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Trade policies have the potential to contribute to the scale-up of renewable energy goods and services, and consequently the transition to a low-carbon economy. ICTSD is working to promote Sustainable Energy Trade Initiatives through research and stakeholder initiatives (host of SETI Alliance). Sonja Hawkins
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD)
+41 22 9178816
Fostering Low Carbon Growth: The Case for a Sustainable Energy Trade Agreement [2 Mb]
Local Content Requirements and the Renewable Energy Industry - A Good Match? [3 Mb]
Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Measures in Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) [1 Mb]
Removing Trade Barriers on Selected Renewable Energy Products in the Context of Energy Sector Reforms [615 kb]
Transforming the APEC Outcome on Environmental Goods into a Broader Sustainable Energy Trade Initiative: What are the Options? [1 Mb]
International Trade and Access to Sustainable Energy: Issues and Lessons from Country Experiences [2 Mb]
Documents relevant for the ADP session in March 2014 Niklas Hoehne e.V.
+49 221 99983301
Synthesis of Key Findings for the Green Growth Best Practice project [2 Mb]
Assessment of climate finance needs and instruments [2 Mb]
Proposal to develop a policy menu to increase mitigation ambition [1 Mb]
GreenEvo, project by Polish Ministry of the Environment, supports transfer of environmental technologies to developing countries. We stimulate co-operation between companies, empower private sector partnerships, build technological capacity and help adapt technologies to the specific local needs. Jan Kulig
+48 22 3692866
Tried and tested technological solutions for developing countries [1 Mb]
Project information [98 kb]
IGES exhibit will disseminate the achievements and the experiences obtained from a research project on promoting the application of Japanese low carbon technologies in Indian SME. Madoka Yoshino
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
+81 46 8553860
Promoting Low Carbon Technology in SMEs in India [1 Mb]
IGES submission on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy_ADPWS2 [36 kb]
The BCSE represents companies from renewable & energy efficiency sectors that have demonstrated experience both in the US and abroad regarding policy tools and market signals that are necessary for effective technology deployment. Learn more from the 2014 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook. Lisa Jacobson
Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE)
+1 202 7850507
Sustainable Energy in America Factbook [390 kb]
Infographic: Sustainable Energy in America [313 kb]
Clean Energy Keeping Momentum [1 Mb]
Ingersoll Rand’s Approach to Building Energy Efficiency [2 Mb]
Driving Transformation to Energy Efficient Buildings: Policies & Actions, JCI Institute for Building Efficiency [338 kb]
Energy 2030 - A State & Energy 2030 - A State & Local Campaign to Double US Energy Productivity by 2030 by Alliance to Save Energy [2 Mb]
WWF's Earth Hour City Challenge project highlights strong, easily replicable actions taken by cities from across the globe towards a renewable-energy based urban future. Further support for these actions have the potential to significantly reduce emissions and promote clean energy through to 2020. Jeet Mistry
+46 8 854657520
Uppsala climate actions [468 kb]
Vancouver City Challenge Global Capital climate actions [515 kb]
Stockholm climate actions [487 kb]
San Francisco Climate Actions [425 kb]
Coimbatore Climate Actions [320 kb]
Chicago Climate Actions [450 kb]
Oslo Climate Actions [380 kb]
City of Surrey Climate Actions [445 kb]
Forli Climate Actions [331 kb]
Cincinnati Climate Actions [461 kb]
City Challenge Introductory Slides [1 Mb]
Key International Energy Agency (IEA) analysis of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Sarah KENNEDY
International Energy Agency (IEA)
+33 0 140576608
IEA Energy Efficiency Publications [228 kb]
IEA Renewable Energy Publications [102 kb]
World Energy Outlook: Focus on Energy Efficiency [3 Mb]
This is a selected compilation of ICLEI´s work on renewable energy and energy efficiency with its member cities and partners globally ICLEI carbonn Center
ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI)
+49 151 50750004
carbonn Cities Climate Registry November update [1 Mb]
USA_Babylon NewYork_Energy Efficiency in Homes [555 kb]
Nantes Declaration of Mayors and Subnational Leaders on Climate Change [1 Mb]
ICLEI-IRENA 2012_City Case Studies_Overview [1 Mb]
ICLEI_EnergyEfficiencyInPublicBuildings_BuenosAires [2 Mb]
2012_Seoul_EnergyandClimateMitigationCommitmentsofLocalGovernments [360 kb]
LocalRenewables_Indonesia Solar City Guide Book [3 Mb]
Sustainable Energy Action Planning in European Cities [2 Mb]
Tamil Nadu_REandEE for Low Carbon CitiesandState [3 Mb]
Sustainable_Urban Energy_Handbook_For cities-townsinDevelopingCountries_PART I [3 Mb]
Sustainable_Urban Energy_Handbook_For cities-townsinDevelopingCountries_PART II [3 Mb]
Sustainable_Urban Energy_Handbook_For cities-townsinDevelopingCountries_PART III [3 Mb]
ICLEI Energy Efficiency In Public Buildings Buenos Aires [2 Mb]
The Wuppertal Institute presents key findings from its research on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Wolfgang Sterk
Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
+49 202 2492149
Brochure Energy Balance - Optimal System Solutions for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency [1 Mb]
Flyer bigEE – bridging the information gap on Energy Efficiency in buildings [395 kb]
Brochure bigEE – bridging the information gap on Energy Efficiency in buildings [789 kb]
Access to Electricity - Technological options for community-based solutions [2 Mb]
Energy efficient lighting for sustainable development [2 Mb]
Food Issues - Renewable energy for food preparation and processing [2 Mb]
Brochure Low Carbon Future Cities - A Sino-German Cooperation [483 kb]
Low Carbon Future Cities - Lessons Learned [970 kb]
Low Carbon Future Cities - From Scenarios to Action [1 Mb]
Renewable Energy Publications: (1) Transforming On-Grid Renewable Energy Markets (2) Derisking Renewable Energy Investment Melissa Hernandez
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
+1 212 9065532
Derisking Renewable Energy Investment [889 kb]
Derisking Renewable Energy Investment [2 Mb]
Transforming On-Grid Renewable Energy Markets [1 Mb]