 617 6952525
Big Oil, corporate interference, and protecting climate policy
Revelations that a major US transnational fossil fuel corporation knew about climate change since the 1970s highlight its vested interest in undermining strong climate policy. The panel discusses implications of the fossil fuel industry’s climate deception and how Parties can take protective action.

Speakers: Alden Meyer, Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), Alyssa Johl, Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), Tamar Lawrence-Samuel, Corporate Accountability International.
Side event flyer [336 kb]
Berlin (112)
Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)
Ms. Bridget Burns
+1 914 3103270
A Gender-Just Transition
Event will explore implementation of Paris agreement in a just and equitable manner; taking into account a feminist analysis of a just transition and promoting energy democracy. The event will also present a full overview of gender mandates under the UNFCCC & comprehensive approach to monitoring.

Speakers: WEDO, ActionAid, APWLD, GGCA, ITUC, and Goverment representatives.
Berlin (112)
Nature Code - Centre of Development & Environment (NC)
Ms. Juliane Voigt
+32 487 129601
Human rights implications of climate actions: lessons learnt for the Paris agreement
The event will reflect on lessons learnt from positive and negative outcomes of climate mitigation actions implemented under the UNFCCC. Centering the discussion on the need to respect and protect human rights, speakers will underline the need for robust safeguards for future climate action.

Speakers: representatives from civil society: Nature Code, Misereor, CIEL (tbc)
Paris, for the people and the planet [435 kb]
Social and environmental accountability of climate finance instruments [1 Mb]
Bonn I/II (89)
ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)
Mr. Yunus Arikan
+49 228 97629920
Engagement all levels of governments in advancing Paris Agreement
Paris Agreement is resulted in an inclusive climate regime pursuant to preamble para.15 which recognizes importance of engagement of all levels of governments and various actors. The side event will focus on various options and experiences of local and subnational governments in this regard.

Speakers: Political leaders and technical staff of local and subnational governments and their networks engaged in Local Government Climate Roadmap, Compact of Mayors and Global Task Force
carbonn Climate Registry 2010-2015 [1 Mb]
Agenda of ICLEI-CoR UNFCCC Bonn 2016 Side event - 25 May [214 kb]
Paris Climate Package - A Basic Guide for Local and Subnational Governments [2 Mb]
Bonn III (72)
The Climate Registry (TCR)
Ms. Alexandra Carr
+1 778 3848711
Building Corporate/Facility GHG Data Management Systems: Leveraging International Experience
This side event will provide an overview of best practices and lessons learned in developing corporate GHG data management systems across diverse jurisdictions. The event will draw a link between collecting this data and improving national inventories, informing policy, and reducing carbon.

Speakers: Pierre Guigon, Environmental Specialist, World Bank PMR David Rosenheim, Executive Director, The Climate Registry Deborah Harris, Manager, ICF International Pathom Chaiyapruksaton, Project Manager, Carbon Business Office, TGO PMR country representatives
Bonn I/II (89)
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Mr. Martin Frick
+39 6 5705153579
Agricultural Action for Food Security Post-COP21
The side event will focus on how to enhance action in agriculture with a view to more effectively adapting to climate change and ensuring food security. The side event will focus on linking the NDC process and climate finance to large-scale adaptation action at country level.

Speakers: FAO; a representative of the German Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL); a representative from the Thünen Institute; a representative from IFAD; and representatives of developing countries who will be invited to share their experiences and outline their concrete needs for support.
Berlin (112)
Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ms. Fleur Newman
+49 228 8151817
Maintaining momentum: effective and equitable responses to climate change
Providing an opportunity to discuss progress and explore areas for further collaboration to fast forward recommendations arising from the Expert Group Meeting, co-organized by UN Women, UN DESA and UNFCCC, on implementing gender-responsive climate action in the context of sustainable development.
*Provisionally admitted observer organization

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